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Fox Sports called Patrick Mahomes “greatest ever”

Mahomes called the GOAT, not Brady/YouTube

Fox Sports lauds Mahomes’ greatness.

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LOS ANGELES — During a recent edition of “First Things First,” Fox Sports analysts Nick Wright and Chris Broussard admitted Patrick Mahomes is the greatest quarterback of all-time. Not Tom Brady. Not Drew Brees. Not Aaron Rodgers. It’s their assertion Mahomes is the best to ever step foot on the gridiron despite the fact he’s only 27 years old and still sippin’ Similac. When I said he’s the greatest player we’ve ever seen through 70 games, it’s not an opinion,” Wright explained. “Through 70 games, [he has] the most wins (55), the most yards (302.1 per game) and the most touchdowns (171).” Broussard echoed a homogeneous sentiment. “I don’t like to necessarily categorize quarterbacks just as football players,” Broussard said. “People say Brady’s the best football player, I reject that, but best quarterback. I told you this last week, watching Mahomes against Buffalo I said, ‘he’s the best quarterback we’ve ever seen.’ Now he’s going to have to keep winning. He will not get rated as that if he doesn’t win more championships, but he is the best we’ve ever seen, period.”

Social media reaction was mostly congruent. One viewer wrote, “Mahomes can’t be messed with. He’s the man.” Another chimed in with, “Mahomes is the best ever from a talent perspective. I respect Tom’s longevity and greatness. But Mahomes is just different.” A third observer added, “Most gifted quarterback you can absolutely make that argument. But the best quarterback I’ve seen do it? I’m not going nowhere near that. I’m sorry, but you have to take into account how much easier the game has become at the quarterback position. They’re literally almost making it illegal to tackle the quarterback hard. You can’t hit them too high, too low, can’t fall down on them with all of your body weight and now you can’t even slam them hard to the ground. Not to mention all the rules in place for hitting a defenseless receiver, touching them after 5 yards etc. You have to look at all of these quarterbacks and the numbers that they’re putting up and put it in its proper perspective. Patrick Mahomes is great though, no doubt about it. But let’s ease up on the best to ever do it stuff until he accomplishes a lot more especially Super Bowls.”

Mahomes, recently inducted into Texas Tech’s Hall of Fame, owns a Whataburger restaurant and he has a minority stake in the Kansas City Royals.

He also has endorsements with State Farm, Adidas, Head & Shoulders, DirecTV and several others.

Do you agree with Wright and Broussard?

Is Mahomes already the GOAT?

Watch Wright and Broussard make their case.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The Best I’ve seen is Montana and Aikman. Brady is the third best I’ve seen, Then Warren Moon and Mahomes. Aikman is the best though but only had 9 years. Give him 20 years today on any Franchise and he would have 15 SB WINS. The Guy was the best ever at hitting Guys Down the Field in STRIDE so they can Take it too the House. FAST PLAYERS Way FASTER than players today like Alvin Harper. He could FLY. Also Aikman played in the Toughest 5 years in NFL HISTORY and IN THE TOUGHEST DIVISION EVER. IT WAS THE BEST COMPETITION IN FOOTBALL HISTORY.

    Warren Moon is also the Truth.

  2. Andy Reid is the reason Mahomes is having success, Brady only had success because of Bill Belichick?

  3. Mahomes is the GOAT. Let’s not hesitate to say this just because Brady is still in the league. This is literally the LeBron-Jordan situation all over again. One is a lot more accomplished (Jordan, Brady), but the other is FAR more TALENTED/VERSATILE (Mahomes, LeBron). It’s just the truth. We’ve never seen a more talented QB come through the league in the 100+ year history of the league

  4. Give Rodgers Andy Reid T Hill and Kelce for half of his career and bill bellicheck comon now … he got just davante and won back to back MVP in front of Mahomes Brady Allen or whatever you want.. and got mike Mac Carthy and Lafleur as his head Coach Wow… Rodgers is the Boat and for me is not even Close

  5. Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen have separated from the rest of the league. Joe Burrow is right behind them. Then there’s everyone else.

  6. People tend to forget that Aaron Rodgers was doing all this early in his career with extending plays and making crazy throws and did it for a long period of time. Also another thing, Josh Allen is also an amazing talent. There is so much young talent right now at the QB position. Mahomes has great talent but let’s see if he can do it for a long period of time

  7. It’s going to be hard for Mahomes to become the GOAT with that bad defense. It’s just too much pressure to throw for 300+ yards and 3+ tds every game in the post season. Brady benefited from having great defenses the years he won his superbowls to go along with his GOAT intangibles. At the end of the day it’s a team sport and one man can’t carry you to that many superbowls.

