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Cam has women in check

Jasmin Brown under attack/YouTube

Jasmin Brown under fire.

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CHARLOTTE — Cam Newton’s girlfriend, Jasmin ‘Jazzy’ Brown, is catching hell from black chicks on social media after she told the world she’s “submissive” to her man and love “spoiling” his rich ass. The prepossessing redbone voiced the controversial remarks during a recent appearance on “Lovers and Friends” via Shan BOODY’s podcast. If you recall, Jasmin excoriated Cam’s ‘Boss Bitch’ rant a few weeks ago when he suggested women should be more acquiescent. Now she’s experiencing a change of heart. When asked to elucidate what she does for her NFL quarterback, the 33-year-old actress replied: “Everything… packing his bag, unpacking his bag… I pretty much read his mind. So it’s like if I know you, and I study you… Before you can ever ask me for something, I’m already on it… He’s spoiled rotten but I love that. I think my biggest flex is how I treat my man.”

Jasmin also believes in feeding Cam ’til he passes out with a satiated abdomen.

“I love to see him eating the meal that I cooked,” she explained.

“I love seeing him sleep easy. Every night, like clockwork, I scratch this man’s back until he falls asleep.”

Scratch his back?

Social media reaction was nothing short of risible. One viewer wrote, “Doing all that without a ring is STUPID!” Another chimed in with, “Women are like: ‘Girl, you shouldn’t do anything for that $MultiMillionaire. You should be broke, alone, strong and independent like us!'” A third observer added, “I hope that doesnt mean she’s willing to be a baby mama and not a wife.”

Do you share Jasmin’s sentiment?

Is she making a big mistake by being submissive to a man she’s not married to?

Watch the podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Married housewife, house manager, help mate here…I see her point in a different light. She’s yielding to a position that she have not been hired for. She’s not a wife. If she were his wife, she’d know not to disclose their inner workings of their relationships. Second point, she’s being portrayed as someone who is just a number and she is okay with that. Just because he is a high value man, doesn’t mean his love interest should be treated as a number.

  2. I follow Jazzy on FB, but I did notice she has slowed down big time with her post…Now I know why?!? I had no idea she was hitched to Cam Newton. He probably told her to “chill on some of those post!” Some where she had a lot of skin showing! LOL

  3. But her tune was different until she got with him… Trust me Cam isn’t stupid, he wouldn’t dare wife her especially since he didn’t wife the mother of his kids… She will stay GF… Cam is a PRIVATE man… She talk to much… Lmao

  4. She’s just being a CHAMELEON who’s probably cheating on him. Focus on yourselves Kings 👑

  5. Most black women don’t want to submissive or cater to black men and that’s why they are being left behind they have defiant attitude so basically they just become pump and dump or baby mommas 😂😂😂

  6. Funny how a submissive woman drives both men and women crazy in different ways.

  7. She has no ring and no marriage. At this point, it’s just her turn.🤷🏽‍♀️ Not to mention, he has multiple baby mommas. Hopefully her work for this man is not in vain.

  8. She ain’t listening to those broke and bitter B’s…. they WISH they could be in Jazzy Brown’s positiom. GO Jazzy!. Go Cam!! Beautiful and a real body! Can fellas get that anymore? In this day and age YOU BETTER STOP LISTENING TO THOSE BITTER B’s. — aka Feminists —especially. Women who fall for that dont even see the game being played.

  9. These comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣😩

    The ONLY reason why y’all are co-signing this is because this man plays football on TV. Y’all are groupies.

    So the recommendation is to submit to men with multiple children and multiple BM’s?
    I thought y’all tell women to choose better… 🤔

    The hypocrisy is crazy.
    The MEN co-signing this like this doesn’t affect y’all is insane. Men like him create single parent homes.
    The women co-signing this have low self esteem. Find your fathers.

    I don’t need to hear a NEW GIRLFRIEND talk about submission to a man who ain’t even proposed yet and has a public proven track record of NOT committing, but procreating.

