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Landlord shot & killed by tenant during an eviction

Jennie Jensen killed during eviction/YouTube

Landlord killed by tenant.

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RHODE ISLAND — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Residents of Providence, Rhode Island are in mourning after 35-year-old landlord Jennie Jensen was shot dead while attempting to evict one of her tenants. The femicide transpired January 30th around 2 p.m. at her apartment building on Prudence Avenue. According to police reports, convicted felon Rufus Watson was living in his cousin’s unit on the third floor but Jennie wanted him gone because he paid no rent. When Rufus ignored multiple requests, Jennie and two armed men — one of ’em being her brother — went to the apartment to throw his ass out. Rufus was waiting inside with an AR-15 style rifle. When one of the men kicked in the door, Rufus opened fire — striking Jennie. “Everybody just heard three to four gunshots go off and then after that it was just kind of crazy,” a neighbor said.

Jennie was rushed to the hospital where she died from her injuries. Rufus was arrested and charged with murder. He’s also facing gun charges because AR-15s are illegal in Rhode Island. Social media reaction was wild. One reader wrote, “She should’ve got the Sheriff to serve him eviction papers then use the court system to get him out.” Another chimed in with, “Why in the hell did they kick in the door? They ain’t the police.” A third person added, “Where was her copy of the key?🔑”

Rufus, a 36-year-old drug addict, told investigators he acted in self-defense.

Did Jennie overstep her bounds?

Was the shooting justified?

Watch the sad report and interviews.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Sorry but that’s no way to evict no one I thought you have to get the police involved to serve them to move out

  2. Shouldn’t the law evict folks.. not victim blaming, but I would let the authorities do there job.. file the eviction with court, have the constables evict.. so the brothers weren’t killed only the sister

  3. It’s no way in hell I’d ever want to lease out my home n deal with tenants! I’d sell my home if anything


  5. This is a problem with renting.
    Criminals tenants.

  6. Stop approaching ppl in eviction cases & let police do their jobs! No way I’m kicking in a door myself to serve an eviction

  7. Why she didn’t get law Enforcement to evict this fool, and how long had he been living there to her knowledge. She made the wrong decision to evict the person herself. Until the other two people tell their side this fool saying self defense, and he has all rights to hollow self defense. Wow!!! Still how in the hell he figured he could still just live there for free or whatever he assumed. Murder just waiting to happen. That dude looks like he don’t give two flips about going to prison. I’m sure when the landlord knocked to let him know it was her knocking. This drug addict had no where to live and at that particular time he didn’t care what happened. Lord all the unnecessary killings needs to stop. RIP

  8. Wild as hell folks acting like she deserved what she got because she did this and that y’all have no idea how long she probably was trying to get that bum ass negro out her house!!! I’m sure she didn’t one day kick in a door of a person she just got along with sooo much so I’m sure she even told him if I have to kick it down I will! She did not deserve to loose her life cause a grown ass man don’t wanna pay his way the hell wrong with ppl smmfh foh

  9. The landlords only exploit. They rob from your pockets what you’ve earned, taking advantage of the basic necessity of shelter. The landlord is not a person, but a traitor to the people.

  10. Extremely happy when Landlords get what they deserve. Makes me Smile. Come get that Rent check landlords.


  12. Kicking in the door was the wrong move…go thru the courts and get him evicted at that point he was a squatter…sorry this sister lost her life terrible situation but poor choice to kick in the door🙏💯

  13. Anytime you dealing with Tenants especially African American men you need to have the Police Officer there. Especially if there a possibility of that person having a past criminal record. And because he probably didn’t have permission to have a weapon, and was not supposed to be there. Thats why you have to get the police involved. She lost her life being way to Thuggish in her behavior. So many times the person who’s in the right which was her get killed sadly

  14. So sad. This ambitious property owner lost her life to a drug addicted repeat felon. RIP young lady.

  15. Wow, this is heartbreaking, she should’ve let the law enforcement handle him💔

  16. Bullshit this is first-degree murder he had no intentions of leaving her property and his intent was to kill that’s what it sounds like to me 😒this mother lost her life for no reason 😢

  17. This whole situation was crazy, it could’ve been avoided. Kicking in the door to evict with some thugs just may not be the smartest thing to do.

  18. This is so sad! Having someone in your property who needs to go is upsetting, and I totally understand what could make an owner want to handle getting them out on their own because it could be quicker. However, evictions can become extremely violent! It’s frustrating and a long legal process for the owner, but it’s the best way to ensure your safety by allowing the court to handle it. After all the legal steps have been completed, it comes time for the person to be removed from the home by court officers. And it’s better for the owner not to be present when this happens because it can escalate so fast. It is better to let the eviction process take its course and let armed officials remove the tenant.

  19. @The Crime Enthusiast🧐Sweet Cocoa: He Was A Damn SQUATTER ! It wasnt his Apartment ! The Real Tenant was In JAIL when This Happened !

  20. 1. This is a clear case of murder.
    2. This is why I don’t take Section 8 people.

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