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Iron Mike Tyson says he’s already planning on dying

Mike Tyson ready to die/Clutchpoints

Mike Tyson plans to die. 

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LAS VEGAS — Iron Mike Tyson is physically fit, works out daily and eats healthy. But, according to the champ himself, his days are numbered. “We are all gonna die one day,” Iron Mike, 56, said on his Hotboxin’ podcast. “Then, when I look in the mirror, I see those little spots on my face, I say, ‘Wow. That means my expiration date is coming close, really soon.’” Iron Mike also said financial security can’t buy contentment. “I always tell people, they think money’s gonna make them happy, they’ve never had money before. When you have a lot of money, you can’t expect nobody to love you. You believe that you’re invincible when you have a lot of money, which isn’t true,” he explained. “What is security? I don’t know. When you put money in your bank and you get a check every week and you can live for the rest of your life, is that security? It doesn’t mean you won’t catch a disease, or get hit by a car. Can money secure you when you jump off a bridge?”

It should be noted Iron Mike smokes weed and he ingests shrooms.

So he was probably high as hell.

Nevertheless, are you in agreement with his stance on death?

Is the Illuminati after his ass?

Watch the podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. We all have to die who cares where will you end up after you die is what only matters

  2. From my personal experience.
    Some people feel it when it’s near. I’ve assisted human crossing over up to the very last breath…. They knew it was coming.


  4. Its best to get right with Jesus Christ before you die. He’s the one that will judge you. Forget that money… “thou fool your money perish with you”

  5. Don’t worry about death Big Mike. Death is looking for all of us.We all going to die soon🙂.Even Jesus Christ died on the cross for your and our sin.He risen up on the third day. We believed in Jesus Christ with going to rise too.There is hope Big Mike.

  6. Stop smoking that toad poison,and all those crap is affecting your brain chemistry,you getting too damn ,negative ,there is darkness in your mind mike !

  7. This guys been threw so much in life and has overcome so much the man he’s turned into now that’s a legend not just what he did in the ring

  8. Several years ago My coworker kept saying he felt that he was going to die, I kept telling him to stop talking like that. He did pass away a week later. We all going to expire some day, if I ever get that personal notification up front best bet I’m going to make sure my business things are in order. I seen to many events where people had to beg, borrow, and scrape up funds to pay for the expenses of a loved ones funeral cost. Crazy but it does happen.

  9. If Tyson don’t stop……we all go die but then again, not quite yet💯

  10. Crazy part for me is that as a kid, im talkin around 7 to 9, I thought about death not alot but enough for my age, but as I did that when I got older it kind of made me make peace with going at any moment. Even though I’m praying for as much life as possible especially with me having young kids and I want to see em flourish in this world before I leave. Im 37 now but im like Mike on this one, our days seem truly numbered the closer we get to elder stage. Blessings to Mike, dude came a long way from how he was and his outlook on life back in the day.

  11. Hotboxing with Mike is very inspiring. From being on top to defeat outside the ring to rise in Triumph. Hang in there and slow them shrooms champ! But hey a man can know his own fate. Mike shows true humble and humility. That shows courage and a Champ after life of coming from a treacherous circle of fire in his life experience. I hope he lives many more years. And he dont suger code anything!

  12. I think he’s going through a mid life crisis. My dad felt the same exact way when he was 52. Also, I do disagree with him on the money part. Money can buy people happiness but it definitely can never buy love. If he really didn’t care about money, he would’ve donated ALL of his assets to charity otherwise, don’t tell me that you don’t care about it because the average person would love to be where you’re at.

  13. It’s funny how our people talk about death, when they haven’t completely lived life. I hear that a lot since the Pandemic. But really It ain’t over til it’s over. Under the right people, Tyson could’ve been one of wealthiest, along with being one of the greatest, boxers of all time. It’s a shame how a lot of us that was given the chance didn’t manage their money right as well as seeing other ways contributing.

  14. Sad that he took that V💉💉 said he needed to do it to travel and didnt want to take it

  15. I must say I rather be well off a normal specimen of FATHER GOD in between not rich nether poor but rich In FATHER GOD fame and fortune opens up an idol mind it tends to destroy everything around you I promise. Don’t forget to pray my brothers and sisters for prosperity and the healing of this beautiful place we have to share as FATHERS CHILDREN. Let’s not destroy what’s left of this beautiful place it’s withering away right before our very eyes. There’s too much spread of hate going on stop it people the end is near I promise pay attention and pray 🙏

  16. Imagine how many women he’s raped. How many people he’s intimidated & injured. He belittled & tried to intimidate every man he met. It was like a sport to him. The sooner this mutt is put down the better.

  17. Mikes illuminati contract is about to expire….They all know when there gonna die…They took the oath and signed about 30 40 years ago…..Now all our heros from back in the day are getting old and they know there time is up…Facts….Just like Prince pacing outside his Dr office..He knew..He absolutely knew

  18. He must have a medical condition that he’s keeping to himself. He strikes me as that type of person. He’s right though. Spots appearing and eyes are getting cloudy.

  19. Wats the big deal? He’s right he’s getting up there and it’s normal for men to go quicker than females we go at like 70

  20. 25 year’s ago I would have said this is crazy but today nah, alot of these celebrities lived scripted lives. Mike could be preparing everybody for when it happens

  21. Hes smoking too much weed and doing too much shrooms. That ish is no good for you long term, stuff is probably getting him.

  22. I hate when people speak death over themselves… The world loves you Mike Tyson so we need you to stop worrying because you have a long amazing life ahead of you. 🙏🏾💯💪🏾🤞🏾

  23. Guy blew through 300 million. I’m sure some of it was stolen from him. I’m 64 and have been fighting renal cell cancer and tons of skin spots had a few cut off.. I don’t do the drugs Mike has. But I seen him spar lately on video he’s still fast as shit.I hope he’s wrong. Great fighter total destroyer in the ring. Call Foreman Mike if your depressed and grill some burgers.

  24. Smoking weed in Hangouts with white people is the best way for anybody to think you’re going to die soon because hanging out with white folk is like looking at pure death and suffering

  25. Please someone tell him about God 🙏 the only God of the holy bible who sent Jesus do die for the forgiveness of all our sins if we die without accepting the truth or accept anything else and don’t acknowledge it before we die we will go to hell. Please someone care about this man enough to look him in his eyes and tell him the truth!

  26. Hmmm I wonder why he is saying this. He is only 56. I know he’s partied a lot but he’s probably lived a relatively healthy life in terms of diet and exercise.

    Probably has another 20-30 years left.

    Unless there is a health problem he is not disclosing.

  27. roy Jones jr in his prime and tyson would be the best fight of all time hands down

  28. The illuminati got to him … or as Mike would say the ” the immunity “.

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