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McCoy hammers Bieniemy

Shady McCoy trashes Bieniemy/YouTube

Tyreek Hill defends Eric Bieniemy.

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MIAMI — Here’s some black-on-black infliction fo’ yo’ ass: Former Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill, now star wideout for the Miami Dolphins, eviscerated Fox Sports football analyst LeSean “Shady” McCoy on Tuesday for besmirching Eric Bieniemy’s name on national television. McCoy, a retired running back who played one season for Chiefs, called Bieniemy “worthless” then said Andy Reid deserves 100 percent of the credit for KC’s top-ranked offense. Shortly after Super Bowl LVII, Bieniemy egressed Reid’s nest to join the Washington Commanders as offensive coordinator/assistant head coach. It’s not a lateral move. Definitely a promotion. But McCoy doesn’t think Bieniemy deserves it. “What’s his value? What makes him a good offensive coordinator?” McCoy said. “I’ve been in the rooms where he’s coaching. And, he has nothing to do with the pass game at all, right? When the plays are designed, that’s Andy Reid. When you talk about offensive coordinators, I can tell you what makes Brian Daboll with the Giants a very, very good coordinator. I can tell you with Andy Reid or Doug Pederson.

“But when I [get] asked about Eric Bieniemy, what makes him good? He has no real responsibility. Now you go from the Chiefs where you can hide behind Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid. Now you go to the Washington [Commanders] where you gotta call plays, you gotta run the meetings? You gotta run the installs?”

It should be noted Bieniemy, 53, benched McCoy prior to Super Bowl LIV for fumbling too damn much. The Cheetah was quick to point that out via Twitter. “Shady mad Eb told him tuck that ball 😂,” Hill wrote. Quondam Chiefs halfback Jamaal Charles tweeted, “I have to disagree with you Shady. Bieniemy coached me 4 years. I learned so many things from EB and I still keep in contact with him. [He’s] a great husband and father. He deserves [it].” Former Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu tweeted, “Man you f*cked up with it.”

Coach Reid also chimed in, calling McCoy a has-been well past his prime.

“[LeSean McCoy] wasn’t the youngest pup in the kennel here (in Kansas City),” Reid told reporters.

“He was on the back side [of his career] — and sometimes that’s hard to take.”

Ouch! Tell him Big Red.

To add kerosene to McCoy’s inferno, the aforementioned Daboll and Pederson are white.

Bieniemy is black.

Now fans are calling McCoy a sellout.

During a recent episode of “First Things First,” Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright said the reason Bieniemy and other blacks aren’t garnering head coaching jobs is because NFL owners think African Americans are too stupid to handle the position. Wright, by the way, is a diehard Chiefs fan. Bieniemy has interviewed for head coaching jobs 17 times with 16 different teams and received zero offers despite being the coordinator of the NFL’s No. 1 offense. Conversely, less qualified white candidates continue to get hired.

Bieniemy also has two Super Bowl rings unlike Pederson and Matt Nagy who landed head coaching gigs shortly after serving as Reid’s offensive coordinator. Hell, Big Red didn’t win a Super Bowl until Bieniemy joined his staff. “I don’t think it’s intentional racism,” Wright said. “I think it is ingrained, subconscious thoughts of, ‘Gosh, that’s a lot of game planning, a lot of hard analytics stuff. Something tells me [Bieniemy] can’t do it’ and he gets passed over again and again and it sucks.”

Wright makes a good point.

Just another reason why African Americans should start a new league.

Clueless black athletes comprise roughly 80 percent of NFL and NBA rosters yet lack majority proprietorship.

That’s stupid and inexcusable — especially in 2023.

Whites, Hispanics, Asians and Indians own practically everything they have — even if it’s a hole in the wall.

It’s time for Blacks to join the entrepreneurial club or shut up and stop complaining.

NFL owners have the right to hire and fire as they please.

Anyway, do you think Bieniemy is qualified to run an NFL offense?

Has racism held him back?

Watch Bieniemy’s introductory press conference.

Then watch McCoy and Wright give their two cents.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. If you think McCoy is racist for this then you’re clearly a black racist POS

  2. Shady definitely has something personal against him this is not his first negative comment on EB, when shady was in kc he had trouble holding on to the ball

  3. Shady why does all these other white guys get jobs if Andy calls the plays?

  4. Can u imagine the shit storm there would be if white people were upset by and calling out a white ex-player for not being blindly loyal to a coach only because he’s white. They love to claim that this country is packed with white supremacists when in fact it is the complete opposite.

  5. If I were Eric I would ride the Mahomes magic carpet ride until the end. Then get a head coach job. Show up to your new team with 5-6 rings!

