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Sugar Daddy 101: Vlogger teaches gold digging class

Jhenè Armani swindles old men/YouTube

Sugar Daddies are targeted.

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A viral TikTok video shows relationship vlogger Jhenè Armani teaching a women’s class on how to swindle a Sugar Daddy by inveigling him into draining his Cash App and PayPal accounts. It’s her assertion retired geezers ain’t nothing but walking ATMs who are easy to take advantage of. “So first thing you have to do is download Tinder,” the gold digger explained. “Go into settings and then click on preferences and the age you’re looking for is between 35 to like 65 because these younger men do not be having no coins. You need to be looking for an older, preferably Caucasian that looks like he’s kinda lonely and needs some comforting. Just like that, you found one.” Damn, that’s cold. Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Dang I’ve gotten scammed!!!” Another chimed in with, “I have a sugar daddy that wants no sugar. I just give him good conversation and, whenever I ask, he sends me money.” A third viewer added, “SMH this is sad🤦🏾‍”

Western popsies can’t find younger men to date so they’re chasing older pimps and siphoning their mazuma.

Do you support this stratagem?

Watch Jhenè keep it 💯.

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@jhene.armani now please stop asking 🫠 #foryou ♬ original sound – Jhenè Armani

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  1. women, go to school. respect yourself. you don’t need sugar daddy’s. read books and stay off social media.

  2. She’s so damn beautiful no wonder men wanna send her money…. I used to have real SDs…. Back in the day… I’m too old now! 😭😭😭😭

  3. it does matter what you call it, its still a scam and everything has consequence

  4. So my main question is… how do you guys go about asking for this money? Do you say it from the beginning that you want to be a sugar baby or do you talk to them normally and start mentioning what you need or want?

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