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McCoy hammers Bieniemy

Shady McCoy trashes Bieniemy/YouTube

Tyreek Hill defends Eric Bieniemy.

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MIAMI — Here’s some black-on-black infliction fo’ yo’ ass: Former Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill, now star wideout for the Miami Dolphins, eviscerated Fox Sports football analyst LeSean “Shady” McCoy on Tuesday for besmirching Eric Bieniemy’s name on national television. McCoy, a retired running back who played one season for Chiefs, called Bieniemy “worthless” then said Andy Reid deserves 100 percent of the credit for KC’s top-ranked offense. Shortly after Super Bowl LVII, Bieniemy egressed Reid’s nest to join the Washington Commanders as offensive coordinator/assistant head coach. It’s not a lateral move. Definitely a promotion. But McCoy doesn’t think Bieniemy deserves it. “What’s his value? What makes him a good offensive coordinator?” McCoy said. “I’ve been in the rooms where he’s coaching. And, he has nothing to do with the pass game at all, right? When the plays are designed, that’s Andy Reid. When you talk about offensive coordinators, I can tell you what makes Brian Daboll with the Giants a very, very good coordinator. I can tell you with Andy Reid or Doug Pederson.

“But when I [get] asked about Eric Bieniemy, what makes him good? He has no real responsibility. Now you go from the Chiefs where you can hide behind Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid. Now you go to the Washington [Commanders] where you gotta call plays, you gotta run the meetings? You gotta run the installs?”

It should be noted Bieniemy, 53, benched McCoy prior to Super Bowl LIV for fumbling too damn much. The Cheetah was quick to point that out via Twitter. “Shady mad Eb told him tuck that ball 😂,” Hill wrote. Quondam Chiefs halfback Jamaal Charles tweeted, “I have to disagree with you Shady. Bieniemy coached me 4 years. I learned so many things from EB and I still keep in contact with him. [He’s] a great husband and father. He deserves [it].” Former Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu tweeted, “Man you f*cked up with it.”

Coach Reid also chimed in, calling McCoy a has-been well past his prime.

“[LeSean McCoy] wasn’t the youngest pup in the kennel here (in Kansas City),” Reid told reporters.

“He was on the back side [of his career] — and sometimes that’s hard to take.”

Ouch! Tell him Big Red.

To add kerosene to McCoy’s inferno, the aforementioned Daboll and Pederson are white.

Bieniemy is black.

Now fans are calling McCoy a sellout.

During a recent episode of “First Things First,” Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright said the reason Bieniemy and other blacks aren’t garnering head coaching jobs is because NFL owners think African Americans are too stupid to handle the position. Wright, by the way, is a diehard Chiefs fan. Bieniemy has interviewed for head coaching jobs 17 times with 16 different teams and received zero offers despite being the coordinator of the NFL’s No. 1 offense. Conversely, less qualified white candidates continue to get hired.

Bieniemy also has two Super Bowl rings unlike Pederson and Matt Nagy who landed head coaching gigs shortly after serving as Reid’s offensive coordinator. Hell, Big Red didn’t win a Super Bowl until Bieniemy joined his staff. “I don’t think it’s intentional racism,” Wright said. “I think it is ingrained, subconscious thoughts of, ‘Gosh, that’s a lot of game planning, a lot of hard analytics stuff. Something tells me [Bieniemy] can’t do it’ and he gets passed over again and again and it sucks.”

Wright makes a good point.

Just another reason why African Americans should start a new league.

Clueless black athletes comprise roughly 80 percent of NFL and NBA rosters yet lack majority proprietorship.

That’s stupid and inexcusable — especially in 2023.

Whites, Hispanics, Asians and Indians own practically everything they have — even if it’s a hole in the wall.

It’s time for Blacks to join the entrepreneurial club or shut up and stop complaining.

NFL owners have the right to hire and fire as they please.

Anyway, do you think Bieniemy is qualified to run an NFL offense?

