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Elvis started with blacks, targeted as public enemy

Elvis had his ups and downs/HBO Max

Elvis Presley had it rough. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Last night, yours truly descried Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis” biopic and it’s not bad. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty good. Betcha didn’t know Elvis (Austin Butler) was a parishioner of a black church where, as a kid, he learned to sing and dance like a negro. Dubbed the ‘King of Rock and Roll,’ Elvis was mentored by R&B legends B.B. King (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), Little Richard (Alton Mason) and Mahalia Jackson (Cle Morgan). So Elvis was arguably the blackest white dude in American history. But all hell broke loose when Elvis wiggled his phallus in an auditorium satiated with star-struck popsies; many of whom hurled their panties on stage in approbation. Hell, I’m surprised he didn’t pick ’em up and sniff. Nevertheless… realizing they couldn’t compete, white husbands and boyfriends became jaundiced.

They accused Elvis of dancing like a “n*gger” and gave him the moniker “Elvis the Pelvis.”

Politicians proscribed Elvis’ gyrations, canceled his television shows and had him arrested in the middle of a concert performance for dancing like Chris brown. A federal judge found Elvis guilty and sentenced him to two years in the penitentiary. But, thanks to a plea bargain, Elvis migrated to Germany where he served in the U.S. Army from 1958 to 1960 in lieu of going to prison.

When the “Jailhouse Rock” singer returned to America, he married Priscilla (Olivia DeJonge) and made her gravid. Elvis later found out his corpulent manager — Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks) — misappropriated his mazuma; putting him $8 million in debt. A depressed Elvis popped pills as a coping mechanism. Then he became a junkie; prompting Priscilla to pack her bags, grab their daughter (Lisa Marie) and file for divorce.

As his métier circled the drain, Elvis ingested fried chicken like a negro.

His waistline outgrew his popularity and he died fat and miserable at 42 years old.

The mortician could barely fit his ass in the coffin.

“Elvis” is available in movie theaters and via HBO Max.

You won’t be disappointed.

Blog King’s Rating: 4 out of 5 popcorn bags

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  1. I think there are a lot more elvis impersonators out there that actually look like elvis. This guy has no resemblance to Elvis

  2. I couldn’t get into this movie. Editing was all over the place. Camera all over the place, font graphics all over the place and then there’s modern rap music in there? Smh I stopped watching. I wanted to know who Elvis was. At least something like Walk The Line for Johnny Cash. That was a GREAT movie.


  4. Hanks was horrible sounding like Winnie the Pooh but otherwise the movie was great

  5. Austin deserves an Oscar for this film he literally embodied Elvis so accurately

  6. This is laughable. The entire film is a piece of commercialized garbage and Butler is no better than any two-bit impersonator in a sleazy Vegas lounge. It’s a shame that young people are actually believing this POS movie represents the real Elvis.

  7. How many times have you watched this ?

    Me : I’ve lost count 🥴🔥🔥😌

  8. This movie was Boring and Sad. I couldn’t wait for this Misery to end.
    Apparently people enjoy being Sad and Depressed, Miserable movies are considered “ Art” and that’s supposed to mean something to the Audience?
    It doesn’t mean anything you’re all full of it and you know it…

  9. To be honest, his body left us but his Soul (not Spirit) lives on. His spirit is in heaven but we keep his Soul alive. Probably for a long time.
    What I can’t figure out is why the Nut Jobs who think he faked his death because he didn’t like living as a hermit would have to live in even more of an isolated seclusion. The one thing he hated the most.

  10. Elvis Presley Truly is The King 🤴 Of Rock N Roll 🤘🎸👨‍🎤🧑‍🎤

  11. Personally I didn’t care much for the movie. Hanks portrayal of Parker is WAY over the top. The Elvis character looked nothing like Elvis. His movie career which lasted a decade was passed over in a few minutes. There was zero drug content. Elvis was popping speed with Cash as early as 1956. Just a few scenes with the Memphis Mafia who were a HUGE part of his life. I understand the difficulty in making a movie about an icon such as Elvis and keeping it under 3 hours. The movie could have been 8 hours and still missed a lot of things. I was just hoping for a better movie. My dad, who was a huge Elvis fan, tried watching the movie. He looked forward to it, but as soon as the rap/hip hop music started he turned it off. Just thought it could have been done better.

  12. I just freaking love how much they make skin color matter in this movie, that’s my favorite thing

  13. Why did they have to give this roll to a WHITE actor and not to a person of color? IM SICK OF THIS OPPRESSION

  14. Saw the movie 14 times not even joking. Took many people to see it. Also, TOP GUN was great but I give this movie the edge

  15. Thought this was absolute rubbish – hideous movie!! What an insult to Elvis 🤬

  16. This has got to be the best movie of the decade! I couldn’t take my eyes off of Austin Butler. He is the definitely Elvis.

  17. Were Elvis and B.B. King close friends?
    In the movie, not only are Presley and B.B. King close friends, but King is one of the only people who is honest with Presley throughout the film. While Presley and King did run in the same circles and had mutual respect for one another’s artistry, it seems their relationship was embellished for the film.

  18. So Elvis was in the hood kicking it with the black folks? I never would have guessed that


  20. It’s funny how Elvis Presley said “the only thing a black man can do for him is shine his shoes “ , now all of a sudden Black people are surrounding him and he’s OK with it 😭🤣 i’m dying from how somethings are not accurate, which is insane how most of his inspiration of style of singing is from African-Americans , he can’t deny it, also this is just facts & my opinion not trying to hate on Elvis I used to love him

  21. Sorry this movie was terrible
    And I have never said that about any movie tom hanks is in.
    One of the things that really made me mad is they ADDED A DOJA CAT SONG 😠

  22. You can obviously see that Elvis Presley is not the king of rock and roll. It was really Little Richard.

  23. This movie was garbage.
    So disappointed.
    We get it elvis did black music. 10x better than they did.
    This was a sad attempt to tell the elvis story.

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