  10. “If you have a long day fighting the world you never have to come home and fight me” unfortunately there are way too many women who don’t understand this. Cater to your man and you will reap the benefits. That man is out fighting the world for YOU. Ladies always want to be treated like a queen but have no idea that a queen treats her king accordingly. A queen knows how to behave and represents herself. A queen knows how to transform the hardened, fortified walls of a castle into a welcoming sanctuary within. Ladies this is what men are asking for. Ladies, if you are asking for it all because you “deserve” it all. You must understand the responsibility of having it all. That responsibility is to GIVE your all in return.

  11. I ain’t rich but my woman caters to me (which is the real word for it)🤷🏿‍♂️ Yall act like he Whoopin her ass just cause she said submissive. What does it matter why she doin it? He the one with her. We don’t even know they whole relationship dynamic. Sound like hatin to me.🤷🏿‍♂️

  12. This is such a moot bit of bullshit because before long the stupidity that they have going will be a thing of the past and she’ll be saying how fucked up he is( which he is) he’ll be saying she was just a gold digger. And they’ll both move on to some other stupidness.

  13. This was a disappointing interview, a WIFE should’ve been talked to about submission. Or anyone else that practices traditionalism and has done the necessary work.

    Now we have a woman here who is displaying performative femininity with no coveting from the man.

    A submissive woman does not cross her own boundaries.

    It’s giving foolishness, desperation, lack of boundaries, lack of standards, and sooo much more.

    Gfs are cooperative, wives are submissive #traditionalHousewife

  14. She’s literally “trying” to be submissive to a man that is NOT her husband! 🚩 He’ll more than likely be on to the next in a year lol

  15. All these single “divested” woman bitter and angry in these comments focus on your own fucking lives

  16. She’s supposed to submit to her ” own” husband 💯 silly woman

  17. she’s giving him her butt hole to fuck and she’s not even his wife. You haven’t been chosen ma’am!!!!

  18. But the question is does he spoil her back ? It can’t just be her it should be even.

  19. I am all for a woman taking care of her man , but he should also take care of her . When asked certain questions she wasn’t able to answer them . What does she get out of it , what does he do for her , how does he take care of her ? Not once did she mention any of this ( except when it came to physical activities and even there it was a bit off ) . She doesn’t even know how to voice her wants and needs on an emotional level ( that is very concerning) . It is clear that she doesn’t know what a healthy relationship looks like and this doesn’t look all that healthy. A healthy relationship is about giving and taking and sometimes you may have to give a little more and sometimes your partner has to give a little more , but at the end of the day you know that you have a partner you can count on . You should always be able to talk to your partner about the hard stuff . Before a relationship get serious both parties should say what they want out of a relationship and what they expect from their partner .

  20. I hope he marries her and not waste her time. Honestly, I feel like he’s gonna dump her right after she hits 35.

  21. Cam Newton is worth 75 Million Dollars of course she would be submissive to him, he could replace her the next day if he wanted too. But how many black women are going to be submissive to the average blackman earning 75k a year or less. Next to none you are going to have to date outside to get that. The strong independent black women doesn’t need a man, THEY SAY I hear all the baby mama’s in the Background yelling.

  22. Poor girl, she got a lot to learn. We all have been here before and we THOUGHT this was the way to love someone and a way to receive the love back but this gets old fast and is very toxic. Yal aint even married which is 100% commitment, and you given this much of yourself up to a man you scared to tell him how you feel?…She’ll soon learn like the rest of us, I hope. I totally see why she acts the way she acts in her skits now. It all makes perfect since.

  23. Stop attacking women for being submissive, let them be themselves without feeling guilty. Is she hurting you? You probably know other women like this and they are usually the sweetest down to earth people to be around because they don’t have a wall up which allows them to be more open and friendly and be helpful to others. People are conflating having no boundaries and being submissive and don’t know what it means to be. There is nothing wrong with being submissive, but for your own survival you need boundaries in place. I am a “submissive “ person who has been deceived by many narcissistic people through my life because I DID NOT have any boundaries and assumed everyone had good intentions. I can’t apologize for being this way, I only want the person who I am with to be an honest good person. I can’t change this demeanor I have. I choose the way of grace.

