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Mahomes joins the Kelce brothers on ‘New Heights’

Mahomes joined the Kelce brothers/YouTube

Kelce brothers welcome Mahomes. 

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BLUE SPRINGS — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes joined his partner-in-crime, tight end Travis Kelce, and his older brother — Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce — on a special holiday edition of their “New Heights” podcast to confabulate all things gridiron-related. The 2-hour show — which airs every Wednesday — is named after Cleveland Heights, Ohio where the Kelce brothers grew up. During the chinwag, Mahomes admitted then-Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy helped him get drafted in 2017 by secretly giving him answers to Andy Reid’s aptitude test. Thanks to the podcast, Coach Reid just found out about this. “Matt Nagy was the offensive coordinator then, and he really liked me, so he gave me the plays they were going to go over the night before,” Mahomes recounted.

“Of course, I crushed the meeting. I stayed up all night studying those plays — and the rest is history.”

Nagy is currently Mahomes’ quarterback coach.

Hopefully, he won’t get fired.

Known for his slick no-look passes and come-from-behind heroics, Mahomes said he’ll continue to live on the edge — fundamentals be damned. “If you’re not toeing the line between a possible turnover, then you’re not being aggressive enough,” he explained. “When I’m doing it, in the back of my head I’m thinking, if this sh*t doesn’t work, coach Reid is going to be on my ass.”

Watch New Heights episode 15 featuring #15.

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  1. This episode = straight Gold! 🔥 Felt like I was in the room kicking it with them!

  2. Pat is a cool dude – nice to see someone who has had a lot of success be so humble

  3. Great fucking show. And, I’m scared to death of Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl. I think Jason is in his twilight and I’d love for him to go out with two but not at the expense of my Chiefs.

  4. What a cool fucking conversation between humans that make a million dollars but yet don’t talk or act like dick heads.

  5. I liked the Nagy giving him the answers. You can tell Patrick thinks very highly of him.

  6. I dont think I’ve ever seen a comment section so overwhelmingly positive. This podcast is special

  7. What an amazing episode. I love how open everyone is. It truly seems like it’s just three dudes who play the game, talking about the game. Also, I loved Pat’s love for Alex Smith. I can appreciate his examples of how Alex helped him better himself as an athlete.

  8. Y’all don’t know us Chiefs fans…… Kansas City rose because of Mahomes. As a fan since Elvis Grbac took over Rich Gannon the QB position was TRAAAAAASH. Our only time before A Smith was Joe Montana. I had no idea about Mahomes until he started the Denver game. Ever since that game (and won) I KNEW we were going to the superbowl. The Tyreek And Kareem loses hurt. But if Mahomes go anywhere else I just may have to hang up my flag. We thank you Patrick Mahomes form the bottom of our Chiefs ❤s #chiefskingsom #forever…

    PS. Travis Kelce is the best TE in NFL HISTORY. Yes over TG 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. Mahomes is so funny, brilliant athlete & intelligent human being but His taste in women……


  11. Travis !!!! You can fight for your right to tackle me anytime baby. ❤💀🔥🍷🍷💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋🚑🚑🚑😎

  12. Holy shit Kelce also tucks his sweats into his socks LOL I thought I was the only weirdo

  13. I love LOvE, how hype Travis is about his quarterback!!! That’s what’s up! That’s what makes great teams!!! Love this!

  14. What makes this podcast so great is that it’s real players talking real sports. We want this we want to see human interaction and who they are as people not just players. It’s great and fun and I’d love to see more players and coaches (non pro media) personnel

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