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Warriors big forward Green sucker-punched teammate

Draymond sucker-punched Jordan/Clutchpoints

Draymond clocks Jordan. 

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SAN FRANCISCO — Leaked video footage from TMZ shows Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green sucker-punching teammate Jordan Poole in the middle of practice. You can see them having contretemps when Draymond walks up to Jordan and gets in his countenance. After Jordan pushed him away, Draymond knocked him out cold with a vicious right haymaker to the jaw. Coaches and teammates had a chance to intervene but instead chose to watch. Social media reaction was unforgiving. One viewer wrote, “Draymond has always been a bitch.” Another chimed in with, “Draymond should be suspended and take his sh*tty 7 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists with him!” A third observer added, “All these pro athletes or famous stars that do this type of sh*t deserve the same punishment as anyone else. Fired and jail time. You’re no better than anyone else. If this happened in a regular workplace there would be consequences. We need to stop putting these people on pedestals like they’re above the law. Same goes for LeBron when he literally issued a death threat on that cop last year. They have more advantages than you and I would ever dream of. Yet they act like this. This is why the world is a mess.”

Warriors general manager Bob Myers downplayed the attack, saying, “These things happen. Nobody likes it. We don’t condone it, but it happens. Draymond apologized to the team. Jordan was there in the room… As far as any suspension, punishment, fine, we will handle that internally.” Draymond is 32 years old and weighs 230 pounds. Jordan is 23 and weighs a buck-ninety.

Watch the fight.

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  1. Things like this happen when you have a weak leader on the team. As the super star player and leader on the team, Steph Curry should have put Draymond in his place a long time ago, but Curry is to busy trying to get his stats high and making himself look good!!!! WEAK!!!

  2. No coming back from that. Poole’s legs buckled, which means he sent him into concussion protocol. Draymond completes that team, but they need to get rid of him after this. Poole wasn’t ready though, you can push him off of you and expect nothing back. Devasting. Big decision for the team.

  3. Green said that poole talked shit to every body during practice games. Even klay gave a hint that poole should stay humble.

  4. lifetime ban from NBA in my opinion, they should have zero tolerance for that shit, teach him a lesson and let him be an example.

  5. Damn, another lightskin down for the count. Man, why y’all shaming us like this? Y’all need to learn how to bob n weave my dude. All that NBA money and y’all ain’t payin for basic boxing lessons? You pushed him for walking up on you, what’d you think was coming next? ITS DRAYMON GREEN you shoulda been ready is all I’m sayin. Pushin him and not expecting a punch is like walking into an octagon with chuck liddell, you should know what’s coming my guy!

  6. If I was Poole, I would sit out the season & collect my check on the bench until either myself or Draymond is traded. Or Draymond gets some sort of consequence. That was ridiculous….Draymond absolutely wrecked him.

  7. The way he hit him that was built up animosity…. no way we can just be teammates after that sheesh!!

  8. This is the culture in the NBA. The guys don’t graduate College and the are right off the street and have that mentality that’s it’s ok to behave this way. Not just ok it’s expected and if you don’t do something you’re a punk.
    Poole should step up and file criminal charges against him. That’s the only way this
    type of absolute nonsense will eventually stop.

  9. Idk this is an overreaction by the media. Brothers, best friends, and teammates fight all the time. Grudges ain’t supposed to last forever. If my brother pushed me like Poole pushed Draymond, I’d punch him too. But guess what, that don’t mean we’re enemies cause I’ll kill ANYONE for my bro and I’d probably do the same for someone who’s part of my circle

  10. What a fuckin’ prick.

    Hope he loses his career over this.

    The way he got right up in his face, pressing his body into Poole like a prison rapist, so disgusting.

  11. Man, did you see how hard he hit dude?!? Man, ain’t no way we going to be cool after that. I couldn’t even look at him the same way. As a matter of fact, it’s on sight when I see him again. He didn’t have to do that. It was too far. Then he’s supposed to be an emotional leader. I’m having a hard time seeing his value to his team, because his stats are already trash.

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