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Black chick & daughter murdered by boyfriend

Aisha Nelson begged for help/YouTube

Aisha and her baby murdered.

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DAYTON — Western chicks are droppin’ like flies and it’s Pookie & Ray Ray’s fault. Residents of Dayton, Ohio are in mourning after 31-year-old Aisha Nelson and her 6-year-old daughter, Harper Monroe, were murdered over a damn Playstation. Aisha’s boyfriend, 32-year-old Waverly “Dante” Hawes, shot ’em dead then took his own life which means he’s going to hell because the Bible says suicide is unforgivable. The bloodbath transpired June 23rd after the couple had contretemps over a Sony Playstation 5 video game console. Police responded to the home on a domestic call 12 hours prior. They should’ve arrested Dante then. Instead, Aisha and Harper were found deceased in the basement during a wellness check. Dante drove to Falkville, Alabama then blew his own brains out. To make matters worse, Aisha called law enforcement multiple times to voice her concerns.

Body cam footage shows the distraught damsel begging for succor but it was to no avail. Officers did absolutely nothing despite the fact Dante threatened to kill Aisha right in front of ’em. Social media reaction was vicious. One person wrote, “Police failed to do their job.” Another added, “This is f*cking heartbreaking! That piece of sh*t. I hope he’s rotting in hell where he BELONGS.”

Aisha and Dante met while she served in the U.S. Navy.

She tried to leave his nutty ass but he cut off her credit cards and she had no family or friends to reside with.

“Last night I was going to leave and get a hotel,” she told an officer.

“He cut my credit cards off.”

Aisha’s mom, who lives in New Jersey, still can’t believe what happened.

She’s searching for answers.

Is it time for women to stop dating Pookie & Ray Ray?

Should single mothers keep their kids away from stepparents and significant others?

Watch body cam footage and hear the 911 call.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She was offered a PROTECTION ORDER she should have took it😇😇😇‼️‼️‼️‼️

  2. When someone show you who they really are, believe it and leave the relationship. Don’t stay thinking you can change them, kindness is not going to change them. God help her family through this.

  3. If you’re a bad person and you want to take your own life, do it but, don’t take the lives away from innocent people.

  4. She wasn’t thinking about her child she was thinking only about herself..I know I’ve been in domestic violence and you don’t be thinking clearly

  5. He was literally threatening her in front of the police. If I was the police, I would have asked his clown AZZ what the alternative is……this is fkd up

  6. She should have just left with the cops. I mean anything would have been better than staying in the house with him just to be killed ……this is so sad

  7. This is jus sad wat is wrong wit theses crazy men omg and to take a child’s life is heartless I wish I wyd have ran across her I wud have took her in my home . My mom always taught me wen u are a blessing to someone else in need god will return the blessings 10 times more . Rip young lady and ur beautiful child 😢

  8. The mom can’t get answers because the coward killed hisself!! That’s crazy they had a domestic and they didn’t arrest him.. My ex called the cops on me with no evidence and i was put in jail… They didn’t care if it was facts or not.. I do not get why he wasn’t put in jail

  9. When she was talking to the police you can hear him threatening her in the background. Why didn’t they arrest him? Or write a report. My condolences to the family 🙏🏾

  10. I just want to say this I am not a mother but that’s one thing I do know when you are a mother it’s not about you anymore and it’s about your child and their safety and if you’re going to live with a man make sure you have your own cards your own money saved up emergency money hidden somewhere just in case if he Flippin don’t want you to live there anymore with him you can get up and go especially if you’re gonna live somewhere far away from family members I could never put that much trust in a man where he has control over my finances I can never do that and I was always taught to never allow a man to control my finances always have my own

  11. When someone provides you an “out” to a messed up situation, please take it.
    My ex threatened to kill me and my kids and that mf came home the next morning to an empty house. I went to somebody’s place who is licensed to carry and is with the sh!ts.

  12. Saddened this by this whole situation, mental illness is real. Men rather than harm a woman or someone else over a disagreement just leave. Women also have to make better choices on who they decide to build a life with, and choose to deal with. Ultimately sorry for the women that go through this violent behavior. RIP to her and her daughter, they deserved better. This was a pure act of evil & cowardice.