  6. LeSean McCoy is a knucklehead I wouldn’t pay much attention to what comes out of his mouth! This is the same guy that left a waitress a .20 cent tip in Philly

  7. ANDY RIED CALLED THE PLAYS this schmuck Bieniemy just relayed the call lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Also he is the Associate head coach/OC with the Commanders. Big promotion. Looks like Big Red made a phone call to Ron Rivera.

  9. Andy ain’t get a ring before pat and eb and he lost all of them until he got them 2 period.

  10. i think him going to the commanders is a great move because now he gets the chance to call his own place he has a chance to actually coordinate his own offense he gets out of andy reids shadow. As far as nfl owners being racist give me a break there are 9 gms in the nfl who are black and the last i heard gm was a higher position then head coach.

  11. Well, like McCoy said, Reid calls the plays. I also seem to remember at last year’s AFC Championship game, where the Chiefs lost to the Bengals, the camera caught Mahomes arguing with Bieniemy. Sounds to me that Bieniemy yells and screams at the players like McCoy said also. Perhaps teams realize that it is EB’s PERSONALITY and inability to relate to players that prevents him from being a head coach and NOT his race.

  12. I find it odd that people keep asking why EB would leave Mahomes when EB really had little choice in the matter… he was no longer under contract and KC likely wasnt giving him another of the 1 year contracts he was constantly working under. If KC wanted him to stick around, he wouldnt have been under 1 year contracts each and every year. KC has been pushing him for another job the entire time because he wasnt part of the plans for the future.

  13. Eric rode Andy and pats coattails, he’s gonna fall flat on his face in Washington and the race baiting witey haters gonna say the grown man ERIC who accepted the job didn’t get a fair chance, and deserves another multimillion contract someone because he black

  14. It just makes me laugh when idiots call the NFL racist-the league is 70-80% black!!!LOL!!!! Just because there 2 positions dominated by white dudes (out of like 50 positions -Coaching included). Yes, they happen to be the 2 most important positions (head coach & QB)but if black dudes could do them as good or better, they would 200% have the jobs. All owners care about is winning, period. That’s why Eric hasn’t been hired (took so long), he will suck at it. He has been under Andys wings forever and we all know Andy calls the plays. I wish him luck though

  15. EB does a lot of the heavy lifting for Andy. Andy gave EB “the book” years ago, signifying his readiness to be head coach.

    I wish the best for EB. There’s a little smoke on his back trail, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was angling for the kind of power Andy has, and maybe owners and GMs don’t want to give him that much control (I think Andy sets the priorities to a large extent and has total veto power over every move.) or meet his conditions. It’s just hard to say.

    He wasn’t getting anywhere living in Andy’s shadow. He might’ve just needed to get out of his rut. Standing about 5 1/2 feet tall, he might not fit the mold teams are looking for. Who knows? I’m not a big “systemic racism” guy. I think if you want to see more black coaches, you need more black owners. There are a LOT of multimillionaires in and around the game. It wouldn’t be too tough to put together a consortium and buy a team. I don’t think owners are racist, but I do think they tend to hire people who look more like themselves. White owners know more white people. Black owners would have family and friendship ties with more black people.

    It kind of reminds me of the wage gap between men and women. The men dominate the top spots because they’re the only ones stupid enough to give their entire lives to a job. Those head coach types are rare among men of all races, but white men are generally crazier, and it takes a certain craziness to do that, just like you have to be crazy to be a high-pressure CEO. Not many people want that little extra money, if it means giving the company or theteam 60 or 80 hours a week, year-round. Those guys aren’t necessarily to be envied.

    I know if I were EB, I’d be happy as a clam being OC for the Chiefs. You’d have to make a darn good offer, and meet some pretty stringent terms, to pry me loose from KC, in his position. “All I have to worry about is offense, and Andy does so much offense that I can get way down into the details, the way I like.” I’m that way in my job. I don’t want to be the boss. I want to do what I’m good at and have somebody else worry about meetings and paperwork.

  16. Shady McCoy is the same clown that got bench in KCMO because he couldn’t hold on to the ball and got carried to back to back Super Bowl wins. To hell wit Shady McCoy.

  17. None of Andy Reid asst. Coaches called the plays and they’ve gotten head coaching jobs.

  18. I’m a bengals fan. How did Taylor get a job as a head coach… what is his credentials to become a head coach? He was blessed with bad seasons that landed him Burrow and Chase

  19. Lesean may be a future Hall Of Famer but he’s definitely shooting himself in the foot here. First of all, he got cut by the Bills after having his worst season since his rookie year. Then he signed a 1 year deal with the Chiefs and got benched for fumbling. Sure, he was a member of 2 Super Bowl winning teams but he played no role whatsoever in either of those Super Bowl runs. He got carried by 2 of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Shady McCoy is looking more like Salty McCoy these days.

