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Used car salesperson was murdered at her dealership

Courtney Owens killed at work/YouTube

Car salesperson killed at work. 

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SNELLVILLE — Law enforcement officials in Snellville, Georgia are investigating after 34-year-old Courtney Owens was shot dead at her job. The femicide transpired December 9th around 2:30 p.m. at Royal Court Motors where Courtney worked as a salesperson. According to police reports, a masked man barged into the used car dealership and opened fire — striking Courtney multiple times before fleeing on foot. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Nobody else was hurt. Police are searching for the suspect. They checked area surveillance footage. But it wasn’t very helpful. Investigators aren’t sure if Courtney was targeted but it sure as hell appears that way. Makes you wonder if she sold him a lemon. “It’s a possibility that the suspect may have been known to the victim and/or the business itself,” said Corp. Ryan Winderweedle with the Gwinnett County Police Department. “Only [thing] witnesses described was a male with a mask and a firearm.”

Social media reaction was melancholic. One reader wrote, “Malcolm X was correct when he said that America’s most unprotected people are soul sisters. RIP Ms. Owens.” Another added,Used car dealerships and used car salespeople are some of the shadiest businesses people around. A lot of them are fronts for major illegal activity and laundered money. No telling what this homicide was about, a disgruntled customer looking for payback, a hit on an employee over some shady deal gone wrong, a spurned lover, too many scenarios to look at. The young lady shouldn’t have lost her life this tragically, sad.” 

If you have any information, please call Gwinnett Police detectives at (770) 513-5300.

Watch the sad report, interviews and funeral service.

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  1. If your bitch suck you up like the Leah Lipps phenotype you will become aware.

  2. i would say to start with her most recent customers, also check for a cell phone ping in that area at that time. gotta start somewhere

  3. And for the zombies that know the weaponized zombie that did this you can only be human if you report the zombie that did this no human in the right brains would go and do something like this only terrorist criminal zombie like brains and thinking would do something like this so at the end of the day what are you if you knew who this individual is who committed this crime or any other crime

  4. This was a senseless act. RIP Pretty Woman. There’s so many unanswered questions.

  5. bad car deals ,people cant except the fact used cars is just that a USED CAR ,<<

  6. Purge of black women has been pushed by certain BMen for a few years now. It’s gaining steam now, thanks to prison reform and loosening of laws for violent crime. So much so, that a BWoman will be unalived for nonsensical reasons, and the perpetrator doesn’t care about doing time.

  7. She was for sure the target and it was obviously a hit out on her but from who is what they need to find out and that means looking into everybody’s business from exes, customers, and co workers.

  8. I feel bad for women. They have noooo protection out here. RIP.
    It might be one of these ninjas out here that got rejected and he aint know how to deal wit it.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner probably took life insurance out on her

  10. I think certain businesses need to rethink how they do business.., in this time we are in. I would not allow customers easy access in these type of places. They could only come inside to a certain area, I would have my workers behind a glass, with an opening just big enough to move paperwork back & forth . A armed security guard on post. Maybe have appts only. Something needs to change. It’s a coincidence, but I actually held my first gun today (a glock), thinking about getting one just for situations like this one! A shame that this happened to this young lady! So many evil cowards on this earth!! RIP

  11. I will never buy a car at a place that had this type of advertising.. so depressing 😞 😪

  12. This sounds like a targeted hit, doesn’t seem like a disgruntled customer.

  13. That’s why I was saying that every business should have a doorbell. Where u can’t just walk in u can look then figure out if u wanna open the door. Also some type of security so sad tired of seeing our blk women murdered

  14. This so sad nowadays you don’t know it this was bold business or a emotional man she dealt with. Condolences to her family. Don’t work for janky companies

  15. @Priscilla: I agree. She must have sold him a lemon 🍋🍋 and he snapped.

  16. Its Personal. So unfair, just before the holiday & new year? How will her family deal with this? Extremely painful. 😞😦

  17. Welcome to the land of the free and home of the braves, where people aren’t free to wear jewelry on the streets due to armed thugs, children can’t play outside without having to worry about stray bullets and citizens can’t escape from the IRS in this world

  18. No lie, I was on Facebook a few weeks ago and saw their dealership page and a video of her showing cars and a lot of dudes asking who she was and where the business was located in the comments . I think that was the day she got killed.

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