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T.I. said Diddy’s parties get homosexual when he drunk

T.I. says Diddy gay as hell/YouTube

T.I. exposed Diddy’s gayness. 

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NEW YORK — Right now it’s open season on Sean “Diddy” Combs and it has everything to do with indoctrinating clients. If you recall, Xzibit said “He Loves It!” when asked about Diddy’s obsession with homosexuality. There’s scuttlebutt claiming Diddy sold his body to Clive Davis to fund “Bad Boy Records.” The Game’s brother, Big Fase 100, claims the Game and Diddy were f*ck buddies. Social media star Jay Versace said Diddy had him “bent over” on a bed. 50 Cent claims Diddy raped the Notorious B.I.G. Now T.I. claims Diddy’s soirées become “too gay” when he’s inebriated and he forces artists to partake in homo dalliances. T.I., 42, shared his two cents via Instagram. Now the million dollar question: Will Diddy ever egress the LGBT closet? The simple answer is “no” mainly because Diddy’s ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, said he’s too afraid to come out.

Social media reaction was cutthroat. One commenter wrote, “Really whose surprised? There’s plenty of rap queens… oops, sorry… I mean rap kings hiding under the gaydar… who cares… Bring ‘em out! Bring ‘em out!” Another chimed in with, “Diddy make men feel how men make women feel — creeped the f*ck out!” A third person added, “Not sure it even matters. All we see on TV nowadays is gay sh*t and don’t let a straight person have an opinion or else the alphabet mafia will try to end you.”

Diddy, 53, ain’t the only billionaire mogul suspected of down-low activity.

Jay-Z, 53, is facing allegations too.

Hip-hop was a heterosexual genre in the ’90s.

Now it’s LGBT.

Watch the explosive report.

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  1. This man “groomed” several male artists and responsible for ex wife death and others. Him n Will get it in too. Nobody cares if these demonic azz people gay…. nearly EVERYONE on the industry is, trans, in dark arts….,just stop messing with women, ruining their lives…same ish goin on outside the industry and with these fake pastors and gospel artists,

  2. His drinking probably wouldn’t be so bad if he just come out the closet 🤔🤫😂

  3. What man calls another man daddy man that n….a gay as f… at the highest level.Period

  4. We all know P Diddy is a Flamer, Fudge Packing, Sodomite.. he’s forced out of the Gay Closet !

  5. Clive Davis
    Taught Diddy well. Oops! 🫢😱Did I say that. Disgusting.💋

  6. It’s ok Diddy come out. You don’t have to hide. He probably go both ways.

  7. I’m tired of all the same compiled videos that saying the same stuff over and over again!! Ok we get it Diddy allegedly he turned out all these men in the music industry when the hell is something gonna be done about it! Enough of this repetitive sh!t🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. 😅😂 i got gay friends and I’m LGBTQ+ stand….but gay diddy is hilarious 😅😂…. just come out already be free m.f.

  9. I love Diddy and wtf cares if he gay or bi or wtf ever 🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. If Diddy Is Gay than that’s his business, Who cares what he is. All this Judging people gotta stop. Let him live…Unless he had 2Pac and BIGGIE killed

  11. If all these rappers have heard about this Diddy behavior then why do they they keep going to the parties?

  12. Puffy is a gay rapist…being gay is one thing..but this demon is a rapist trafficker

  13. Puff be pimping all this guys , T, I Kevin hart , Chris brown , French Montana, Bow wow , Trey songz etc

  14. Diddy the next celebrity transgender thats going to come out

  15. Man if you have a stigma that u a homo creep for over 20 years then it must be true not only that he done a bunch of gay shit on camera I been hearing about how gay he is since I was a kid…nothing wrong wit it just stop using people and lying and freaking people out when he try you sexually

  16. What is he so embarrassed about and why do people have to air out his secrets? I mean if they witnessed him kill somebody and they aint say shit then they are as much guilty as him. Nobody should be speaking about nothing that goes down in a man’s sexuality in his own house i mean if Diddy don’t want his business out he has every right to non disclosure of his business.

  17. You know it’s bad when you have a newborn baby and ppl still calling you gay. 😂

  18. T.I. is not the first person to say Diddy on some tooty fruity type shit at his parties.

  19. Man who cares if Diddy is gay? How does that impact your life? That is not putting money in your pockets, or taking money from your pockets.

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