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Tyreek Hill shows off world class speed U.S. 60-meters

A viral video shows Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill leaving opponents in his dust while winning the 60-meter sprint at the USA Track & Field Masters Indoor Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. Tyreek, 29, recorded a time of 6.70 seconds to win the turtle & rabbit race in the men’s 25-29 age division. In case you didn’t know, the Cheetah is a former track standout who last competed in a race in 2014. Sounds like there won’t be a next time. “Never racing again,” Tyreek tweeted. “Had me out there looking wild.”

Watch Tyreek kick some ass.

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  1. Let’s be honest, those were not world class sprinters he was competing against.

  2. Dude is freaky fast, but this was a Master’s division, so he wasn’t racing the best of the best.
    Participants had to be 25 years or older to compete.

  3. Lol how do we even judge this 🤣🤣🤣 cmon! Reek get on the track with some speed!!! We all saw ya boy Dk keep up with Olympic sprinters. C’mon Man!!!

  4. Did you see who he was running against? Really? He ran against Uber and Doordash drivers. LOL

  5. “He’s so fast, he makes people who are fast look… not fast.” – Unger, Longest Yard

  6. This doesn’t make sense. 6.70 for 60m? Hill ran a 4.29 40. His 60 time should be closer to 6 seconds flat since at 40m he is running full speed.

  7. After 9 years and come back with this kind of speed, it is insane. Hopefully, he makes it to the Olympics next time 👍👍👏

  8. What parent is cruel enough to name their kid a name with reek in it? I guarantee he got made fun of because of it as a kid

  9. what did he win? Those dudes he was racing were NOT world class. Sorry everyone, he’s fast, but there are most likely multiple people just in the NFL that are faster. There are probably multiple people on his team that are just as fast, like Raheem Mostert, for example.

  10. People need to stop saying it’s without real competition. When your a track athlete everyone knows your competition is beating a certain time. No matter who your running against, the focus is beating your best time. That’s why track meets have heats. It’s many runners but at the end of the day coming in first in your heat doesn’t mean you will make it once it’s all done. Only real track athletes understand that

  11. What’s most impressive is his ability to run that fast with his muscle mass!

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