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Tyrese’s ex-wife reveals 6 indications of narcissism

Samantha reveals 6 signs/YouTube

Samantha breaks it down. 

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows Tyrese Gibson’s sexy ex-wife, Samantha Lee, revealing 6 signs to spot a covert narcissist. Not sure why they broke up, but Tyrese should’ve kept Sam. I’d f*ck the sh*t outta her. Anyway, I digress. Back to the topic of convo. Scuttlebutt has it, men are the most egocentric. But Samantha believes women are equally self-centered, if not more. “It’s not only men that have narcissistic tendencies,” she said. “I’ve heard men deal with narcissism just as much as I’ve heard women. There are male and female narcissists.” Samantha also talked about how a man used “love bombing” to beguile her friend into copulation and cohabitation only to flip the script once they moved in together. “He is bringing every single thing that she’s ever prayed for… and he’s saying ‘you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,'” Samantha recalled. “How do you not fall in love with somebody that’s saying all these things and being so intentional? I mean, he didn’t want a day to go by without seeing her 3, 4, 5 times a week. This man was saying ‘I love you’ to her within the first month.”

“Within 3 months, other things started happening,” Samantha continued. “He wasn’t being faithful. He thought talking to other women was okay… He was insulting her, using her past against her. It was like a lot of the things she thought he was, he was not.”

Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, Covert female narcissists are the most charming people. They’re usually social butterflies, they lead with sex early, they never apologize, they lie often, and it’s always the other person’s fault.” Another person added, “Narcissism is demonic prostitution and love bombing is witchcraft. You can find this in the bible, the story of Samson and Delilah.”

Are you a narcissist?

Have you ever been love bombed?

Watch Samantha keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Samantha is addictive for some reason. Always Wanna hear her talk.😀

  2. The moral of the story is, Scorpio’s and Capricorns drive each other crazy in a relationship. The sex is great and they have a few moments, but Capricorns are crazy people. Lol We see strait through them and that BS they be on.. They can seem as cruel to family members and other people. My ex I had to see her for who she really is.

  3. They say 1 narcissist can bring down an entire church. It mentally wears you out.

  4. I need help. I’m guilty of love bombing. I don’t think I’m a full out narcissist but after watching this I need to seek professional help to deal with the negative things about me that I do see. Also I now know that I have met a full out narcissist and was in a relationship with her and she broke me in so many ways. I need counseling for that as well.

  5. I was talking to a guy via FaceTime and on the 3rd day of talking to him I felt something so special and the words “I love you” pop out of my mouth without me even thinking or being aware that this was going to come out out of me. I was surprised myself! I have never told any guy that before, let alone a guy I meet online and that I didn’t even knew in person. Ladies, don’t just cross a guy because everyone says that telling someone “I love you” if a BIG red flag and that you should run. Give it more thought and time will tell. He might end up being the love of your life.

  6. She speaking Truth!
    Some of these female’s are really covert Narcissist. They call people around them toxic.

  7. The question is why dating has become so complicated especially if you’re both looking for the same thing???
    Honesty sincerity faithfulness respect it should be something that both love to do without expecting anything back without any the strings attached.

  8. I was acting like a narcissist in certain situations because all my life I grew up with narcissists. We do these things because we always want to have that upper hand because we think it will stop things from hurting you but it hurts you more because it’s like a street fight between damaged people. We use the bad mind weapons we grew up learning against others and Jesus help the people that don’t know the mind games people use like the courtesy of any person should be treated. I learned from my narcissistic mind games and from the last person that really left me at one of my lowest times. I think unless you haven’t grown up I’m that type of household or since you were young it’s more of a getting older and learning from it!

  9. I know the term is called “Love Bombing”, but that what she’s describing is anything but love. An accurate description is ” Stealth Hate Bombing”. Love is sacrificial and kind, keeps no record of wrong, hopes in all thing…1 Corinthians 13.

  10. Until a week ago, never had heard of love bombing. And, yet, a female tried it on me. I mean verbatim and text book tactics. So, yes, this definitely resonates with me.

  11. Narcissism is 50/50 female and male. Also Borderline is 50/50 female and male. Borderline in men often manifests as covert Borderline.

    Love bombing is not so much about the love bombed. Narcissists don’t experience love and they can’t attach. They bring themselves into a situation which they could call “love”. “I do these things, so I must be in love” they think.

    Your gut feeling will scream at you, if something’s off.