  13. These men are showing just how jealous they are of the women they suppose to be building with. Why would u want to bring down your partner, when it should always be us against them. Seem like a men should be happy to have a women that want some in life. People have mental problems and need help. Cause hate is sickening

  14. Like I said these men get these women or young girls n get pussywhip n can’t handle it then start getting jealous n insecure n think they sleeping around n they don’t,,then end up dying for nothing

  15. It’s time for ladies to look to arming themselves and learning safety measures because it’s a war on us no one’s is going to save’s us it’s just sad at what’s happening to us now I have never seen anything like it it’s just scary to think that someone could harm you that’s you thought would loves and protect you some of theses mens out here are just uncivilized demons you have to moves different many prayers and condolences to you all beautiful Sista Rest in paradise

  16. I can’t wrap my mind around how woman protect these monsters because of Love smh y’all have family for a reason and family we have to pay more attention and even if it might make your sister, or whom ever mad with you sometimes we have to step in because this is ridiculous!! So sad this could have been avoided


  18. When toxic women push a man to the limit. Men stay away from these kinds of women and focus on building yourself.

  19. It’s not the officers fault, they did their jobs. The only thing they did not do was file a police report….WOMEN HAVE GOT TO STOP PROTECTING THESE MEN!!!!!!!!!

  20. So heartbreaking.. This is why I have not been with a black man since 2017…they scare me I swear. They controlling…only a small group is truly respectful of black women. I am single and stay to myself since 2019.

  21. I believe that the police officers could have done a better job of handling this situation. You see a mother in a DV dispute with clear indication of the man threatening her and you walk away because they don’t understand why she’s still staying. She doesn’t have a place to go to for refuge or any money to her name?! There are many women in these same situations and this can’t ever happen again, where were the resources that was provided for this lady and her child?!

  22. As women we have to stop settling. If a man is not on the same level educationally, financially, spiritually, doesn’t share the same values, goals and ambitions he will never see your worth. Know your worth and never settle for less than what you are worth. Aim high and never apologize for your success. Each and every human has the same opportunity in this world and it’s up to the individual to want more out of life. If you don’t know your worth he won’t understand your value ✌🏽❤️ RIP beautiful queen

  23. I’m a BM and I have two sisters. If I can give any advice to BW please don’t try to fix or build up a broken man. Let them stay broken and away from you. It’s not your job and any real man will figure out a way on his own.

  24. This is sad, these Beta males aren’t men enough to leave the house when they’re upset with a woman.
    This fool, kills both a woman and child.
    These women, need to do a full background check on these men.
    It’s sad.

  25. Leave it to the White female officer to pass judgment on a Black woman 😒. This was premeditated, and he’s a whole lil bitc h who deserves to roast in the deepest part of hell! Just another example of the military NOT being for the Black community, because dude obviously had mental health issues or something that were being ignored.

  26. No matter wether she didn;t have somewhere to go and stayed or not, the police should have taken him to jail for threatening her life with a gun, especially while making that threat with children involved. They seen that he was breaking stuff in the house, so clearly he was behaving aggressively!! Had this been a woman that wasn’t of color, calling them and telling them these things, they would’ve at the least, made the report but more than likely an arrest too, or found somewhere for her to go smh. The lady cop saying “Why do you stay then” or however she said it, people need to understand that once you’re in that kind of situation, it is NOT that easy to break free from it, even though it should be! My heart breaks for her and her child that lost their lives, you could see the look of defeat on her face when she realized those cops weren’t going to help her and that’s what they get paid to do smfh!!

  27. To many women are dying in the hands of these lil boys so called men!! Women if you see the red flags run, men ain’t playing they kill u and say it’s just a trend this generation sucks. Two beautiful life’s gone because of a lil boy 😣

  28. Could’ve been avoided. Didn’t she have at least one friend she could’ve stayed with? Police should’ve made him leave since he cut up her credit cards. She could’ve called family to pay for a room. He had a demon in him. This is so evil and sad. Since she was having problems with him she should’ve made plans and moved in silence. Lord have mercy. 🙏🏼

  29. She should told the Cops He had a gun in the house and He threatenen Her SMFH

  30. Damn!! She should have left when police told her to, this is just a sad story.

  31. This is sad… Ladies don’t tell men you don’t have any family. Tell them you have cousins and family around the way and some are crazy gang members. Believe the lie and tell them that!!

  32. The police dropped the ball and a mother and daughter lost their lives. Their in heaven he’s in HELL….

  33. “Lord knows I hate this happened,” but she could have left and waited for things to cool down. Nevertheless, he’s a monster for what he did, but some times u have to leave and let ppl gather their “mental clarity!” Even if he cut up the cards, I would have done “anything,” to save my child!!
    To me, the cops are not at fault, and I don’t even like cops(racist ones), but clearly this could have been avoided.

  34. Jesus is the only way to true happiness and peace in your lives. He loves you so much but he needs you to come out of whatever sin you’re committing,he gave his life for you on the Cross and was buried and rose the 3rd day for everyones sins. Seek him through repenting and being baptized for remission of sins John3:5 while you still time here on earth. He loves you but hates the sin🤍🤍✝️ You’re so Special The Lord & The Devil are fighting ⚔️ for your SOUL. Jesus Loves you & is calling for you✝️✨

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