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Olympian Kim Glass got attacked by a vagabond

Kim Glass attacked by homeless man/Fox News

Olympic star attacked in LA.

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LOS ANGELES — TMZ released sanguinary footage that shows Olympian Kim Glass being brutally assaulted by a negro zombie last weekend in downtown Los Angeles. As she was leaving a restaurant with a friend, Semeon Tesfamariam threw an enormous metal pipe that hit Kim square in the countenance. Blood was splatted everywhere. The quondam volleyball star wailed in agony as a passerby, Benson Parks, rushed to her aid. The Good Samaritan also kicked Tesfamariam’s ass then held him down until police arrived. In this day and age when beta males rather stand and watch women get beat to a bloody pulp, Benson’s alpha male personae is no doubt a breath of fresh air. Kim said the attack was completely unprovoked. “He just like looked at me with some pretty hateful eyes,” she recounted. “And, as I turned to go tell my friend, ‘I think something’s, like, wrong with him and I think he’s going to hit a car,’ before I knew it, a big metal bolt, like pipe, hit me right here. It happened so fast.”

Kim suffered a black eye and multiple facial fractures. Tesfamariam was arrested and charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon which means he’ll be out in a week. Kim, if you recall, won a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

She’s sexy as hell when she’s not bruised and battered.

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. Democrats won’t do anything. If anything they’ll give the homeless person an award

  2. Spoiled self entitled junkies getting free food in soup kitchens.. while in 3rd world countries blue collar workers slave all day to earn $8/day..

  3. The Homeless should be killed on sight
    This is just one of many cases involving motiveless attacks from the homeless

  4. World going crazy. Crazy people. Stay away from homeless people. And druggie zombies.

  5. If she had gotten gold she would’ve had the skill to evade the bums on skid row.

  6. If I was her boyfriend I probably wouldn’t go out in public with her anytime soon.

  7. Damn !!!” She looks like she got beat up by Popeye. 😂

    “NUFF SAID”™️

  8. We have a homeless/mental illness/addiction problem here in America that needs to be addressed by our government

  9. But he’s mentally Ill and is homeless… so it’s ok don’t worry about it… just give him money and he will be ok

  10. So sorry…check with Amber Turd…she has makeup that will cover you injured eye.

  11. Jesús man, can’t be safe anywhere nowadays. Luckily she didn’t lose her eyesight. That could’ve ended so much worse

  12. Not going to lie that homeless dude got to die… My emotions were going up and down😡😢😡😢😡😢

  13. She used to look as gorgeous as Kim Kardashian! Bastard bums. Get a job,get off the crank!

  14. If that Homeless bum was worth 300 million dollars she’d be all Lawyered up, now that a worthless bum did this she knows its no use in getting Lawyered up, daumm its gonna be hard to get money outta this.

  15. Yo. This violence against women (especially black women) shit. Gotta stop. If. I saw. I would had busted that homeless dudes ass.

  16. This Is Awful Lord give her strength to Recover this Is Heart Breaking!😕

  17. Someone should have tried to kick a 60 yard Field Goal with his F**king head while he was on the ground!!!! Or pick up the pipe and smash him with it!!! It would have been the ONLY Justice these people experience out of this horrible ordeal!!!

  18. The fuck is anyone still living in commiefornia for. Get out and save yourselves from that far-left utopia.

  19. The dude that saved her was a simp. Shaming other men for not helping and all

  20. This is why I don’t want to give homeless people any money ever.

  21. Guarantee that bum saw how beautiful she was , knew he would never be able to tap that, and lashed out.

  22. This is how I thought ambers picture would look like after Johnny beat her. This poor lady really got hurt!!! For no fkn reason 😕 she looks like a strong woman and hope she recovers soon, thanks to all the brave people out there not afraid to step in and help someone in need 🙏

  23. I would have stomped on that muthfkcka’s head as he was being held down.

  24. Unfortunately this happens when you close down mental health hospitals and just leave people on the street. So sad

  25. Is her attacker (Seneon Tesfamariam) even a united States citizen? Just because he’s residing in CA as a homeless person it doesn’t mean he’s an actual citizen. Idc if folks don’t like me asking, this guy’s been attacking random people for at least 5 years, seems he’s either crazy or just like hurting folks & he could most definitely be illegal. If he’s illegal boot him out of here because he’s dangerous & truly has a screw loose. He could’ve killed her & might have if Mr. Parks hadn’t stepped up. Maybe someone could start a go fund me account to help with her medical bills ( if needed ) & another account for MR. PARKS a true hero who is hopefully rewarded with more than just knowing he did the right thing & for showing the world how real men get things done.
    Wishing this young lady a speedy recovery.
    And the jackass that hurt her a speedy trip to a long term jail cell.

  26. You can tell just by the way she carries herself that she needed a good thump to knock some sense into her

  27. Wow I feel so bad for her minding her own business and then comes mister mental that probably needs to be in an institution or took some drugs that make him see evil and hallucinate who knows!!!! But I guess you aren’t safe even walking in the street….we just need to stay home it’s crazy

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