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Pitcher tackles opponent following homerun blast

Owen Woodward tackles runner/YouTube

Pitcher levels base runner.

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WEATHERFORD — “You got knocked the f*ck out!” Police in Weatherford, Texas are investigating after a college baseball pitcher knocked the sh*t out of an opposing player because he gave up a homerun. Talk about poor sportsmanship. The blindside hit transpired in the sixth inning of a game between Weatherford Junior College and North Central. It was also captured on video. Television footage shows Weatherford pitcher Owen Woodward tackling North Central’s Josh Phillips as he rounds third base. Owen hit the dude so hard, his helmet flew off. A bench-clearing brawl quickly ensued. Owen, who plays linebacker on the football team, is obviously a sore loser and he couldn’t stand watchin’ someone celebrate a homerun off him.

Josh talked a bunch of sh*t after hitting the homer.

Social media reaction was insane. One viewer wrote, “Beautiful! I bet the batter shuts his yap after that hit.” Another chimed in with, “There goes his ERA and WHIP, but he does get credit for the first open field tackle in baseball history.” A third observer added, “That boy is in the wrong sport! 😂 🏈” Owen was kicked off the team. Josh received a 2-game suspension for taunting.

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. That umpire was pointing and talking to the baserunner continuously, the runner must’ve said something. If he did, fair game. Keep your mouth shut and run the bases.
    Man, that pitcher has a nice textbook tackle on the runner. Somebody in D-1 should recruit this guy to play linebacker!!

  2. Maybe coach’s and parents should teach sportsmanship. Dude opened his mouth and talked trash to the pitcher or something like that. When you homer off someone, you run your bases and celebrate with your team, You do not try to talk trash or that kind of BS to the pitcher.

  3. The Pitcher is probably an entitled punk. I recall the type from the old days. Unfortunately the coaches and parents kiss their asses so much they sometimes think they are invincible.

  4. The scoreboard is incorrect the runner never successfully reached home plate meaning the run does not count.

  5. Texas baseball announcer: “Oh no! …That was out of nowhere!”
    Minnesota hockey announcer: “IT WAS A CLEAN HIT!”

  6. this is why i refuse to get the vaccine…….. fauci & gates can kiss my ass

  7. I would assume he is no longer pitching for his team and has been expelled from the school.

  8. There’s wrongs on both sides here, and I blame professional sports. The pro athletes of today exhibit zero sportsmanship; and now their example bleeding into youth sports. I don’t know what the hitter said or did, but I doubt very much the pitcher just blew a gasket for no reason. And even still, the pitcher should’ve been able to control himself far better than this, no matter what was said. Sticks and stones brah.

  9. That’s actually just assault. The batter could absolutely press charges on the pitcher

  10. Does anybody else think the commentator’s reaction is hilarious? He went from making the most boring homerun call ever to being like “OH MY! OH NO!! OH NOOOO!!!” So melodramatic. LOL😂

  11. Wonder what the batter said after rounding 2nd base? The ump immediately pointed at him. And what may have happened prior to this, earlier in the game.

  12. It’s crazy how in basketball or football if this happened it would be crazy media coverage & outrage about this incident. But in baseball it’s a slap on the wrist & not as talked about lol double standards

  13. What a sore loser. Even if the pitcher was taunted there’s no excuse for what he did. He could have said nothing and waited for the next time he faced the same batter and drilled him like the players in the Majors do.

  14. he gone ,out of there been kicked off team . No other team should even try to recruit him. Let him flip burgers for a living he doesn’t deserve to play a sport

  15. What a piece of shit pitcher… home runs happen, don’t let it define you… now everyone knows who this pitcher is and his career is prolly over now cause of it

  16. This event is a perfect microcosm of the world we live in today. Watch the umpire behind the mound. He’s warning the batter to shut up. The batter was yelling obscenities at the pitcher as he rounded the bases. The same batter yelled obscenities at another pitcher earlier after he struck out. Everyone thinks they have the right to run their mouth and say anything they want. Eventually, people get fed up! I’m not saying the pitcher made the best choice … but the batter ISN’T THE VICTIM, he got what he deserved! If you start a fire, you don’t get to cry foul when you get burned!

  17. This announcer sucks and never will announce in the majors his homerun call make watching paint dry more entertaining

  18. You guys dont have the full story. The batter had just made a GI Jane joke about the pitcher girlfriend who has alopecia. Pitcher was allowed to stay in the game and accepted the MVP award.

  19. Sorry, but the 3rd base coach really should have stopped his player when he saw the pitcher running at him. Or at least give him a better heads up than that.

  20. That’s some Bad News Bears sh*t right there. Runner mouths off, pitcher knock him off his feet…perfect.

  21. If you’re going to do that, be a man and face him up. Don’t blindside him.

    And if you don’t want to get taunted, pitch better.

  22. The Pitcher tackling the runner earn his team 2 free Wins!
    Weatherford Pitcher kicked off team for good, Both teams forced to forfeit this game.
    Anybody who came out of the dugout suspended for the next 2 games,
    Next 2 games against Weatherford! North Central has to forfeit next to games cause not enough players.

  23. I don’t understand how the pitcher could give up the game in that moment?? It’s still 3-2 in the 6th inning with 2 outs already… they can easily catch up… it’s not like they were being whooped or about to lose

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