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College student abducted, murdered during robbery

Aniah was kidnapped & murdered/YouTube

College student murdered. 

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AUBURN — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the documentary of 19-year-old college student Aniah Blanchard who was kidnapped and murdered by Ibraheem Yazeed. The femicide transpired October 23, 2019 in Auburn, Alabama. Aniah, who attended Southern Union State Community College, stopped at a gas station to get a bag of potato chips. That’s where Ibraheem abducted her, shot her, then robbed her of her car and cell phone. A male bystander witnessed the kidnapping but did nothing because his wife told him to “stay out of it.” Aniah’s remains were discovered weeks later off the side of a rural highway in Macon County. Ibraheem was arrested and charged with capital murder. He’s facing the death penalty. Ibraheem’s left eye is swollen shut in his mugshot which indicates police officers beat his ass Rodney King style.

Antwain Fisher was also charged as an accomplice. But Judge Russell Bush dismissed his case.

Ibraheem erupted in court, telling prosecutors, “Y’all have no proof! Y’all have no video, no audio of me shooting anyone!”

Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “You see someone getting abducted and you do nothing? I mean you don’t have to get into a physical altercation but you don’t even call the cops? How could you live with yourself knowing your ignorance may have resulted in someone’s death? I bet his wife doesn’t cook either. Wow!” Another person chimed in with, “Looks like the cops whooped his ass.” A third observer added, “If you see a woman in obvious distress while being kidnapped, say something. And if your wife tells you to stay out of it, divorce her immediately.” 

Aniah is the stepdaughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris.

She once said her “worst fear” was gettin’ kidnapped and murdered.

What’s sad is Ibraheem was out on bond after nearly beating a 77-year-old man to death.

Had he remained in jail, Aniah would still be alive.

Moral of the story: Stop bonding out violent criminals.

Watch the documentary.

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  1. my wife said “stay out of it” that is bull shit excuse of life and death situation

  2. The fact that Aniah saw this happening in her dream and it happened it blowing my mind right now. My condolences to the family, she was definitely a unique person.

  3. The person who saw him forcing her into the car could’ve AT LEAST called the police!!! Smh.

  4. Wow so the wife told her husband to stay out of it?! I’m sure if that was her getting abducted and kidnapped she would hope and pray that somebody would step up and call the police if they saw it happening. Unbelievable I cannot believe that woman

  5. Wicked Dog 🐕 poop 💩 give them the chair 🪑. With some extra Electronics

  6. 🥱 Lol mom left her Father for a younger more fit ufc fighter? Adultery is a sin & that sin will come & visit your children one day. And it will be them that will pay for your crimes against GOD.
    Also this girl, A Sacrifice much?

  7. Some part of me would really love for the perpetrator to be forced to spend 10 minutes alone with Walt Harris.

  8. Why would those Judges let this Monster out of jail with a history of violence and Attempted Murder ?????????

  9. the witness wife smh….. aaaand why was FISHER acqiutted, what role did he have in it???! ALSO, there was no mention of RAPE right? sooooooooooo the scumbags really only wanted her car? they could’ve just taken it from her at the store and left her there.

  10. Dirty bastard killed the beautiful princess 💔 he’ll get what he deserves

  11. So again women get killed because the Government hate you and refuse to protect you. The judges are criminals and let this happen to WOMEN over and over and over again. I mean DON’T keep a criminal BLACK man in prison for crimes, that’s RACIST!!! Satan is the God of this world politicians and judges follow their father Satan and they hate humanity.

  12. Keep these criminal thugs locked up and throw away the key. They are a danger to society and have no purpose to life except to cause trauma. They are worthless parasites- should get the death penalty and be disposed of. This beautiful young girl would still be alive if the justice system would of kept this repeat offender, animal in his cage. What a disgrace to mankind. I bet his mama is proud of this monster.

  13. I just watched this on 48 Hours on ID channel and I cried my eyes out. This beautiful babygirl didn’t deserve this. 😥😥😥 What an evil bastard that pos is. Karma will come for you soon. I pray for her family. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 ❤❤

  14. Sounds like Aniah had a “premonitory fear”. We must be careful not to entertain these type of fears as, your mind goes towards it’s most dominant thought (good or bad). Actress, Natalie Wood had a premonitory fear of drowning & that’s exactly, how she died. PLEASE, Don’t live in fear of any kind!

  15. I hate his ugly face was the last thing this lovely young lady saw.

  16. That witness should be charged as well. That’s in a way accomplising these monsters. May they burn in hell

  17. All he would have had to do was call the police get the girls license plate and leave the wife deterred him from helping. It’s not his fault, but if you see something wrong say something. A simple phone call to the police goes a long way even if it doesn’t turn up anything. The man who wanted to do something you have a good heart your wife was probably just afraid of something happening. One phone call to the police is all you have to do to help someone.

  18. It’s happening everywhere. WOKE Judges letting violent criminals go free because of their race or age. Shame on them

  19. But the wife that told her husband to stay out of it would pray to God that somebody would call 911 if this was her child!!

  20. They said she always had a fear of being kidnapped. That was something in her spirit warning her. God give us dreams, vision to warn us

  21. Woman and girls carry a pocket knife with you pepper spray or even a taser or an alarm

  22. That dude is a Busta punk mf I hate fools who rob and kill people sucka ass bitch. Why he had to kill that young lady? He’s a sucka!

  23. Man, give the stepdad 5 minutes alone with him please this would be a dream come true

  24. That damn wife at the gas station, who told her husband, to “stay out of it,” makes me sick💯. Trust, your Karma is coming too, which you will need help! You could have “possibly” save this girl life!

  25. I know her stepdad wanna slaughter that dude that’s fucked up man DAM

  26. I think of all the people whose lives could have been preserved if our government officials could just keep these types of criminals locked up where they should be. Glad to hear of the Aniah’s law. Similar laws should be implemented everywhere. I hope they find who is actually the mastermind behind all of this. My heart breaks for this mother.


  28. Kidnapping attempted murder roberry and someone let him go before his trail no ankle bracelet or house arrest I hope that judge goes to jail somehow

  29. the father is a ufc fighter?, pops did you teach your daughter any self defence, or ufc knowledge?, i heard she went out fighthing, i mean that guy is huge and she was like under 140 lbs it seems, it was a huge mismatch no matter what, best case scenario is women need to carry peper spray tasers, or small handguns, for the monsters that exist out here.

  30. Its like I have said before. The justice system is skewed in favor of the criminal. Look at what happened to this innocent woman. Had this punk been kept behind bars, she would still be alive.

  31. If I were her family I would sue the judge who let him out the first time!!

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