  24. There’s nothing wrong with her. I honestly think it has to do with the word itself “submissive” that has people going nuts with the person she is in a relationship. Submissive isn’t the correct word to be using for women simply being and doing what a good women/wife should do for her man. Some people are trying to make the word feel like is the correct word to use instead of simply calling a women a good wife or girlfriend! “Submissive” the word itself doesn’t sit right with people because it’s simply not right. She is a good WOMEN/WIFE not submissive. Submit is more of a dictatorial term, has nothing to do with marriage and relationships lol! Don’t get at me, I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 10 years and do the same things she does for her man. Just simply expressing to ppl that agree with her and disagree how the word she’s using and a lot of people are trying to use now isn’t the correct term to express how you simply are a good women to your partner. We can’t hope to get more good women and wives out this generation by using words like “submissive” we’re not getting anywhere like this.

  25. I have been married for over 18 years. My husband has never required me to be submissive. He feels that men of today that want submissive wives want a slave that they can control. After many years of marraige my husband values most that I am NICE TO HIM, keep myself in decent shape, have s-x with him at least 1-2 times per week 😉and am a good mother to our children. On most other things even the things that I like to do for him he considers himself an adult who can do them for himself. They are bonuses. Not requirements.

  26. I would rather stay a single successful Black woman than play Mommy #2 to a grown man who couldn’t even respect his long time girlfriend and their family.

  27. Dear boys, we have found the one. We have found the golden one. There is still hope after all boys. She’s the unicorn we’ve all been looking for 😭😭😂😂. I’d kill and go to the moon and back for a woman like this. Dear God, work a miracle …

  28. What woman lucky enough to be selected by millionaire is going to be stupid enough to ruin that situation of course she’s going to unpack and pack his bags and clip his toenails and clip his nose hairs and all that other shit of course she gets to sleep and wake up in a mansion every night she’s going to do whatever it takes in order to keep that lifestyle

  29. … you will NEVER hear a woman speak like this about broke men. end of story.

  30. If a man shows good leadership and be confident,respects his wife, makes her feel good( mentally and physically) and the woman knows that her husband loves her without a doubt the most likely the woman will become submissive. She will do things for him to make him happy out of love. If your a man just go behind your wife/gf wrap your arms around her, kiss her softly and slowly on her neck and wisper in her ear that you love and appreciate her. Turn her around, press your lips up against hers no tongue and just hold that kiss for 10 secs. You’re welcome for those that don’t know. Men have the power to control a relationship in a positive way just by doing some of the things we did to get that one in the first place.

  31. Yall will defend Anyone you wanna fuck, it’s pathetic. This post is pathetic. She is pathetic. Grow tf up losers.

  32. You see, as queer person, this just sounds like one-sided BDSM with extra steps… I think some things are only really healthy inside a sexual context, like submission/domination, with strict boundaries and terms set up by both parties before having sex.

    What sis is sharing with us sounds one-sided, she’s submissive and him? He sounds passive, allowing her to service him and giving nothing in return. This is not the same as BDSM at all because that sexual expression can only work when both parties are communicating.

    Worst of all, the dynamic she’s craving goes beyond sex, she wants to be submissive ALL the time, not just in a sexual context, and I wonder if she asks herself why. She’s not the first woman to say she wants a man who will dominate/control her and she won’t be the last, at it’s very core she is asking to be taken advantage of, on a daily basis. That doesn’t seem healthy to me and I bet she hasn’t asked herself what has made her feel this is the only relationship style she can live with.

  33. She is essentially describing being a mother to a toddler, but they have to be very wealthy? Absolutely fascinating!

  34. I love unconditionally. “What if he’s broke?” – HELL no! Like lmao wtf

  35. Wow he getting all this and he won’t even marry her lol silly girl … God forbid anything was to happen to this man you couldn’t even make a decision the doctor would be calling up his mama lol

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