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Marvel Studios’ Wakanda Forever teaser is released

Female Black Panther draws criticism/Marvel

Black Panther now a female.

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HOLLYWOOD — Marvel Studios released the teaser for “Wakanda Forever” and fans are pissed because the original Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, died two years ago from derrière cancer and Letitia Wright — who plays King T’Challa’s kid sister, Shuri — is rumored to take over the throne as the female variant of the Feline Avenger. Not to mention there’s hardly any black men in the trailer. Here’s something else to keep an eye on: Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie was crowned King of Asgard instead of Queen in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” which makes you wonder if the new Panther will garner such a masculine depiction. The woke sequel also features archvillain Namor the Mexican Sub-Mariner (Tenoch Huerta) coupled with the return of Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o), Okoye (Danai Gurira) and Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett).

Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross is back as the token white guy.

There’s no sign of my n*gga Erik Killmonger.

Social media reaction was fierce.

One viewer wrote, “There better not be one scratch of homosexuality in this film.”

Another fan chimed in with, “If there really was a Wakanda, most of the people would have Monkey Pox, AIDS, or Ebola.” A third observer added, “So they gonna have a female Black Panther??? Damn, they’re gonna ruin this movie.” If you recall, film critics implored director Ryan Coogler to recast T’Challa instead of using a female protagonist as Black Panther. Do you agree?

Watch the emotional teaser.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Lol, those pigs in Hollyweird are at it again. There was propaganda in the first movie as well.

  2. Well damn. Four of the male characters from the first film are not in the second one. The strong black female characters have to carry on. No one asked for Chadwick’s death. With all of the problems the black community faces, this is what y’all are so up in arms about? Really? How about, using some of that damned energy and love for black men by having them stop killing each other, stay out of prison and stop fathering babies out of wedlock. Everybody wanna yell black lives matter be blacks have been killing blacks for decades. Stop it!!

  3. Well, I’m going to see it, in respect for Chadwick he is very missed. RIP, PLUS I’ve always been a fan of the black panther before it was popular. I even purchased a collector black panthers watch. It will be worth thousands

  4. I will not see this movie, because it’s disgusting. Using Chadwick Boseman’s death to push this movies is morbid. The man died 2 years ago, this is exploiting his death. I don’t like it and plus it’s a damn near all foreign cast save Angela Bassett. Hell no. I’ll pass

  5. The powers that be want black women to feel like they don’t need a strong black man, a Israelite man. Don’t fall for it Queens. The whole lesbian thing in part is population control within our race to stop prophecy and the growth of God’s chosen people.

  6. Shuri is the new BP. She becomes the black panther in the comics. The pregnancy was the birth of Namor.

  7. Well Im done with the MCU. They will never get another dime of my money unless I see their stuff on one of the streaming services after its free. This nothing but another move by racist whytes to turn Black People against each other.
    They are desperate to destroy any image of a strong Black Male character and replace that with a Black female character.
    Black women howl and cry about there being more Upright, Strong, Hard working Black Men in the Black Community but they do everything they possibly can to NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN – They walk around Brainwashed into this “Feminist” nonsense
    Skrong Black women has “Supposedly” been ‘EMPOWERED in this country and in the Black Community for over 40 years
    But Black Communities in this Country have NOT ADVANCED one iota. Black Women quick to jump up and start dancing and say: “Black Girl Magic” or “We Run The World” – Well None of that has done A Damm thing for the Black Community
    At the End of the day – The so-called “skrong” Black women is nothing but a WEAKLING and done NOTHING but make whyte People rich. But yet quick to wonder why Black Men lack respect for many of them.

  8. Its a big possibility that they bring back Killmonger knowing that the director had Michel B Jordan in all his movies, and I never bought into T’Challa allowing his cousin to die when he knew he could save his life even though he gave a dramatic speech. I can see Killmonger with a new rehabilitated attitude by living in Wakanda over 5 years now having a connection to his homeland and win over their loyalty by helping to defeat the Atlantians. Killmonger Black Panther suit had gold on it, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

  9. As a black man (a person of color) I want to say you woke wankers will never learn. This movie that pushes that females are the stronger better gender will flop like all the rest of them have. Most people will avoid seeing this crap as they are not going to pay good money to watch ugly looking women and be preached at for 2 hours by you woke extremists. GOT WOKE GO BROKE!

  10. There is an explicit effort to erase black men. And I say this while married to a white woman.

  11. I’m a black teenager who saw black panther 1 and thought it was cool. I saw Chadwick Boseman as the best t’challa on screen to date, but I don’t like the thought of throwing another black guy in a cat costume and have him be named t’challa. Because to me that said “black people all look alike whose gonna know the difference” no because it’s a disservice to the actor that might bring his own interpretation as Black Panther. Also I know people don’t see a problem with recasting but then there’s also the repetition of being compared to someone that fit in the role. Happens with Batman it happens with Superman it happens with all the famous characters from the past oh this actor played it better than this one all this actor did that but in that it’s something that don’t want to see. I’m glad they went down this road of his sister playing the black panther because we can tell her story and her own take of the very first black panther

  12. It was Chadwick Boseman who said that he wanted the character of T’challa to continue on. He wouldn’t care if they recast him as long as the character lived on. I mean seriously how hard is it to recast someone plus didn’t Marvel already do that with Rhodey and The Hulk?

  13. I think Marvel Studios will suprise us in this movie with the Black Panther reveal and plus there are other characters from Wakanda and other people they haven’t introduced yet who has been Black Panther namely Casper Cole and plus T’Challa has a son from the Multiverse Azari and he is a mutant

  14. I BE WONT SUPPORTING this BS…..Wonder Woman 1984 FLOPPED….they got sisters in there kicking all the ass and the men dumb n weak….stop supporting witchcraft

  15. Why do they have to insert lgbtq into EVERYTHING. This shows a huge misreading of African culture. Second, Making Namor Aztec/Mayan is even more pandering to a specific minority changing the character from an essentially Greek myth to a Latin one. Lastly Shuri is not the hero we (black community) need or want. There are plenty of strong female characters in mcu. Black America and the black diaspora were hungry for a strong, straight male hero. Mbaku is cool but Killmonger is the only reasonable choice as he has the heart-shaped herb in him already.

  16. All these crazy ahh comments about all type of ish. Did yall for get this was a MOVIE TRAILER “FOR ENTERTAINMENT!!!!”, but carry-on!

  17. I just hate they already took T’Challa’s genius and gave it to Shuri and now they making him like he’s expendable because the mantle can be passed on. Jack Kirby made T’Challa in the 60’s to be a beacon of black representation, he’s literally black history. Chadwick Boseman even knew this was bigger than Chadwick Boseman. How Coogler and Nate, two black men, could decide to not recast during a 4 minute call only weeks after his death is beyond me. And it shows they decided off emotion instead of considering what that character meant to the world now. They could’ve put him In a coma, stasis, and recasted for the 3rd film. Killing him off a virus or using a variant is lazy writing

  18. I ain’t spending my damn money on this shit. Shit might aggravate the hell out of me lol.

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