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Tekashi 6ix9ine elucidates decision to become snitch

6ix9ine ratted out his crew/YouTube

6ix9ine explains snitch decision. 

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LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows rainbow rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine (né Daniel Hernandez) elucidating why he snitched on fellow gang-bangers to eschew a lifetime sentence in the federal penitentiary. 6ix9ine, if you recall, got his ass kicked at LA Fitness recently. Many believe the beatdown was tied to 6ix9ine’s decision to sing like a canary. “If I would’ve been serving those 47 years right now, you wouldn’t even bring me up because I would have been not relevant at this time,” 6ix9ine told the DJ during a radio interview. “So don’t tell me what I’ve chose to do with my life.” Social media reaction was surprisingly supportive. One commenter wrote, “He is totally speaking the truth. People are doing time for people they don’t give a sh*t about.” Another added, “I was raised in the hood and I can tell you any dude is gonna snitch if he’s facing decades behind bars.”

6ix9ine, who dons a Skittles coiffure, claimed he was trying to be available for his young daughter.

Are you cool with him becoming a police informant?

Should snitches get stitches?

Watch 6ix9ine explain why he ratted out his crew.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I respect 6ix9ine for snitching, dry or wet alike. There is no loyalty amongst thugs, period. Everybody is going down!

  2. Bullshit I seen the video his ass went down like a sack of potatoes first hit then he curled up in the featil position he is lucky all he got was a black eye and broken rib or whatever what that 🐀 truly deserves is un Bala NO BODY LIKES A RAT, NO BODY CAN TRUST A RAT BECAUSE RATS TRICK OFF THAT’S WHAT THEY DO

  3. Snitch 9 needs to disappear forever…. He’s a complete embarrassment to his entire family of snitches

  4. This stool pigeon is right, I would definitely rat on someone to avoid 47 years in jail, but the difference is I wouldn’t have been in the gang in the 1st place acting like I’m some kind of thug and then turning into a rat

  5. Before getting caught he was making music about the lifestyle, living the lifestyle, hanging around individuals that live that lifestyle, and go around saying u follow street ethics and then end up breaking the number one rule in that lifestyle, to never snitch. U can’t be mad at the fact that people will call u a rat and clown u for snitching when ur whole identity is based around the lifestyle. At the end of the day u have to be able pay your debts and not sell out others for your crimes to save yourself in that lifestyle

  6. A true definition of a coward , talks gangsta and these guys protecting him just so he can send them to jail. There is a special place in HELL for people like him.

  7. he was given equal opportunity and chose to fuck that up and then ended up stepping on the people he was doing shitty things with to get in trouble for doing them, thats not just business thats a personality thing

  8. And then people woulda say he shoulda snitched but when he did snitch THEY SHAMED HIM FOR DOING WHAT THEY WERE GOING TO TELL HIM TO DO HE WAS IN THE COMPLETE RIGHT

  9. I’m pretty sure you’d snitch too if you were facing life and had a young child. Nobody in that gang was going to look after that kid.

  10. Judge: Surely that’s everything now?

    69: Well while I’m at it. Megan IS actually a stallion.

    Judge: Oh thank god…

    69: But she’s not Thee stallion, your honour.

  11. Mfers out here snitching for a lot less sentences then he was facing.

  12. I ain’t doing time for no one period …I’ve seen enough of the first 48 to know everyone snitches

  13. Yo they fucked him over too hard .I don’t blame him for doing that . They brought it on themselves.

  14. I’ll never hate on 69 for snitchin. It’s one of those rare ass free passes


  16. There is no loyalty in the streets and he had to learn that the hard way. That code of the streets is the greatest lie ever sold. They all snitch when they are facing a large amount of time and when RICO is involved. I hope he learned his lesson that not everyone is your friend. If you are doing big things with your life and are successful, you can’t be in the streets doing street activities the two do not go together. These rappers all fold under pressure and lie in their music to sound cool.

  17. I give 2 shits about why he snitched. He snitched. Point blank period. Death is on your doorstep. When you get yours I will absolutely not mourne you. I will not celebrate your end either. It’s just going to be “I hate this idiot lost his life over stupid shit and false flaggin.”

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