  20. Jamal Charles, Tyreek, Honey Badger, Rob Parker, Charcandrick West, Khalil Mackenzie and Josh Gordon have all come out. Most said Shady is salty because EB told him high and tight carrying the ball. Reid said EB holds all players accountable shady was benched for fumbles and didn’t play for KC in the Super Bowl for his ring.

  21. Typically offensive coordinators under Andy Reid do not run the offense or call plays. They just learn and set the table. Doug Pederson Matt Nagy none of the past OCs did any of the playcalling. Being an OC for Reid is a opportunity to learn offensive theory starting with the west coast offense and learning how to incorporate the newest hype or spread concepts into the same offense. Andy Reid teaches his coordinators a variety of ways to pick apart each defense presented. Its like studying for a doctrinate, you don’t really have a job. Its the best route to getting a head coaching job in the NFL. He sends you away with a packet full of plays and the basic concepts on how to develop your own.

  22. I’m organizing a nonstop vigil until Eric Bieniemy is hired as an NFL head coach… Just joking, just joking.

  23. The only idiots bashing mccoy are woke idiots who refuse to accept reality and blame everything they dont agree with as white supremacy

  24. All those offensive coordinators that made Tom Brady great shit the bed when given head coaching jobs.

  25. McCoy, is full of crap. He is pissed because was cut before the Superbowl.

  26. When your nickname is Shady, what do you expect. He’s going to hit you in the back of the head with a soup can.

  27. These NFL/NBA players keep forgetting that while they can have an opinion, it must be the right opinion.

  28. He’s probably the biggest clown on TV. I turned it off whenever he’s on anything. How in the hell did he get a job.

  29. LeSean McCoy is trying out for the Charles Barkley, Stephen A Smith Bootlicking Sambo Crew !

  30. Andy Reid has mentored him very well, I am glad he is finally getting his time. We have to be better at giving people OPPORTUNITY, ALL PEOPLE, ALL RACES!! I like how Deion Sanders is also pushing for diverse kickers, punters and snappers. Why don’t other races get these positions!!

  31. I’m not a commanders fan but when I hear EB talk I’m even more upset he does not have a HC job! You can’t tell me he doesn’t interview well after this press conference! We’ve had dudes come in talking about biting off knee caps 😂 this dude can navigate the press he understands the importance of reaching people where they are and motivating them Washington is in good hands!

  32. So Hill was unhappy with how he was used in KC but has no problem with EB. That lends credence to the claim that EB didn’t have much to do with the pass game.

  33. I have no idea why Coach Bieniemy is not a Head Coach in the NFL. Obviously, he is very well spoken and his record speaks for itself. I can only speculate that these billionaire caucasian owners are being racist considering the coaching hires in Phoenix and Indianapolis. Hopefully, this new opportunity will assist him obtaining the well deserved position of Head Coach.

  34. Shady just mad that Reid and EB benched his dumbass for his fumbling issues 💀

  35. Yeah, I knew it was personal as soon as they revealed he was inactive in the Super Bowl. Why would he like Biennemy if he didn’t even let him play a snap in the most important game of the season

  36. I’m a ride til die CHEFS fan!!!! I appreciate EB so much. I have become a Commanders fan, because of EB. Go Commanders !!!

  37. LeSean McCoy is a joke and needs to shut up. Explain why the Eagles folded. He’s a disgrace. Good luck – Eric Bienemy.

  38. No way he’d be a good NFL coach. He’s seems like he’s no nonsense, direct, believes in accountability, and not an asskisser.

    People like EB make others uncomfortable.

  39. Shady is a buck dancing fool.I still remember the shit he use to talk about Kap taking a knee and then Trump calls them sons of btchs and the next week he’s kneeling and sitting down for the anthem smh.Don’t forget ppl

  40. Let’s assume there is a lot of credibility to what Shady said. Well, a lot can change in 4 years. McCoy hasn’t been in that locker room or the KC team facilities in a very long time. How do we know EB hasn’t improved drastically at being an OC? How do we know that he didn’t get more involved in the passing game? How do we know that his role wasn’t expanded?? We have no idea. We’re about to find out. Washington has weapons. Terry Mclaurin is a stud. Curtis Samuel is very good. Jahan Dotson has superstar written all over him, if you’ve watched him play and run routes. Brian Robinson and Antonio Gibson are a very good rb duo. Just have to shore up the oline and hope that Sam Howell is the good next up and coming qb. Or sign/draft/trade for another qb. We’ll see what EB is made of, soon enough. I liked what he said at the press conference.

  41. I don’t think Shady liked being coached hard. There’s a reason he fell off so early on his career. 🤷🏻‍♂

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