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Clay Travis claims racism doesn’t exist in NFL at all

Deshaun Watson screwed up/Clutchpoints

Clay says NFL aint racist.

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NASHVILLE — Outkick’s Clay Travis ruffled some liberal feathers on Tuesday when he said the NFL is not racist even though the league suffers from a paucity of black owners, black executives, black head coaches and black quarterbacks. Damn, sounds Jim Crow to me. Clay spewed the remarks after sports analyst Warren Sharp disseminated the following tweet: “Never before has an NFL player’s cap hit exceeded $39M. That all changes this year. Deshaun Watson’s $54,993,000 cap hit in 2023 will be the largest for any player in NFL history. Watson will hit the Browns’ cap for the same $54,993,000 every single season thru 2026.” Deshaun received a 5-year deal worth $230 million guaranteed despite being sued for sexual misconduct by 30 different masseuses. A few of ’em claimed Deshaun coerced oral sex in lieu of full-body massages. He settled the cases out of court.

“You hear all the time how crazy and racist and awful the NFL is particularly as it pertains to black quarterbacks,” Clay said on his podcast. “This is one of the biggest lies that exists in all of sports. There is no racism, in my opinion, against black quarterbacks. It doesn’t exist. If it did exist, then your team by not being racist would actually have a huge competitive advantage over everyone else. The best way to analyze this, in my opinion, is by salaries and Deshaun Watson is a crazy story. Accused of sexual assault by 30 different women, the vast majority of whom were minorities, sits out a year because he demands that he be traded from the Houston Texans, and then gets the biggest guaranteed contract from the Cleveland Browns in the history of football.”


Who the hell is he calling minor?

Do you agree with Clay?

Does Deshaun’s contact prove the NFL ain’t racist?

Watch the podcast.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Every white person say there not racist just like every person in jail says there innocent 😅😂😅😂🔥🔥🔥

  2. He’s making damn near a quarter billion, take it all. Get justice on this predator pos.

  3. According to the Left if it is not racist it is sexist, the Left are a bunch of weak victims.

  4. NFL reinstated a black man that was in prison for 2 years. After prison, he had multiple teams fighting for his service. He got signed to a multi million dollar contract with one of those NFL teams. Now if that’s racist, I want some of that racism.

  5. NFL is racist – towards whites. What % of the population is black? 13-15%. What % of NFL players are black? 70% as of 2020. Yep, the NFL is racist – we need quotas for white players. Need to have a minimum percentage for each team of 50% and that still wouldn’t really be fair.

  6. The NFL is racist. If they weren’t, they would have let Jalen Hurts get a chance to drive down the field in the SB instead of calling a holding to give the half white QB another title.

  7. The Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns gave their quarterbacks THREE QUARTERS OF A BILLION DOLLARS combined!!!! All three QBs happen to be black….oh those racist NFL bastards!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  8. Not one black owner at all in the White/jew run worldwide professional sports! For real not racist? Lol 😂

  9. @new_creation: There is nothing stopping a rich black man buying an NFL team, they simply don’t want to. And seeing as though they are 6% of the population compared to the 31% white men, its like finding a needle in a hay stack. There is 32 NFL teams, there is a lot of us white guys who don’t own a professional sports team.

  10. @Anthony R: Having money is not enough. The white owners have to vote you in before you can become owner. Several black people have tried to buy teams in the past but the racist white owners won’t vote ’em in.

  11. The NFL is a business. Teams want to win. They will hire ANYONE that can do that. Race has zero to do with it.

  12. This is why it’s hard for black people to progress .. the woke hive mind virus is real.. think for yourself, be objective, and stop making every thing about race… I’m black and If a white man got the best skill set, I’ll chose him 100% of the time before I select a black man

  13. I know most people look at DeShaun Watson and classify as a criminal, but maybe Watson can have a redemption arc.

  14. The NFL did put on a “black” national anthem at the Super Bowl. That’s racist, really. It comes from the left, of course. So, they are racist. The push to hire black NFL coaches is racist, as well.

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