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Hospital worker murdered during Detroit ‘carjacking’

Tracie Golden killed in carjacking/YouTube

Hospital worker carjacked. 

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DETROIT — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Law enforcement officials in Detroit are investigating after 53-year-old Tracie Golden was shot dead during a carjacking. The femicide transpired around 10:30 p.m. on December 28th. According to police reports, Tracie had just egressed a ghetto convenience store when a thug walked up on her and opened fire — shooting her in the midsection. Then he jumped in her 2018 Dodge Journey and sped off. Tracie was rushed to the hospital where she died from her injuries. Investigators reviewed surveillance footage but they’ve yet to find the gunman. “I am truly saddened by the senseless murder of Mrs. Golden, she truly represented the best of us,” said Detroit Police Chief James White. “We should all be outraged at the cowardly act that took her from our community.”

Social media reaction was vicious. One reader wrote, “Looks like a hit.” Another chimed in with, “Ladies, stop pumping gas or going to the liquor store past 9 pm.” A third person added, Lord, I’ll never go out again at night.  My fiancé constantly telling me, ‘get gas in the morning. Smh.” Tracie was married with children. Her family is absolutely devastated. “I don’t care about the car. I want my wife back,” her husband John Golden told reporters. “I was told she was shot in the abdomen one time and didn’t make it through.”

John went on to describe Tracie as “My rock. My heart. My everything. Everyone that knows her and me knows how we felt about each other.” Tracie was a respiratory therapist at Sinai Grace Hospital where she spent more than a decade saving the lives of others. “She saved so many lives in the ER and to have hers taken so senselessly is ridiculous,” said Tracie’s sister-in-law Janine.

The suspect wore a gray hoodie and black pants.

The ambush appears to be a hit.

Do you think John is involved?

Should detectives look into Tracie’s life insurance policy?

If you have any information, please contact the Detroit Police Department.

Watch the sad report, surveillance footage and interviews.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Man I just feel for these people that don’t get to live their full life. I wonder if we’re in hell because this world is so dark. It gets worse weekly.

  2. For a Dodge Journey, what’s wrong with people?! So sad R.I.P to this beautiful woman 🙏🏽

  3. This is sad. I was in a department store. I felt uneasy only to realize two men watching me and my every move. They were trying to follow me to my car. I had to keep playing like I was leaving and turning back around to look at something. I waited until a group of ppl started walking up to the door and I hauled to my car. Ladies be careful.

  4. Never stop at a store in the Hood. Just looking at that store I would be like “Nope. I’ll drive to the next one.”

  5. He shot her point blank is what makes it so sad like it could of been a setup and to take her stuff to make it look like a robbery don’t get me wrong I know we are in the last day’s and ppl are doing anything and everything these day’s but he was walking up to her like I was waiting for you these are some scary times we are living in

  6. Something doesn’t sit right with the husband. This looks more like a hit, than a robbery.

  7. Black women out here getting degrees and saving lives but can’t get ZERO respect like wtf

  8. What’s so shocking and scary is how easy it has become taking a innocent life 🤦🏾‍♀️ what’s happening in this world!

  9. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this but I think this was a hit. They just recently got married. She was doing well in her endeavors and he has gained a lot now. No wife, just her resources.

  10. Too many ANIMALS ON 2 LEGS are amongst us! They need to be put to sleep……….permanently

  11. Bum crack head 😡 rip🤲🏾🕊️ hell is on earth just open your eyes a likkle wider

  12. No matter what, I always look into the Husbands. Vice Versa if the Man is Killed. Hiring People now is super easy when you want a Crime done.

  13. God rest her soul damn bastards hurt many people over what some petty money and a car Jesus Christ please help these people so close to home

  14. This ain’t right why why I just don’t get it. You wake up and just kill a lady for a car. Black lives don’t matter to black people and that’s the truth.

  15. If you about something and doing positive things in your life, TAKE YOUR MONEY AND FLEE these violent ass loveless cities. The longer you stay, The higher your chances of being taken out.

  16. Working 10 years at a hospital, probably good 401K and life insurance. “Somebody” put a hit out on her making it look like a carjacking…

  17. This makes no sense. Damn just take the car. So she just gets married and now she is murdered. I feel bad for her daughter. Her husband – eh. Let’s see how he treats her daughter. This is tragic!!

  18. Looked like the man was waiting for her, as if he knew her routine. The man didnt have to kill her to get her car or purse, she didnt even resist. The husband probably put a hit out on her, camouflaged as a carjacking. Many clowns put a tearful sad puppy face show for the cameras.

  19. This happens a lot. They should be rioting and burning down small businesses and Target for this, not because of a few black guys that were on the wrong side of the law doing stupid shit that got killed by police. These scumbag criminals kill way more black people than police and they do it with way more malice.

  20. im more of afraid of my own people than racist white cops… im more comfortable walking down a kkk neighborhood than my own…


  22. Smh. Ignorant, dumb, lazy, heartless, zero accountability! I hate that people that look like me continue to do this dumb ass shit! It’s just not right, and not one fukn person better come at me about mental health or trauma ( in relation to the piece of shit that murdered this woman ). My heart breaks for all affected by this. Prayers going up🙏🏾

  23. The husband sounds so fake. The guy approached her with guns drawn, obviously he was not after her car, he was carrying out a hit. Hubby is gonna get good life insurance and 401K..anything to get that bag 💰 huh

  24. theres a special place in hell for him. more than likely he killed her to get the car to go kill another person. smh

  25. This is suspicious, One usually don’t Rob and carjack and then kill. Why kill her unless you knew her or maybe it was a hit. I hope all involved never again sleep at night.

  26. The reason why I stay strapped. Low life thugs just wanna rob people instead of getting a dam job.

  27. People in general, and not just women, should not go to stores, gas stations or be literally outdoors at night. Go places during the day. Go home and when it’s dark and lock/block EVERYTHING. 👩🏽‍🦱🇺🇸

  28. OMG, This has to stop. I’m so sorry this happened, someone you don’t even know for a senseless robbery. I have a total fear of going anywhere, in daylight or dark. God wrap your arms around this family 🙏🙏

  29. This is why at night or really at anytime but especially at night…I try to keep my eyes open & watch men…guys in face coverings….Hoodies, I try to get far away from them as soon as I see them. jumped right back in my car a few times. run into a restaurant once at night when a guy on a bike was coming towards me.

    Don’t trust Any1 out there & when u see guys coming towards you….. get back in the car or house or walk on the other side of the car.
    It.s so scary…why k I l l her just take the car.🤨
    I.m so sorry this happened… so sad for her family.

  30. To the stupid criminals
    Really? There are cameras everywhere!!
    Please stop killing people and find a decent Job!!

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