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Football player murders girlfriend & lies to police

Bobby shot Chrisheena six times/Getty Images

Football player kills girlfriend.

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PASADENA — Former Arizona Wildcats football player Bobby Wolfe was thrown in the slammer after he shot and killed his baby mama as she walked through the bathroom door (à la Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius). What’s up with nutty athletes shooting their girlfriends? The sanguinary ordeal transpired around 3:30 a.m. Monday morning at their apartment in Pasadena, Texas. Bobby, 22, shot 23-year-old Chrisheena Lee six times, telling police he assumed she was a burglar. Chrisheena’s family, however, said he’s a goddamn lie. “What burglar goes into the restroom?” said cousin Troy McCoy. “And to be shot six times? That’s overkill. No, that don’t add up, the story don’t add up since day one.” Bobby also has a track record of abusing Chrisheena. He blacked her eye multiple times. “It was a history of domestic violence,” Troy recounted. “If they can get into her phone, they can see pictures [of her] black eye. They can see [threatening] text messages. They can see all of that.”

Tasha McCoy, Chrisheena’s other cousin, told reporters Bobby was a stalker too.

“He just wouldn’t leave her alone,” she said.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One person wrote, “People that shoot a household member should be jailed. You MUST first identify the ‘threat’ before just popping off. It’s different if you live alone or if an intruder comes in spraying up the place.” Another added, “I wouldn’t put it past him that it was premeditated and he waited ’til her guard was down.”

Bobby was arrested and charged with manslaughter. But family members believe it should be upgraded to murder. Bobby was a 4-star recruit in Arizona’s 2019 recruiting class. Now he’s an unemployed bum with no NFL offers. Chrisheena attended school to become a dental assistant. She was about to kick Bobby to the curb to start a better life with their 2-year-old daughter.

Ladies, please stay away from Pookie & Ray Ray.

This sh*t is gettin’ old.

Watch alarming coverage including Bobby’s court appearance.

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  1. He killed her on purpose. She was leaving him and he couldn’t handle it. He planned that

  2. ANOTHER INSENSITIVE and insecure little boy in a grown man’s body.
    Well big Bubba is waiting for ya

  3. It was an accident like leaving kids in hot cars. Crazy how they never leave kids in cars when it’s cool or cold. Always in the heat.

  4. What do you tell your child when she is older why you murdered her mom? There’s nothing absolutely nothing you can tell that child to make it better.

  5. This is like the South African white dude tink tink that had the missing legs, that shot and killed his woman through the bathroom door and claimed the same thing,”he thought she was an intruder ” . Maybe that’s where he got his story from

  6. That defense didn’t work for Oscar Pistorius and I don’t think it’s going to work for him. Just plead guilty.

  7. I just don’t believe this story Bobby told police at all. I believe they argued she fled to the bathroom and in a rage he discharged his gun to kill her. Family members when your loved one is dealing with DV get them out immediately from the abuser if at all possible.

  8. Yeah after the first shot you can tell the identity of who you’re shooting I’m sure she screams after the first blast he knew exactly who she was and if the shots were scattered as described this means she was moving around and he had to use his aim to Chase her so he clearly saw who he was shooting he murdered her in cold blood and I’m sure she was screaming and speaking because the first shot didn’t kill her she was still able to move around that bathroom until he shot her dead manslaughter 🤥 WTF 😒 SMFH 😔😥😥

  9. No he did that on purpose. Especially with the trail of black men killing black women left and right. Men are supposed to protect and love us like they confess to loving their aunt, mother, sister, niece and close girlfriends. Bullcrap, he’s just another insecure, no good 😟 azz black man. He needs to go to jail for what he done. And he need to get death for coming up with the dumb azz story….more and more of our black children are growing up without both parents. Smdh

  10. Is this the new excuse now? I’m seeing a lot of stories of accidental shootings because they thought it was an intruder

  11. That’s the same way that other lady was killed that was trying to leave her Fiancé. She ran in the bathroom to hide and the Olympic champion in a wheelchair shot her.

  12. So who would break into a bathroom? What if it were the children moving around? Sounds just like the Oscar Petorious case. Rest in Peace to this young lady and I pray the children will be cared for and get help.

  13. I call bullshit Why not call his girl’s name, if she wasn’t in the bed next to him ? Very interesting how the baby strategically wasn’t there that night

  14. He knew she was in the 🚽 Bathroom!! Trifling Dog! Right game, Wrong Chick!! Go serve that time! Demon!

  15. nigga shouldve blamed CTE… that wouldve been a better excuse than that intruder bullsh*t

  16. Lies he murdered her because she wanted to leave him because he was a deadbeat!

  17. I personally don’t believe this was accidental. C’mon, he shot his LIVE IN GIRLFRIEND – keyword, LIVE IN! Also, who the hell breaks into a house just to use the bathroom? Smh, this was intentional and this guy wasn’t that bright.

  18. Ladies, we can’t save them! (ungrateful men) They don’t wanna be SAAAVED!

  19. RIP… what a jerk . Please women stop dating lowlives who dont protect you nor love you.

  20. Well bobby the Wolfe wasn’t taking no chances with anybody in the rest room with the door shut even though he had a loaded gun with him he couldn’t just walk out the front door and wait for police 🤔I’m sure he was just feeling for his life and he probably had every right to have that gun with his squeaky clean record he just looks like an outstanding citizen as long as he is behind bars

  21. More likely she ran in the bathroom for cover and he shot into it to kill her. RIH Kween 🌹 🙏

  22. Women please Please PLEASE, it’s easier said than done but friends and family who step in to help you ARE NOT hating on your relationship especially if they witness 1st hand abuse. We want you to live. We want your babies with a mom. Hold ya head high and pray that you will have the strength and confidence to know you will be ok when you escape it. Any grown boy that talk down on you or put his hands on you, does not love and value you. You’re going to cry. Be heart broken and think you’re not worthy of being loved because of what he took you through. But you are and you will! Please get away. Rip to that beautiful soul

  23. I don’t understand why people stay in these types of relationships. I understand why she was trying to leave, but also if they are fighting all of the time, physically why would he want to even stay. His story is clearly not believeable either. Why do people stay with each other until the point the toxicity escalates? It makes no sense.

  24. FORMER Football Player??? Doing absolutely NOTHING with his life. He’s a thug. Just like a lot of these young athletes. These young women need to STOP having babies, shacking up, & supporting these guys ( not men) thats not worthy of them. If a guy doesn’t have a job, a house, or any of the things you have acquired already…..LEAVE HIM WHERE HE STANDS!!! Potential ain’t sh*t 💩.

  25. We constantly tell our women about abuse/signs of abuse sometimes to no avail. How do some women have an intimate relationship with these men and carry their weak DNA to birth a child for them. Abuse is rampant in our community. Not only is single motherhood an issue, but so is children who grow up without a mother. Compounding single motherhood and staying with an abuser only aggravates problems

  26. What he got tired of her paying the rent. Imagine getting called the intruder in your own place, cause we all know who’s name was on the lease…..right?!

  27. What burglar goes into the bathroom…..he’s unemployed with two kids and a history by the neighbors of DV like these dudes are really unhinged may he rot in prison

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