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Angry black chick climbed through drive-thru window

A TikTok video has gone viral that shows a belligerent black chick raising hell in the kitchen of a ‘Jack in the Box’ fast food restaurant after climbing through the drive-thru aperture. The barefoot damsel had contretemps with employees when they forgot to put packets of ranch dressing inside her bag. “You better get my sh*t,” she told a cook who appeared to be working curly fries. After one of the cashiers handed her some condiments, the cantankerous vixen climbed on top of the the drive-thru counter then twerked as she made an egress through the window. It’s one of the craziest things you’ll ever see. Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “All that over some ranch? Disgusting trash.” Another added, “She’s gotta be auditioning for a Madea movie.🎬”

Watch the greasy video.

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  1. Hahahahaha I love her 😂😂😂, there’s something about the spiciness of black girls

  2. Hahahahaha!!! Nothing makes me happier than that black chick!!! Love it!!! Congratulations society, you got what you have wanted. All the best for the future!! Enjoy the next generation!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. really hate the fact how they’re always throwing a tantrum and disrespecting others first but be pulling the race card and play victim so hard. So tire of garbages getting away with it and they know they do to that’s why they continue to behave this way smfh. If any garbages come near me or attempt to put their hands on me, best believe me you gonna regret.

  4. These workers do not deserve this abuse from anyone for any reason period. They must be appreciated and protected. To get my order straight and timely is getting so rare I go out of my way with thanks and accolades and respect to these workers whenever it happens. Fast food workers are young and unsung hero’s

  5. That must be this thing I heard called black privilege. Cuz I have yet to see what white privilege is

  6. Take her to court for trespassing and give her a 100 hrs community service at the same location to clean the place

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why “unfair stereotypes” exist…. 😂

  8. This is what you get when you tell a sector of society they are special and everyone else is evil.

  9. You never seem to see white people doing this… always seems to be the oppressed marginalized victims

  10. Talk about PRIVLIDGED?? Dam girl, and you wonder where your kids get it!!

  11. I would have been surprised if she didn’t twerk during her exit. It’s the black community’s wave goodbye.

  12. Typical Democrats… the cancer of this country… to all conservatives, you need to cut them out of your life… they bring nothing to the table, just headaches… you’ll be better off without them… Buck Fiden and his sheep

  13. That is one upstanding baby mama raising another welfare childTo keep our prison systems full.. let’s go Brandon.

  14. The words “shamefully disgraceful” does not even begin to describe how disgusting and repulsive this behavior is. This is the generation of the very end. I’ll be happy to see this rebellious people removed from my equation during my 1,000 year reign With Christ in God’s new age global reset. The changes in the earth we are experiencing are birth pains bringing forth the apocalypse. I’m excited.

  15. I don’t know where these people live, but I’d go to jail, for slapping a bitch.

  16. Her dude is probably licking the fast food grease off her feet….. 😂

  17. The goverment must be adding shit to the water in the hood for them to all act this way..the real deplorables

  18. Yooooo these b!tches wildin bro😂 they the type to bite yo weenie off during head cuz they remembered some past shit🤣

  19. I don’t understand why black men leave these queens. Must be amazing to live with.

  20. I believe it has something to do with the amount of melanin and lack of intelligence.

  21. Good Lord I love how she’s just screaming you guys are racist ……..because they don’t want you to destroy the dam store?😂😂

  22. This is why I stopped working in customer service, I do not have the patience to deal with the way these people act these days. I stopped back in 2017 and things were nowhere near as bad as they are today. It looks like I got out just in time. This is not to discourage anyone from working in this industry, I think these videos more than do the job for me, but a word of advice, if you are emotionally sensitive or have anger issues like I do, then do not get into customer service. Trust me on that, it’s not worth the money.

  23. Lol I wonder if they sanitized the drive thru window area after that. Imagine being behind her in line. 😆

  24. She couldn’t pull her car into a parking spot and walk in for the forgotten ranch. Fast food workers need to be payed way more to deal with this $hit

  25. I can’t even laugh at this. That’s somebody’s daughter or mother. She’s wacked. And I really feel bad for the employees. They had to be thinking there was a possibility she could kill them. Shit’s crazy.

  26. If it were Popeyes, she would have been dragged up and down the kitchen. The Popeyes people are a different sort.

  27. I’m sorry but these young black girls need to rope this shit in….YES I’M BLACK AND I SAID IT. No shoes on etc, but those EYE LASHES DONE AND LOOKING SILLY AS F.

  28. I keep saying this all this ratchet behavior from young boy and girls to adult children stems from ” Big Mama ” household. No fathers equal no structure, no shame , no order and no consequences. Mama, Grandmama, Auntie even their Friends not only create this but cultivate this by an anti black male mindset which these kids inherit. Think about it this way whatever society throughout the world , men must maintain the infrastructure by maintaining order even in the most primitive societies. A women in charge with few exceptions , chaos will rule. ” When a woman rules , the Devil reigns “

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