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Husband murders his wife because she filed divorce

Charon shot multiple times/Black Girl Unlost

Wife killed for wanting divorce.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BUCKEYE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Hercelyn Mayo was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his wife, 52-year-old Charon Mayo, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired January 17th around 5 a.m. in Buckeye, Arizona. According to police reports, Hercelyn and Charon had contretemps after she sought a divorce. Moments later, Hercelyn shot Charon multiple times while she was in bed. Realizing he screwed up, Hercelyn drove to his brother’s house and asked him to accompany him to the police station because he “had done something bad.” Hercelyn walked into the station 45 minutes later and confessed to killing his wife. He was arrested and charged with murder. Also, because he’s a convicted felon, Hercelyn was charged with illegal possession of a firearm. “When asked about the convictions, he admitted he was aware he was not allowed to own, possess, or use a gun but he did anyways for his safety,” court documents state.

Hercelyn, 54, initially told investigators it was an accident. He said Charon reached for a gun as he was egressing the bedroom, forcing him to shoot her in self-defense. But forensics proved he was a goddamn lie. Hercelyn claimed he shot Charon while standing in the doorway. But the blood on his shirt indicated he was much closer when he pulled the trigger. There were also no shell casings in the hallway and Charon’s “wound appeared to be caused from a close shot.”

Court docs also state “the victim was laying on her side and was under the comforter and sheets of the bed as if she was asleep or preparing to go to sleep” so there’s no way she was reaching for a gun.

Charon, a mother of three, was a Patient Services Supervisor at Sonora Quest Laboratories.

Hercelyn is a bum.

Western women continue to garner sizable income then hook up with inferior simps they can control.

Backfires every time.

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. Another weak mind African Americans men, Not just moving on. Hell not spending the rest of my life in jailhouse because I don’t want you to leave me. It tell you very much about him, And why she wanted to get the Hell away from his crazy ass. He wanted to stay with her, and knew that he wouldn’t be nothing without her. Sad she never felted that he would do something like that. Then try to covering it all up by putting it on her that she was the aggressive person.. Did he ever give a thought about your children feeling in what you have done killing there mom. Weak very weak, Yeah she need to get a Divorced from you. He a person who just lost in his own silly mind


  3. Im so TIRED of these gaslighting narcissistic men that CAN’T LET GO!!!😡😡😡😡

  4. It took 45 minutes to come up with that whack @$$ lie. She wanted a divorce and he didn’t. Another case of a demonic man not being able to take rejection. We can probably guess what he did that made her want to divorce his trashy @$$.

  5. it’s so rewarding to see black women with the “I tried that good boy shit but the dope boys turning me on” MENTALITY dropping like flies.

    Now all we need to do is drop the “abort black boys” crowd and we’ll be on our way to black man promised Land.

  6. I wish women would stop dealing with these monsters frfr yall better get some protection women it’s not just young men it’s all men.

  7. His old ass deserves what’s coming to him. Wisdom doesn’t come with age. Give the woman the divorce and move on. Ladies don’t stay in a house with a man after you decide you want to leave them. She should have gone to her sons home at least.

  8. It seems to be “open season” against women who decide to terminate relationships including marriages, especially in “communities of color!” Violence is never the solution and males need to learn how to accept the end of relationships without responding with senseless violence!! SHAME!imo!😥😢

  9. Ladies👸🏾🗣 PLEASE PLEASE, NEVER tell him your leaving 😰..JUST LEAVE💯💯this life is SHORT, and he will make it SHORTER😭RIP Beautiful I’m so sorry this happened to you😭🙏🏿

  10. Just leave don’t tell the monster you leaving because it’s not SAFE👌🏽

  11. Black women are extremely violent and crazy and wont be there for you to support you in the marriage. Get a white woman who will always be there for you.

  12. They had a fight and she wanted a divorce.
    He thought she was reaching for the gun… but in the end didn’t know what it was, couldn’t even see or tell if it was a gun… and he just killed her like she’s nothing.
    He just couldn’t handle her wanting to leave.
    Another weak one scum. This is a habit of weak monsters who just can’t handle the situation and just kill like it’s nothing.
    Uhu… well she’s now left by his hands and angry stupid mindless 👿 act.
    He says “self-defense” your lying ***.

    May she find her peace 🙏 incl. the family.

  13. Alot of the negreaux men r sick 😷 mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually smh it doesn’t matter young or old!! Sick!! IAM sick of them and sick of these stories but as long as these pandemic of sick males are existing black women will continue to be unalived smh

  14. she had a good job

    he didnt have shit

    western women do everything ass backwards

    choose better

  15. Accident my ass!!! He knows what he was doing. He saw that the best thing that happened to him was slipping away and was still going to succeed in life without him. His ego couldn’t take it. Why can’t these sad excuses of men, take the L and move on. Seriously, you risk your freedom, by taking someone else’s away? He deserves to get life. I feel sorry for her children and my condolences to them and the rest of her family. Rip Charon Mayo.

  16. Whew I can’t even understand or fathom why someone wants a felon. Please be smart ladies

  17. “He Knew NOBODY ELSE wants to look at them BAGS under his funny look’g eyes”

  18. We men have to get over of our egos if she wants to leave. What have we lost? Guarantee the man /men she leaving for will do a better job at revenge than we ever could 💯🚫🧢
    But at the same time, if we’re not treating them with love, then what do we expect? We gotta get over our egos!

  19. Forget the devil, rest in peace beautiful may everything turnout in your favor,I hope he doesn’t rest a day behind those bars

  20. Old ass dusty needs the death penalty. Ugh they get on my nerves.

  21. He’s lying 🤥, he believes she was reaching for her gun. Yeah right. The fact that she wanted a divorce speaks for itself. RIH KWEEN 🙏👑♥️🕊🕊

  22. Ain’t no way I’m telling somebody I want a divorce and then going to sleep next to them! Rip! To this beautiful woman!😢 she was really pretty and really smart!

  23. Wow if you want a divorce you get killed wow!! That’s not love RIP beautiful lady ❤️🙏 I hope you get forever in jail!!!

  24. I’m so glad I’m single and I plan to stay that way, some men just don’t know how to take rejection. This is why she wanted a divorce…

  25. 😩😩 this happened to my sister in law … she told her husband she wanted a divorce…. He shot her three times and left her there …3days later his brother took him to turn himself in stating it was self defense

  26. women outnumber us 2 to 1 and these fools cant move on after a split

  27. Men who are abusers want a life style. They don’t truly want a family


  29. She was wayyyyyy too pretty to be with him in the first place. Ugly niggas have very low self-esteem

  30. She didn’t want him anymore so he killed her that’s the bottom line. If it was an accident he could have called 911 to try to get her help he didn’t because he wanted her to be dead before help would arrive. He’s a stone cold killer and this was definitely premeditated. He deserves the death penalty

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