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Orlando Brown said he & rapper Bow Wow had sex

Orlando Brown needs serious help/Fox Soul

Orlando targeting Bow Wow.

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LOS ANGELES — First he said Nick Cannon gave him head. Now Orlando Brown claims he enjoyed feral copulation with Bow Wow. During an appearance on comedian Funny Marco’s podcast, the “That’s So Raven” actor proclaimed the 35-year-old rapper has “some bomb ass p*ssy.” Um… only problem is Bow Wow is a dude and men lack vaginas. So Orlando is obviously lying unless he’s insinuating Bow Wow is a tranny. “I ain’t got a problem with Lil Bow Wow,” Orlando told Kansas City native Marco. “Lil Bow Wow got some bomb ass p*ssy.” It should be noted the quondam Disney star was high as hell during the chinwag. You can see him tweaking. Orlando must’ve also had the munchies because he masticated a candy bar like it was an Outback steak. Bow Wow turned a deaf ear to the comments initially. But when the video went viral, he had to to clap back.

Or look like a homo.

“Since when legends GOT TO speak on f*ckery?” Bow Wow tweeted. “Im filming my new tv show as we speak and preparing for a sold out show at the o2 arena for the millennium tour in London…Ima 35 yr old father i dont play them type games. You do know this bow u talking to right. I AM A BOY DAMON.”

Bow Wow also said nobody cares about what Orlando has to say because he’s a junkie.

“Nobody taking him serious,” he tweeted.

“It’s sad because he had potential to be great. It’s sad. Dem drugs!” 

In Orlando’s defense, Nick Cannon nor Bow Wow denied having sex with him.

Still, Orlando better chill before someone remunerates a hitman.

Watch the disturbing interview.

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  1. Orlando might be crazy but he not crazy he said that shit too quick I believe he did hit that lol just like the shit he said about raven he not lying

  2. Orlando might be a lot of things but I doubt that he’s lying everybody thought he was crazy when he said Nick Cannon suck his dik people brushed It Off then more recently a wife of Cal that she caught Nick Cannon in bed with her husband with her cheerleading uniform on the weekend not keep brushing off people because you think they’re crazy it’s truth around that crazy Lando have definitely been around for many decades the Hollywood life is different

  3. Orlando Brown should just go back to the basics, go to the barber, church and after Bow Wow visit everybody that he has offended, offer sincere apologies and then go back to Disney and present or act, minding only his own business…

  4. You know how you know u NOT a legend when you the only one who says it 💯

  5. With all the shit we hear about Hollywood I wouldn’t be surprised if Orlando was actually telling the truth. A couple years ago you couldn’t pay me to believe that Cosby was a rapist and R Kelly had a dungeon for underaged girls but two dudes fucking in Hollywood is pretty normal

  6. Orlando Brown has no filter and says the first thing that pops into his head. It was worse when he was an active junkie but it has always been there. I think he was just trying to top the absurdity of Funny Marco in this “interview”.

  7. I heard of bow wow doing some things before just around atlanta and things like that but I never listen to what haters or weirdos say bow still my nigga🚫🧢

  8. When exactly does he claim to sleep with “lil bow wow” because bow wow started when he was like 5 or 6 years old. That’s creepy.

  9. By now, the woke ones have to know that the music industry and movie industry require you to sacrifice and sell your soul

  10. Guarantee brown was told he had to push bow wow shit in to make it , it’s all the stories of dudes saying you got to take it to be in

  11. Well Orlando also said he got head from Nick Cannon dressed as a female. Then recently Kel’s ex-wife said she caught Nick dancing around in a cheerleader outfit to “cheer Kel up”. Orlando also said he gave Raven head and smashed lol. So it seems like Orlando is alluding to having sex with Bow Wow. Idk, I think Orlando might be telling the truth because it seems too outlandish to just make up 😂

  12. Imagine bow wow’s daughter on her tablet hearing her dad got some bomb ass pussy

  13. Bow Wow fruity….it’s actually sad because I think these child stars were taken advantage of and sexually abused.

  14. The crazy shit is, I be believing him when he says some of the wild things he says lol

  15. This dude is trolling on an epic level, I don’t care whether it’s true or not but this is funny

  16. This interview has proven that there is nothing wrong with Orlando… he’s trolling and needs a show asap because I laughed 24secs in 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  17. Bow wow didn’t deny it. Beating around the bush never saying it isn’t true.

  18. It’s no one business if bow wow likes a stiff stick every once in a while. It’s alot of dudes out here like that….in denial

  19. I believe it.The industry loves pretty boys and bow wow used to be gorgeous. He’s fat faced and crazy looking now but I believe Orlando is also projecting his own sexual abuse as well.

  20. Alot of celebrities in Hollyweird is transgender to represent the image of the beast which is a transgender. Look up transvestigation Hollywood that’s what Orlando was talking about he was outing bow wow as trans a female to male with a actual 🐈

  21. Orlando has come all the way out and it seems he’s broke and has nothing now all of a sudden he’s exposing everyone BOI BYE! We knew exactly what u were when u were out so why now dude who’s paying for all this info

  22. If you take anything Orlando Brown as serious, you gotta be has high as he is.

  23. They may take him out but at least he’s exposing as much as he can, while he can🤧

  24. I feel bad for these young boys and girls employed by Disney. It seems they all have been used by adults. I believe strongly that something bad happened to bow wow Orlando Brown Justin Bieber Usher Tevin Campbell and many more young entertainers in the industry. It’s in their eyes and the way they talk and walk now that they are adults. They are drinking and doing drugs to hide their pain. I believe jaguar Wright and Orlando Brown when they submit a video. People want to say they are crazy but I believe that they are telling the truth about the industry and the gatekeepers. It’s sad.

  25. Let’s just say that the Hollywood and Nickelodeon culture along with the entertainment cult is believed to be
    a place of torture and rape of young people trying to get to the top! It’s been said too many times to not be real!

  26. Orlando Brown should have taken Dr. Phil’s offer for help a few years ago. So sad.

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