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Sexy vlogger Olivia Alexa revealed women’s top lies

Popsy shares female secrets/Olivia Alexa

Olivia Alexa reveals 30 lies. 

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows sexy YouTube vlogger Olivia Alexa revealing 30 lies women typically tell men. The first five are: 1) “He’s just a friend. She knows he wants her, but she friends on him and only keeps him around and close to her for her benefit.” 2) “I’m not crazy. Here’s a fact: Only crazy people say this.” 3) “I really like you, but as a friend. It almost always means that she’s trying to reject you politely.” 4) “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine. Literally, almost never true.” And 5) “You’re the best I’ve ever had. She’s trying to stroke your ego to make sure that you stay confident in the bedroom.” Ouch! Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Bitch, there’s more than 30. Now shut the f*ck up and go cook or twerk!” Another chimed in with, “Moral of the story: Don’t believe anything a woman says.” A third observer added, “Sh*t, these are all common sense. Lol. I thought she was about to drop some top secret info😂,” to which another dude replied, “Lies Men Tell Women: ‘You’re pretty with no makeup.’”

Were you blindsided by Olivia’s remarks?

Are women chronic liars?

Watch the controversial 4 minute clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The man I’m dating sent this to me…. then asked me what I think. I told him a lot of what she’s saying is not true for all women. But some of them are…. at the end of the day, some are true, some are not. The scary thing is not knowing. But these days ya REEEAAALLY have to be careful. Everyone is out for self!

  2. only immature women need to lie like this. if she a grown woman doing this dump her fellas

  3. Best video EVER! Concise and filled with truths! Lol… Take notes you long-winded m’fers!!

  4. Or you can just date a confident woman that says what she means and doesn’t play games! That’s still an option, right?

  5. I’m not hungry even though you offer to get them food then when you bring your food home, fool want to try and reach into your plate

  6. You gotta be a simp if you didn’t already know this! Can’t trust these hoes at all!😂😂😂

  7. I want this girl to ruin my credit

    I would make her an authorized user on my credit card

  8. Narcissists are usually more stealthy than this lol she just gave away all of her tricks.

  9. women need to be reprogrammed or something they cause too much problems and drama


  11. As many have heard more than one of these “lies” that women tell. I heard more than one from my wife of 11yrs told me that exact statement after she moved out. I heard, you deserve someone better than me, I have a headache, or I didn’t get your text, etc. And she was right I did find better. She hates it to her core to this day that I found someone way better. Keep perfecting yourself Kings

  12. We Must PROTECT This Woman At All Costs! I’ve Heard At Least, 90% Of Them…Thank You.

  13. The “I’m not looking for a relationship” one is spot on. I talked to this girl basically everyday that worked at my old gym for a few weeks, asked her out and told me she wasn’t looking for a relationship. About 3 weeks later she began posting her new boyfriend all over Instagram.

  14. 31.The child is yours
    32. I love to travel(testing your pockets,she sleeps on a air mattress and want to experience Dubai)
    33. That’s my weed man(a nga exchanging bud for butt)
    34. Where that roach came from(been living foul for years and tried to clean up hours before u arrived)
    35. I’m a foody(she’s a little chubby now,accept her eating habits and weight gain,it all goes downhill from there).

  15. She looking like Gina from Martin. I’d put the big head through the headboard

  16. A bitch can tell me the sky is blue and I will still look up to check.

  17. Other lies.
    1. Old az ig pics
    2. Pretending to be happier and successful when they are broke and unhappy but will spend money and take pics to hide it.
    3. What they look like without makeup/wig
    4. Pretending they want to be strong and independent
    5. I dont do that (they’ll do pretty much anything if you know how to talk right)
    6. Accountability/responsibility when really they know they effed up.

  18. End Times are here!
    Ask for forgiveness for your sins and Spare yourself Eternal Lake of Fire.
    Believe God as your Creator. Yahshua is the way, the truth, and the life! Believe in the KJV Bible. Trust in God’s word so to life a good and blessed life!

  19. Ok I know I’m weird for this, but I can’t take nothing she say serious,because she’s too damn fine..
    She needs to have at least one flaw to minister this kind of information.
    I totally can’t pay attention to her words only the movement of them lips.
    Chileeee please

  20. Lies i’ve heard all women tell me:
    1. I work in a seafood restaurant,that’s why it smells like that
    2.Those are just shaving bumps,why are you leaving?
    3.I always burn aluminum foil,and have a BIC Pen without the ball point in my purse,why did you only dial 3 numbers?
    4.No i didn’t steal your KRAFT individually wrapped cheeee slices, I don’t know why there’s only 5 left!

  21. I’m 35 years old and I’ve heard all these 😂 This exactly why it’s hard for me to become vulnerable or take a woman seriously 😒

  22. 5 lies that black people tell

    1. I don’t steal
    2. I am employed
    3. I have a degree
    4. I’m not violent
    5. we wuz kangz

  23. 😃 5 lies that white people tell.

    1. God loves everybody.
    2. Jesus died for everybody.
    3. Jesus is white.
    4. White people can be saved.
    5. Number 4 is true.

  24. Fat girls try🐷to be smart now talking videos only showing face shots with makeup 💄on 🤣 that 🐷 got 🏈 football shoulders 🐷

  25. This is why you should stay single fellas… why go through these charades? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. This shit is sad America is not the move for Black men get out while y’all can man smh..

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