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Martin & Tisha Campbell finally reunite for BET+

Martin and Co. are back/

Martin & Tisha make amends.

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LOS ANGELES — If you recall, Tisha Campbell sued Martin Lawrence in 1997 for being overly amorous. Twenty-five years later, they’ve let bygones be bygones. During an appearance on Thursday’s episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, Tisha revealed the cast of Martin is “all healed” after the sitcom came to screeching halt amid her sexual harassment allegations. The 53-year-old actress spoke about the opportunity to join her costars again for “Martin: The Reunion” which premiered Thursday night on BET+. Tisha was a little nervous. But it had nothin’ to do with the reunion. She was more concerned with fan reaction. “I hope people embrace it as much as they say they do,” Tisha said. “I wasn’t nervous about getting together with the cast, ’cause we are still friends.” When asked to expound upon the lawsuit, she replied: “Everything else is a personal situation that we’ve all healed from. So we’re not even gonna talk about it.” Martin, 57, was more loquacious, saying, “It is nothing but love with me and her. It’s nothing but love.” Nothin’ but love? Tisha ruined your show then drove you towards a mental breakdown.

She had Martin standing in the middle of traffic, cussin’ out drivers.

Carl Anthony Payne, who played Cole Brown, downplayed the sitcom’s cessation — calling it a family affair. “I mean, you know, every family has its drama,” Carl, 53, explained. “Every family has its trials and tribulations and things like that. And every good thing must come to an end. I think it could have gone on longer, but it is what it is until it ain’t.” The Fox sitcom ran for four seasons when all hell broke loose. Martin and Tisha did, however, return for a fifth and final installment under the stipulation they couldn’t shoot scenes together. Martin swore he didn’t touch Tisha. But he settled anyway because she was a royal pain in the ass.

Fans think Tisha is using Martin to get back in the limelight. After all, she ain’t done sh*t since “My Wife and Kids.” Meanwhile… Tisha’s BFF — Tichina Arnold (Pam) — is starring alongside Cedric the Entertainer in the hit CBS sitcom “The Neighborhood.”

Thomas Mikal Ford, who played unemployed Tommy, died 6 years ago.

Are you glad to see the gang back together?

Would you reconnect with someone who accused you of sexual harassment?

Watch clips of the reunion.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I wouldn’t trust her too much if I was Martin but I guess now she needs money a job so she wants to be buddy buddy

  2. What a Load Of S….,It was a false allegation and everyone is so willing to give her a pass. She should be over with,Period. That kind of allegation can damage someone for life.

  3. I guess my problem with the situation is we never got a direct clear answer whether she was sexually harass or not. I can’t find a video with an clear answer. So, its hard for me to pick a side when I don’t know what happen. If I miss something please let me know.

  4. So let me get this she lied got my man in trouble…and then comes back and ask to be on reunion man if it wasn’t money involved I bet Martin would let lose…fellas be carful and before you respond you better be ready for logic not emotional arguments

  5. Let’s accept and be grateful that there’s healing here. I applaud both Martin and Tisha for making amends. Two mature individuals admitting their faults and now moving on. Life is short. Both are too blessed to be stressed!! Looking forward to viewing the reunion.

  6. Nobody notice the reconciliation happened right when she divorced her husband

  7. Women tend to harass men at the workplace more often than the other way around. It’s just not news worthy.

  8. Martin fell in love with her watch the scenes in the show touching the affection between the characters that was betrayed too much affection you fell in love

  9. Tisha Campbell needs a job. That’s all this is. She needs the money. Has nothing to do with any one growing up or healing. BS!!!

  10. Gayle is doing exactly what she’s hired to do by the White Industry Masters: Bring successful Black people down. She’s a gatekeeper who’s doing the very same thing Oprah did to Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson and Monique. Gayle did it to R. Kelly, Kobe and so many others. We should stop giving them a platform to highlight negativity in our Black community.

  11. Gayle King’s approach with her questions were unnecessary & rude especially saying Tisha Campbell’s “career not going where she wanted it to go”. Like what? Tisha Campbell has had a very successful career that has spanned for decades….Ridiculous

  12. Gayle always gotta bring up some negative ishhh 😒😒😒😒 can’t stand her

  13. Gayle King Dressed Like A Blunt Full Of Weed! Lmmfao 😂

  14. Martin sitcom was hysterical. I still watch the re-runs and it never ceases to make me lol🤣😃😄😅❤

  15. Weeeellllll? Since Tisha and Martin are single now? I’m just saying. Lol

  16. Bruh…I’m not defending Campbell on what happened between her and Martin but don’t shit on her career to make your point. She may have not done alot after Martin but don’t act as though she ain’t been in some legendary features. And FYI My wife and kids was hella funny.

  17. @Darrick Meek: STOP with the celebrity worship, Tisha Campbell has been in entertainment for over 35 years……She made millions of dollars and yes, she lost millions of dollars…Her life as a celebrity puts her on display, if she wanted to run from the past, they she would have gone into another profession……GAYLE KING is a journalist who is suppose to ASK questions and get the story; why should she treat this celebrity any different. Black women want to forget the bullshit Tisha put the Martin show thru. The issues were with Martin and her, not US….She fucked the show up, but this is the entertainment business. Stop fucking blaming Gayle King for doing her job; Black folk; we need to stop worshiping these weak ass celebrities……Malcolm called them clowns and puppets; they are doing nothing to help our community; if dont believe me; watch the preview of the BET awards 2022 and look at that 21 century minstrel show. If you think Snoop pimp Dog was right for calling a Black women a BITCH; yet he would never call any high profile white women a BITCH; then you have a bad case of SELF HATE……..

  18. Tisha should have brought up Gayle’s messy divorce too and talked about her cheating husband..

  19. School Daze,, House Party,, Tisha is definitely the Queen that can do it all,, She sings, dances, actress, writer, and I’m sure many other things she’s definitely a Legend

  20. Gayle King’s line of questions were disgusting! Was she so eager to discuss her divorce and all that it entailed or what about when Gayle went into hiding after being dragged by social media about the inappropriate questions regarding Kobe Bryant. She and so many other affluent people seem to dish BS but not take it. I don’t know if they come up with their own questions for the guests but I pretty sure Gayle could have discussed a whole host of other topics with Tisha. Tisha handled herself like a professional!

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