Has racism held him back?

Watch Bieniemy’s introductory press conference.

Then watch McCoy and Wright give their two cents.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. What is interesting is that although other players made comments about EB regarding their personal relationship with him NONE said anything contradictory to Shady saying EB didn’t call plays, install game planning, talk in offensive meetings etc. Cheetah only said shady mad about benching. What’s not being talked about is no one said EB had anything to do with offense other then coaching RB’s🤔

  2. Self hate…. he will say negative things about Black players and coaches he would never say about white coaches and players

  3. Black on black crime ,only us!! But his name is shady!! Wow where did all these big mouth bitter emotionally charged black men come from. We in betaman land. Its sad too see!!

  4. So let me get this straight. A decent running back at best, who was on his way out of the league was saved by KC. Then said running back fumbles a lot and falls out of the rotation completely including the Super Bowl and “retires” only to criticize his former OC who had nothing to do with his benching but actually tried to help him. EB is old school like me and he actually played in the NFL. He don’t take no junk and McCoy has never been a prized possession if you know what I mean, even with the Eagles.

  5. It’s amazing that everyone just dismisses everything McCoy says about Bieniemy. Maybe he’s actually telling the truth.

  6. shady is just bitter that’s all he blames bieniemy for too much I like eb and I hope he gets a hc job very soon hopefully next year I don’t like the commanders but with eb on the staff I’m rooting for them to do well this year.

  7. This man is a scumbag and he’s why I don’t watch these sports shows. This was ULTRA PERSONAL and UNPROFESSIONAL to the MAX. SHAMEFUL behavior 😒

  8. And Doug Peterson ran the show under Reid in Philly?

    And Matt Nagy was the play caller in KC? Give me a break..

  9. Shady won 2 rings without playing any meaningful minutes for both teams.. Shady was on the Injured/IR lists those last two years… He played well for the Eagles but jumped ship to win his 2 super bowl rings with those other 2 NFL teams.. This guy has no merit to speak to what it takes to coach/ run/win/play for championship teams..But if ur injured and want advice about being on the injured list without actually having to play for those 2 rings.. Shady is ur man.

  10. Matt Nagy got a Head Coaching Job & Destroyed the Bears…..
    Dude got sour grapes.

  11. F McCoy, 🦀 in BUCKET mentality MF, EB benched his Sorry ARSE.just plain HATING!!!!

  12. This was never the problem with Zac Taylor,Matt Nagy, Doug Pedersen, and other coaches that never call the plays on their teams. We know what the problem is. These owners don’t relate to black coaches. I hope he succeed in Washington.

  13. Shady, is just being a diva. All Chiefs fans know he had issues with EB because he wasn’t getting carries over D Williams, and you know what?…. Thank goodness he didn’t because Williams was amazing in that SB.

  14. Louis Redick spoke straight facts and he just explained why Eric Bieniemy is not a head coach in the NFL because Eric Bieniemy doesn’t just give you anything you have to earn playing time and everything else and he is an old school type of coach. Also other players and coaches are calling McCoy out for what he said about Eric Bieniemy and lied about Eric Bieniemy as well. Also Doug Peterson and Matt Nagy worked under Andy Reid and got head Coaching jobs without being primary play callers and McCoy never said anything about them at all and I know he worked with Doug Peterson so he should know that Doug Peterson was not calling plays like that either. McCoy is biased and upset because Eric Bieniemy and the Kansas City Chiefs did not play him that much and they told him that he was not good enough anymore and he was not at the level of RB that he was on other teams he has been on.

  15. Shady McCoy is thirsty and is shamefully begging to be seen..

    Waiving his hands hollering… Hey… Please notice me… 🤣

  16. Please Shady explain what Joe Judge did as a special teams coordinator to deserve a HC job. Bienemy might fail but he deserves a shot.

  17. Hate that they announce shady on the shows as a Super Bowl winner dude didn’t play 😂

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