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Former deputy killed wife, daughter & her boyfriend

Amanda, Alyssa and Willie shot dead/YouTube

Ex-Deputy murders family. 

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AUSTIN — Quondam Travis County Sheriff’s deputy Stephen Broderick will spend the rest of his miserable existence behind bars after he murdered his estranged wife, 35-year-old Amanda Broderick, her daughter, 17-year-old Alyssa Broderick, and Alyssa’s boyfriend, 18-year-old Willie Simmons. Alyssa is Stephen’s stepdaughter. She took his last name after he adopted her. The triple homicide transpired April 18, 2021 in Austin, Texas as the trio arrived at a drop-off location for a supervised custody visit. Stephen was scheduled to see his 10-year-old son that he and Amanda had together. But, instead, he chose to let his gat explode. The little boy escaped by leaping into the vehicle of a passing motorist. Stephen avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to three counts of capital murder. The 42-year-old killer was sentenced to life in prison.

“We are grateful for our committed prosecutors who worked tirelessly to hold Mr. Broderick accountable and ensured that he will spend the rest of his life in prison and cause no more harm to our community,” said Travis County District Attorney José Garza.

“My heart continues to break for the victims of this senseless act of violence and their families. We hope this outcome brings closure and peace to the victims’ families.”

Amanda, a nurse at Austin Regional Clinic, filed for divorce after she found out Stephen raped Alyssa. Medical professionals at Dell Children’s Hospital conducted a sexual assault forensic exam and found evidence of sexual assault. They also learned Alyssa was raped repeatedly. When asked why she didn’t report it sooner, Alyssa said: “It’s not like I could tell the police. My dad is the police.”

In November 2020, Stephen was indicted on 12 counts of physical and sexual abuse. He spent 3 weeks in jail, posted a $50,000 bond and was ordered to stay away from Alyssa. He was also forced to surrender his gun and wear a GPS tracker. Five months later, the ankle monitor was removed. Next thing you know, 3 people are dead and had Stephen stayed behind bars they’d still be alive.

Moral of the story: Stop bonding out violent offenders.

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. How does a man get accused of such unspeakable things and walk on a 50K bond and an ankle bracelet? I don’t know why this shooting hasn’t hit the National spotlight other than the fact that his case was mishandled so badly that it’s an embarrassment. How heartbreaking.

  2. Just terrible. The court system is corrupt and terrible. Judges need to be charged in this case themselves. How do u not take stuff like this seriously. Even after there deaths you still overlook it. The court system caused those deaths they are responsible and should be held accountable. RIP 🙏🏾❤️ prayers and strength for family and friends. My condolences 💐

  3. These COPs ain’t nothing that’s sad he is going to Rott in hell for real


  5. It’s crazy that he really killed them smh. It’s even sadder that he kills his adopted daughter and she wasn’t even his smh. He killed someone else daughter

  6. It’s absolutely re-fuqkn-dic-u-lous to me that given his background, aaand his charges that not only was he granted bond, but was taken off tether😤😡🤬
    🤔Maybe if Accessory after the fact was a chargeable offense against judicial officials they’d think twice about allowing bond or no GPS on sexual & violent offenders!
    🤷🏾‍♀️Sounds fair to me😏
    IMO Those who are supposed to uphold law should be held to a harsher standard than citizens. It’s clearly not Allegedly, abuse of power(another charge) when They break the law or allow things like this to perpetuate💯

  7. So police officer married Hispanic woman with child only to have her child to molest in the home? I wonder is this a trend. So if you over here illegally with children and an officer want to marry you. Run ladies. Run as fast as you can. Straight in the arms of Jesus in order to be saved from authoritatve demon possessed maniacs.

  8. He probably saw her young daughter as prey from the beginning. He probably got with her to assault her child. That animal deserves the death penalty.

  9. The whole system is corrupted. They intentionally allow monsters to be free, to commit their crime, & later be charged/prosecuted. It’s nothing but a crooked business.

  10. Common bull crap! Protect the abusers but 🚫 the victims! Killed the wife and daughter because his sick perversion got exposed! Killed the boyfriend out of pure jealously. Cause if it was about leaving witnesses then why would he leave his son alive to tell the story? Making his son an orphan and scarring him for life. As an ex police officer and rapist I hope the inmates give him pure hell in jail.

  11. I’ll never understand why we continue to put our protection into someone else’s hands!! Girl get you a gun and a CCP and off his azz if he comes anywhere near you with that protective order. These monsters are completely out of control, they feel that they can just off women and children for sport.

  12. I have a question, if the stepfather rapes his stepdaughter, why is he being allowed to have visitation with his son and why is the rape victim being brought to the drop-off where her rapist will be? As women we need to do better. This country does not respect, protect or value the safety of women and children. The sentences for rape and domestic violence are too low, restraining orders are a joke and the legal system has made it too hard for victims to get justice.

  13. American law system is ran and written by the devil and his judiciary demons like these evil judges who daily lock up people with minor offenses for years and let these bastards like that pathetic piece of crap off with a life sentence, he should face a firing squad immediately, not a freaking life sentence.

  14. does he have a teardrop tattoo under his eye?! no way that’s a former sheriff’s deputy!

  15. The cops shoot all these innocent guys on routine traffic stops but they don’t shoot this guy….ok what a giant mess

  16. He has no business being in law enforcement in the first place…just like people who go out and commit crime with guns have no business of being able to access guns in the first place. Background check doesn’t always work but at least it’s better than nothing.

  17. Why am I now just finding out about this? I went to elementary school with that guy! I’m shocked but not surprised. He had said that he didn’t like girls and actually used to go around the school yard and randomly kick girls. He already had the crazy eyes back then too😩


  19. This is usual in crimes of passion/ vindictiveness. They want to hurt as many as possible, as they believe they’ve been wronged.

  20. I just can’t understand how he could do something so horrible not only to his wife but also to his beautiful little girl and her boyfriend, and in front of his son. We really need to start praying and linking up with other positive, like minded people because what we are seeing is a different type of evil. It’s like the Walking Dead bc these people must be soul-less to commit these types of horrible crimes.

  21. This is so sad… is it that man was given a badge in the 1st place. I can only imagine how many times he abused his powers because people know it’s almost impossible to win a case against law enforcement officers even when you have witnesses and video evidence.

  22. @Chris Pena: This story has nothing to do with race! It about domestic violence GENIUS!

  23. Sounds like she lied and ruined his life and he decided to do something about it. Sounds like they all got what they deserved in this one. No sympathy for any of them

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