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White men are purchasing passports to get wives too

White men gettin’ passports too/YouTube

White men slam American women. 

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LOS ANGELES — Step aside Passport Bros and make room for… Passport Brad? Yessir, a viral video shows some fed-up white men saying they’re purchasing passports and traveling overseas to find wives because American women suck. It’s their assertion Western culture is non compos mentis and, for that reason, they’re gettin’ the hell out of the United States. “I’m in Mexico right now,” said one of the white dudes. “American women and Mexican women are not the same. They’re completely different. Most girls you see in L.A. are like, ‘I’m a queen boss bitch,’ and they’re not that cute. Here, I swear I’m not joking, girls are like eight, nines and tens and they’re not as bougie. They’re not arrogant. They still believe in love. They are so different. They are way easier to be around. Try it out for yourself.” Another white guy said American women are perfidious and can’t be trusted.

“I am 100 percent with the Passport Bros. I don’t care what anybody says. Real grown men are tired of women’s little games,” he ranted. “We’re sick and tired of the games in this country. You’re not gonna find real love in this country. It’s just impossible in today’s culture. You’re not gonna find real love in the western world. Everybody just likes to f*ck around. There are more women in the world than men. But the real women are not here. You will not find a traditional woman. It’s completely messed up that women find the enjoyment of cheating on their husband. They find the enjoyment of making their husbands angry. They have that enjoyment of putting their husbands in jail, trying to get kids out of ’em and stuff like that. Trying to steal everything they have. That’s not a real wife. That’s not a real marriage. They’re getting mad that men like us are leaving. Because we have all the options and you don’t.”

Another video shows a white man checkin’ a black chick for lambasting black dudes for traveling abroad.

“My question is why y’all so heated about this?” he told her.

“According to you women, these dudes are awful. Like, they are complete and total pieces of sh*t. These are guys that you apparently would never give the time of day to and they have decided to leave you alone and you were upset about that? Y’all say you hate these dudes and they have fully committed themselves to never f*ck with you and you’re mad about it. Like, do you understand how backwards that is?” 

Damn, you know times are bad when white men give up.

After all, the U.S. constitution was written by them and for them.

Do you agree with Passport Brad?

Are Western women batsh*t, regardless of ethnicity?

Watch the diatribe.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. It’s a money thing. Going to countries where. Woman are not making 60 and up k a year. Is the reason why those women in other countries are more submissive… they actually need a man for a better lifestyle… I believe even with those woman if they started making 60 100k as well. Some would turn up just like the woman here

  2. Western feminist minded women pushed decent men in general away and nothing we ever did was good enough, they said they don’t need us, so now there seeing the result of actually accomplishing that, what did they expect?? 🤷🏿‍♂️

  3. Is yall really letting white men disrespect Black women???

    Yall some weak ass dudes 🤦🏿‍♂️

  4. I have Lesbian friends and even they complain about these women so you know its bad. 😆

  5. Date who you want. Period. Lol. I get grilled all the time for dating a man who isn’t the same ethnicity as me. And sure enough it for the most part always comes from women. Its either he’s not black, not rich enough, or not tall enough. Then when i ask them why any of that matters and they name a mile long list of an imaginary man that doesn’t exist and why i should want that. And all single and miserable women no less.

  6. The bottom line is black women do not want middle-class men making for 50,000 and $90,000 a year and they don’t want any other women to want us either so basically they just want us to stay where we’re alone childless, and they want us all to die alone……

  7. I hope these men realize most woman from those 3rd world countries are using you for money & other things .

  8. Women are femenine towards men they’re attracted to. Have fun with your overseas prostitutes

  9. Too many of US females souls have been turned. The moral structure of the US is going under. America is nothing but a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s done – the hand full of the 1% of men that are just running through the girl, can keep them.

  10. Let’s peel this onion. What these women are stressing is that when guys in urban areas who make $60-70 K a year,they call “dusty”. Are the pool that they draw step daddies from. This is after they fuck up their life by having bastards often sired by criminals Then ,getting a moderate amount of education and a decent job paying about the same ,sometimes more.. And “settling”for the dusty guys in their 30’s if they are lucky.. In my 25 + years if international travel ,I met several ex-pat brothers. Most were sucessful in the States ,retired early and GTFO. Retired Ballplayers,military,Real estate agents,ect. Now a young man with a lap top and some skills can make like income in Paridise . As a OG in the DR said “Pretty girls and palm trees ,make up for a lot things you miss in the States.”.Now I’m the early retired guy at 51 ( I would still be in 10% of income earners , Out side of the States ,I’m freekin’ rich, or as they say in the Islands” Aye Rico”. And now I see the guy I use to be 20 years ago all over the world. Let me tell yall something it’s a hell of a lot better then ending up the steptfather of a future felon ,or baby momma,in the USA.

  11. A dusty is a dusty, regardless of race. It is unfortunate that this is the current dating seen. I think that in general, Americans are stressed emotionally, physically, and financially. This can place additional stress on relationships and doesn’t allow for a lot of women to have the luxury of focusing on just themselves and a family. Men, do what’s best for you. If the “baddie” here doesn’t want you and the plain girl isn’t sexy enough, hopefully you can find the balance you are looking for in another country. I think both men and women overlook compatible mates all the time. Maybe it’s social media influence. Who knows, but do you and hopefully grow on the process..

  12. These mfs who call themselves passport bro should be trying to buy land, get resources, etc in Africa instead of thinking carnally.

    All other men on planet except black men think about establishing themselves for future generations with their own people.

  13. Here’s the deal black men in this country are tired of dealing with unruly uncaring uncompromising uncontrollable unreasonable unreliable unrealistic entitled building rats who spend all of their energy telling them what they need must and have to do and steadily engage in SIGN language. A Mexican man working in a flower shop will come home and get treated like a king while a black man who has to be the justice league the avengers the black panther or thanos coming correct with the infinity stones will still be made to feel as if he’s not doing enough. This is why brothers are getting passports. For too long black men have been accepting of bad behavior. Now they are like “I’m going to where I’m respected not just as a man but what I’m bringing to the table from the jump”.

  14. All I got to say is, these guys are going on social media letting the left hand know what’s in the right.

  15. 😂 this has been goin on for over 100 years. Seriously men have been sick of women out here. Passport bros is old news. Keep up people

  16. This isn’t a race thing. The only difference is White men just get their passports and go.

  17. Nothing new, we go where we are appreciated. 💪🏽 Do be careful though, cause western culture is making its way overseas. Every time I do go it gets noticeably worse, but still better than the US.

  18. I really thought the whole passport bros thing was just to go overseas have a lil fun and get some ass now this shit has turned into a nightmare 😂😂💯

  19. White men are like “we have to stand together brothers it’s getting outta hand.”

  20. The passport bros didn’t start with black people (maybe the phrase did) but older white men have been traveling to get Asian women for a very long time if we keep it 💯

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