    1. If it feels wrong – it is wrong.

    2. S/he is trying too hard? Involves too much conspicuous and ostentatious effort? It is fake.

    3. Too good to be true? It is not true.

    4. Verify everything: 90% of the time, people lie and 90% of the time we believe every word they say (90:90 rule or base rate fallacy).

    Lovebombing leads to dissociation, you literally lose your memory.
    The verbal abuse is entrainment. The narcissist trains your subconscious and takes over your super ego literally. Keywords can bring you into a desired state of mind. (hint: Stockholm Syndrom)
    The last phase is enmeshment: he/she breaks you and you become a zombie, an extension of the narcissist. You swap places with it. The narcissist needs you to become his/her mother, so he can separate and individuate, but it never works.
    When the narcissist has devalued and discarded you, you must redefine yourself. The narcissist is still in your mind. Silence the serpent, super impose your true memories on your inner voice until it’s gone. Take a break from relationships for 12 months to heal.

    (I watch too much Prof. Sam Vaknin)

  12. My ex was narcissist and only found out about if after the ugly breakup…

    She checked off all the boxes. The love bombing… the in and out of relationships/situationhips quickly… the victimization of herself… the extremely fragile ego… her love for external validation… 24/7 phone checking… the blatant manipulation… the love bombing… boundaries being pushed…

    I hate looking back at it and knowing I allowed all the bullshit and didn’t check it… I even acknowledged the red flags in my head and just ignored them. That’s the worst part about having had a relationship with a narcissist is knowing that you allowed all that bullshit cuz you were too engulfed in their snare trap. It’s a legit spell… but now I know all the signs and will never all that bullshit again


  14. We must seek first the kingdom of God and our answers to the relationships, finances family, and everything else,will be made clear.

  15. I believe you can fall in love with someone in days or weeks because things like love lust and infatuation are all feelings and just like you can feel lust in seconds or infatuation with in mins or hours after meeting someone I’m sure you can fall in love with someone within days or a week. Remember the old phrase “Love at first sight”? it was and is still a thing. The caveat is how the other person feels towards you at that moment in time. They may try to convince you that it’s just lust or infatuation.

  16. A confident person is one thing but a wise person knows the limitations of their own ignorance. They are also realistic and the product if really good sells itself.

  17. I’ve got love bombed 5 years ago for the first time in my life and unfortunately I was already in a ruff place at the time. I really thought I had something special and was so happy we met. She really broke my heart. While dealing with her I decided to research certain behaviors and that’s when I found out that I was dealing with a woman with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and probably a few other things. She fit the description 100%. She really broke my heart and that sad thing about it after awhile I could tell she had fun hurting me and I treated her with full respect.

    I probably spent 4 months researching. I was able to help a woman who was going through something similar with her man. It made me feel good seeing the relief on her face that she was not crazy.

  18. I am in the process of getting a divorce that I initiated because it was toxic. Love bombing is a real thing and I ended up in a 17 year marriage where in the end, my past was used against me, they backpedaled, and I was portrayed as the bad guy. Thanks ma’am.


  20. Just matched with a guy on bumble. Going on a date tomorrow. Can’t tell if he’s just really excited or if he’s love bombing. We’ll have to wait and see I guess

  21. i feel like my boyfriend is love bombing me and i’m scared because i like him so much 😭

  22. I wonder if people would start feeling differently about love bombing if we called it what it really is, which is GROOMING!

  23. I broke up with my current partner because I recognized this in him. I came off the dating scene and now focused on healing. Cause he is a narcissistics or have some trait I just let him no its over an im focused on me for a while. He wanted me to stop talking to my friends. I always saw that as some type of control and then he tried to discard me by making me uncomfortable by causing a little confusion but enough so I can either discard my self which I did or he discard me. But I left and I’m not looking back love bombing Is the first step before the abuse Start to happen. U start seeing the cracks in the situation at hand

  24. It’s crazy how much we’re hearing about this nowadays, and especially with men being the victims of narc women, 🙋🏽 being one. I noticed red flags within the first couple years but thought things would get better with time. Fast forward 15 yrs and 3 shared children together and it hasn’t gotten better, it’s actually worse at the end. I ignored the obvious because I genuinely wanted to help and “do the right thing.” I am by no means perfect and have made many mistakes. I feel that most of this is spiritual. It’s funny but not funny that we (including myself) turn back to the Lord in times of hardship when we should’ve never gotten comfortable enough to put Him aside. The Lord always brings things to light as darkness can’t hide in the light. I speak from experience on this from both sides, right and wrong. My point is, if your narc refuses to get help, you are fighting a losing war and wasting your own precious time and life.

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