  8. @John Box: When did Andy Reid win his 1st Superbowl??? Was it McNabb, Vick , Alex Smith.. ???

  9. To be honest, Patrick mahomes might be the GOAT, and I’m a Brady fan… But without Andy Reid none of this would be possible…

  10. Brady is the GOAT. Mahomes has a LONG way to go to be in the same conversation…but he is extremely skilled.

  11. Thank goodness Chris is a basketball analyst, can’t take his football takes too seriously, what a prisoner of the moment. It was Aaron Rodgers for those same reasons last month, dude is a Nick wright bandwagon rider.

  12. All time greats always have haters…. Lebron was the best in the league year after year and there was always a skip Bayless or someone putting someone ahead of him or just trying to annoint kawhi and Durant the best… Mahommes will always deal with this because people hate seeing someone succeed and always look for a reason to justify there blasphemy

  13. the problem most ppl have is they purposely mix up greatness and best. Also ppl tend to put their fav ahead of who is actually the best. Pat Aaron Josh Allen and Manning are the most talented qbs I have ever seen. Tom has the best combo of ability and accomplishments but eye test if I had to pick one It gotta be Pat.

  14. I’m a big Chargers fan and I can see Herbert and Mahomes going at it for years but…….



  15. Mahomes is no doubt the best quarterback in the league not just because He was an MVP or just because he has been to several straight Conference championships and won a Superbowl,but simply because he is not finished yet! He is still on it,I’ll give Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers their due in the argument with Rodgers Back to back MVP and Lamar unanimous but Mahomes eclipses them with consistent and overall better play and results on the field,there is simply no argument.

  16. Anytime Mahomes had a good game, Nick comes out, with his chest puffed out, Mahomes proved again he is the greatest QB in this section of the Universe. When he has a bad game, barely a squeak, all you hear is crickets. So forgive me if I decide to take a more nuanced approach to this conversation.

  17. if Mahomes ever get a top 15 defense it will be over for the league even josh allen got a top 3 defense and we destroyed them last year in the playoffs

  18. Mahomes Already Played in BIGGEST Game of His Career in SB vs Brady and Mahomes Absolutely Totally SHT THE BED!!! as Brady Absolutely SHINED BRIGHTLY!!!…This Will be The Game Everyone Remembers and Showed That Mahomes Can NEVER Surpass Brady as GOAT No Matter What Mahomes Accomplishes in Career

  19. YOUNG TOM BRADY won THREE TIMES MORE SUPERBOWLS than Mahomes with the same number of years in the NFL. OLD TOM BRADY won TWICE AS MANY SUPER BOWLS than Mahomes DURING THE ACTUAL YEARS MAHOMES HAS BEEN IN THE NFL, and beat Mahomes every time he played him including to get to the Superbowl and win, and in the actual Superbowl while winning both those SUPERBOWLS. So how can Mahomes be the best we’ve seen when BOTH YOUNG TOM AT MAHOMES AGE IN THE LEAGUE, and OLD TOM throughout Mahomes years in the league, HAVE BOTH BEEN BETTER THAN MAHOMES!? ON TOP OF THAT, BRADY WON TWO MORE SUPERBOWLS BETWEEN THE FIVE SUPERBOWLS BOTH YOUNG AND OLD TOM WON. Don’t follow in Nick Wrights big red shoe prints Broussard and end up the clown he clearly is when it comes to his favorite players, cause while Mahomes is great, he’s just objectively by your own standards of judging every other legendary player in different sports, he’s not been better than Brady throughout his actual years in the league with Brady, in fact he’s lost every time he’s faced him in the post season and won half as many rings, he’s ABSOLUTELY NOT BEEN BETTER THAN YOUNG BRADY WHO WON THREE TIMES MORE SUPERBOWLS AT THE POINT OF HIS CAREER MAHOMES IS IN, and that’s not even including the middle of his career when he put up his best numbers and added two more Superbowls to his resume!

  20. @Rhone Cherrington: pat has andy but brady had bill and a top 5 defense that held teams to 20 or less points on a regular. pat has never had a top 10 defense ever i dont think a top 15 defense

  21. Its amazing Mahomes record when trailing by double digits. He’s the only QB in league history that has a winning record when trailing by double digits. Brady is the next closest with a .379 winning record. I don’t think Mahomes gets nearly enough credit because he’s doing all of this with an average at best defense. Brady had a top 10 defense his whole career

  22. The biggest thing against Mahomes is the classless people he surrounds himself with and I love his play but root against them.

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