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Robert Crimo killed seven, injured at least thirty more

Robert Crimo murdered 7 people/YouTube

Killer drag queen busted. 

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HIGHLAND PARK — Robert “Bobby” Crimo III is facing a life sentence without parole after he murdered 7 people for no damn reason Monday afternoon at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois. Dozens more were wounded. Police said Robert — a staunch Trump supporter — climbed on top of a nearby building, pulled out a Smith & Wesson M&P15 semi-automatic rifle, then opened fire sniper-style (à la John Singleton’s 1995 film “Higher Learning”), causing panicky paradegoers to run for safety. Robert, 21, dressed as a woman to blend in with the crowd then fled to his mother’s house where he purloined her vehicle. Police busted his ass moments later. Investigators said Robert planned the massacre weeks in advance. The trigger-happy drag queen faces seven counts of first-degree murder and other charges. Social media reaction was fierce. One person wrote, “KILLER DRAG QUEEN. No longer just makeup in their bags.” Another chimed in with, “Are we still pretending this guy isn’t a Democrat?” A third person added, “Why are a lot of these shooters looking so feminine? It might be a mental disorder.” 

Is life without parole enough?

Does Robert deserve the death penalty?

Watch his court appearance.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The gun situation is out of control…the world is laughing at us!😆

  2. The shooter had rainbow hair, ANTIFA tattoos and dresses like a woman to “blend in” when he could of blended in just fine in traditional male clothing. It wasn’t a woman’s rally or a pride parade.
    But as expected all the democrats are blaming Republicans and demanding everyone give up their 2A rights.
    With an entire generation so brainwashed they can’t figure out which bathroom to use, how many genders there are or what a woman is even at the college age the democrat party has an army of useful idiots conditioned to pick up a gun and start shooting to help the cause. With the mindset they are owed everything their hearts desires and the people that won’t give to them are a threat to their well being the democrat party has successfully created a new weapon of terror. The confused young adult that will gladly kill innocent people because they didn’t get their way.

  3. Robert Crimo was a Trump terrorist. We should call it what it is. He rallies with other Trump terrorists. He attacked the capital on Jan 6. He literally raps about being a fascist terrorist. If he was muslim, they would’ve killed him, media would have labeled him a terrorist, and congress would be pressed to close the borders. But since he’s a white kid, the cops begged him to be nice while cooperating. The cops can’t figure out why and no connection to his terrorist activities are even talked about.

  4. Waiting for his murals next to George Floyd. Two heros, one alive, one dead.

  5. Yep a white criminal will not be killed on sight. The USA is a friggin racist country

  6. This shooter is still Alive? and yet just recently the police shot dead a black man with 60 bullets! Who was Running Away. Wtf….

  7. It’s friggin brutal when an unarmed black man can be shot 60+ times but an armed white man who just killed seven people and injured many more gets taken down peacefully and with no injuries. This is one fucked up world

  8. He is a white guy that needs to be given every excuse in the book! No knee, no chokehold, 0 shots, sweet cop commands…. smh

  9. It’s absolutely sickening to see people posting “ he’s a Trump supporter “!
    Why don’t you people grow up.
    Shut up and take a good look at how the left handle anything they don’t like or agree with!
    All the chaos
    The riots where police stations were attacked and burned!
    Officers killed
    Innocent people, small business owners robbed and killed
    Every drop of violence that is STILL HAPPENING is all on the hands of Squash Brains Biden and his entire administration!
    Listen to that sick witch Maxine Watters!!
    And the left on here comment about Trump supporters!🤮
    Meanwhile these leftist maniacs trap politicians inside their homes even when there are young kids in their homes!
    It’s very easy to see where the problems are coming from!
    People are spending thousands on home security systems and guns to protect themselves.
    Joe Biden is a complete disaster and disgrace to our country!
    It will take years to fix all the damage Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, and the rest of these psychopaths have caused.
    I’m hard core conservative and I still have many democrat friends from all walks of life.
    And even they are disgusted by this fake administration.

  10. Sooo they shOot a man 60 times for no reason and this tard is still alive? No Justice at all.

  11. Can we please be done with giving the world’s ugliest serial killer exactly what he has wanted from the start…..non-stop publicity, and being a house hold name instead of the sick ugly loser that he really is? Congress needs stop the stupidity of trying to pass more ‘gun laws’ which will do nothing more than let them assuage their ignorant bases, and pass a law that makes it illegal for any news outlet to publish the name of any serial killer. Can do stories on the event and the victims, but the sick little loser who did it because he wants to go down in history remains anonymous. This would do more to stop future mass killings than any waste of time gun laws.

  12. No need to dress up as a woman when you already look like an ugly version of one.

  13. He obviously was bullied in life! They picked on this kid forever ! So, he turned the aggressions towards the innocent ! Too the point….he snapped ! Killing at random ! Ask him what motivated the killing spree? I bet you 99% was being ridiculed, bullied and made fun of……

  14. Dude reminds me of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the chocolate factory (the 2nd one)

  15. Keep this crazy chicken face in jail for the rest of his life please 🙏

  16. a rat that no one ever wanted to touch so he thinks he gotta shoot people smfh so fucked

  17. Just take all the family members of the people he killed & put them all in a gymnasium ,with all the doors locked ,no way to escape & just release him into the middle of the crowd and watch what happens

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