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Dallas Stars fan assaulted following loud N-Word rant

Stars fan punched for using N-Word/YouTube

White guy spews the N-Word. 

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DALLAS — “You got knocked the f*ck out!” A viral video shows a Dallas Stars fan getting punched in the countenance after calling another ticket-holder the N-word. And, get this: They’re both white. The ass-whuppin’ transpired Wednesday night at American Airlines Center. Cell phone footage shows a mullet-wearing hotspur in a green Jamie Benn jersey cussin’ out a middle-aged man in a black polo shirt. “How ’bout you step down here and I’ll box your ass!” he said. “All right then, stay the f*ck up there. Dumbass n*gga!” Within a split second, the four-eyed geezer thwacked homeboy in the jaw with a vicious right haymaker. Then his Latina girlfriend jumped in, igniting a donnybrook. Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, “If the white guy called a black guy the N-Word he’d be on a heart and lung machine, as he should.”

Another chimed in with, “When your mouth writes a check your ass can’t cash.” A third observer added, “F*cked around and found out. Props to the senior citizen for clockin’ his ass.” The good news is the home team wasn’t distracted by the ruckus. The Stars cruised to a 4-1 victory over Minnesota. As the “little boy” was being detained by spectators, he yelled, “F*ck that! I ain’t done sh*t! He hit me first, right?”

Eyewitnesses said they had contretemps over their seats.

Damn, you know the world is near its cessation when a white guy calls another Caucasian a “n*gga.”

Watch the melee.

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  1. As soon as that N-Word flew out his mouth he got rocked, and during Black History month. Someone find that man so I can buy him a BBQ dinner plate and a cold one, because he wasn’t having none of that nonsense.

  2. The one thing I just don’t understand, if the “N” word is so bad, then why is it used so freely in rap music, and amongst blacks talking with other blacks? One would think if the word is so awful, then it wouldn’t be used in music and others talking where others can hear. Makes no sense!

  3. Having been punched in the face before I’m thankful it was before cell phones. 👊

  4. Good on the old man for checking that punk ass kid. Also, that stupid woman is lucky she didn’t catch more than what she did. She needs to sit her 98 pound ass down and stay out of men’s business.

  5. Well deserved ! Someone pass that man who threw a punch a beer and a shot

  6. Maybe this has nothing to do with a racial slur. Maybe that guy was simply tired of the punk kid cursing like he’s at his buddies house and not in a public setting where there could possibly be kids or women in the area. Some people simply can’t act like humans and they take their show in public and some people ain’t having it. And I would be one of them. The fact the last word out of his mouth was a racial slur could be coincidental to him getting his lip split. He did however physically challenge the guy too. And actually it wasn’t a racial slur because he said it to a white person. My guess would be the kid listens to wayyyy too much rap music and thinks it’s ok to use the word. In any case probably not the first or last time this kid’s getting handled. I would have saved one for his gf too, you come at me like a willing combatant you might take one too, as I firmly believe in equality after all

  7. That boy nearly got his mullet knocked off. Kudo’s to his girlfriend with the assist. This boy is a bitch.

  8. Is this Little Boy related to the Twisted Tea clown who ran his mouth and found out? #twistedtea

  9. ❌So FUNNY to see this tiny, little, hillbilly go off !! Apparently he has no tolerance for alcohol🥴!!
    My left hook would have sent him cartwheeling OVER that first row of chairs #littleboy #bigmouth

  10. you know hes saying that all day long while playing video games.
    i hate people my age….stuck in the suburbs while thinking they live in the “ghetto”
    oh, and you know this 1 of them people who thinks hes cool becuz he has black friends

  11. As a white guy with multiple black friends i can respect the older guy for throwing a punch to a racist guy

  12. Don’t say the N word bottom line. Respect people. Too many keyboard warriors I’m sure mullet boy was one of em

  13. I’d crack him in the mouth, too, just for putting my white ass in that situation. Watch your words!!

  14. @Mckinley Lowman: White men don’t like white women. They want women of color. They hate their own race.

  15. Red necks are so dumb, got whooped by a decent looking man. Every time I see a red neck you know something dumb and uneducated Vocabulary is about to come out of their mouth 😂

  16. My man’s got a fuckin chin on him, that bang would send most people to sleep 😴

  17. That’s exactly what his dumb ass get 😂lol wish it was me because after knocking him on his ass his silly ass girl would of got one too from my girl for putting her hands on me

  18. I really wish he would have knocked him the fuck out. You can’t be rocking a mullet saying that shit, sends the wrong message on all kinds of levels, and makes you look like a white boy playing black. I don’t get it 😂

  19. It’s only a racial slur if it’s being used by someone of any other race, towards someone black, in a negative way. Neither of these two gentlemen are black, I don’t see the issue with the word being used.

  20. I love his response when called him a little boy 😂🤣😂🤣
    ‘Little boy’
    NO! NO! NO! HELL NO!
    😆 too good.

  21. Little boy was almost crying, did you hear his voice breaking holding back the tears 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Hey glad to see whitey standing up for civil rights. White on white violence needs to stop. I’m looking at the man in the mirror!!! I’m asking him to change his ways!!

  23. Dude that threw the first punch should be charged. Words are words but he assaulted dude first

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