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Pookie deletes UNC doctor during nasty custody battle

Dr. Gwen shot dead in parking lot/Leah Gordone

Jealous Pookie killed a doctor.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

EDEN — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. John Michael Powell, 35, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his baby mama — Dr. Gwendolyn Lavonne Riddick — because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired Sunday afternoon — in broad daylight — at Freedom Park in Eden, North Carolina. According to police reports, Gwen and John met at a neutral site for a custody exchange. They share a 3-year-old son. While there, John implored Gwen to take him back. When she declined, the pissed-off simp pulled out a gun and opened fire — striking Gwen multiple times in front of several bystanders. The 40-year-old physician was rushed to the hospital where she ultimately died. John was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Their little boy is now an orphan. “This is a senseless and tragic loss of life; the family… are in our thoughts and prayers,’’ Eden Police Chief Clint Simpson said. “Unfortunately, this incident occurred at Freedom Park in the parking lot. Even more senseless was to commit this act of violence in a location with numerous families and children nearby.”

Prior to the shooting, John assaulted Gwen multiple times. But there was no restraining order in place. Gwen was an OB-GYN at UNC Women’s Health. Her co-workers remain in mourning. “Dr. Gwendolyn Riddick was a member of our family, and losing a family member to tragic circumstances is incredibly difficult,” said Erica Vernon, the hospital’s director of public relations.

“Today, our UNC Health Rockingham family grieves her loss and extends our deepest sympathies to her loved ones. We have employee assistance and chaplains on-site to support our team members. We will be doing more to honor Dr. Riddick and her legacy of resilience and compassion in the days to come.”

John is a bum.

So it makes you wonder what Gwen saw in him in the first place.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. My fellow Black women are going to learn not to date these bums, dusties and bm.

  2. This is why I will never entertain my ex-husband my life is worth more than becoming a statistic rest in peace beautiful lady. God please give her family peace

  3. “Would you date a bus driver?” Now do you understand why you shouldn’t date down??

  4. He killed a doctor 😮 demon jealous individual and he was losing the best thing he ever had no more control over her so he killed her

  5. He robbed her, her family and the community of a great person. This is so sad. I had a younger cousin who was murdered in 2016😢

  6. To come from where she was to impact the community…The difficulty of FINDING a decent OBGYN, let alone BW, and this devil takes her… I’m sorry she gave this piece of sh*t —– a moment. 😭 Prison is too easy. They should use vice grips, peel his skin off, pour alcohol on him, and slowly burn 💥.

  7. I’m sick of these dusty men deleting our beautiful blk queens. Justice for this young lady and prayers for family. Just a senseless tragedy.

  8. Y’all love thugs. The black community is finished. These females choose the worst men time and time again and want mfs to feel sorry?? Man please

  9. These men be so miserable and pathetic so they want to make everyone else miserable

  10. Once you let someone into your life such as him, if you try too leave they’ll kill you first. If you leave that mean they’ll be left with nothing. He wasn’t on her level. She settled for much less than her worth. R.I.P Dr. Riddick 😢

  11. Ladies…it’s time to quit thinking someone “WONT” do something to you because they have NOTHING to lose! Use the court to do Supervised exchange at the police department!

  12. Black women, stop dating down just so you can have a kAnG. You have to date out or stay single as a black woman if you’re in a higher tax bracket.

  13. There’s an African saying.. An evil man ages like his rotten heart. How is this man 35? He looks twice his age! He truely is evil

  14. Every 3 hours a black woman is sent to meet her maker by her black “Kang”.

  15. As much as black males shame black women for becoming nurses, doctors, or prioritizing education in general…it’s probably best to not date/marry a BM if you’re a professional black woman. BM sit online everyday & tell y’all how much they hate everything about y’all but BW don’t want to believe it.

  16. Black women we are so educated, hard working and DRIVEN! Please stop dating/settling for bums because they hate us they are jealous. RIP 😢

  17. — A person’s own SINS can cause them to DIE BEFORE THEIR TIME. — She was living a life of SIN, including having sex and kids without having a HUSBAND. – STOP SINNING.
    –>Eccl 7:17 ~ ‘Do not be overly Wicked, nor be Foolish: WHY should you DIE BEFORE YOUR TIME?”

    –> 1 John 5:16b ~ “…there is SIN that leads to DEATH.”
    –> Romans 6:23 ~ “The Wages of SIN is DEATH.”

    REPENT, place your faith in JESUS, and OBEY God’s Word. That’s where your protection is.

  18. Dammit, she was so personable and I’d bet an angel to her patients. I truly hate to see this, he deserves a firing squad!!🤬

    Bless her babies and family. None of them deserved for this to have happened 😔

  19. Custody exchange at a park ? My cousin was so cold she did custody exchanges at the police department, with my uncle driving behind her and someone in the passenger seat (Fully Loaded). Women, please stop thinking these abusers won’t do things to you in public or in front of your kids. Stop thinking you know what they are capable of in reality, you dont ❤RIP

  20. Us men need to treat our women better, no matter the grieviences taking someones life is not a solution.

  21. Thats a dam shame, all the hard work gone. Please make better choices women.

  22. So sadddddd she seemed to be so sweeet and pleasant plenty dudes would have loved to take her off his hands smgdfhhh

  23. In acrimonious custody cases, please drop off the children at the court house or a police station.

  24. You know it’s so sad that the black man cannot handle a decent loving caring black woman that has achieved certain status in life instead of him looking at it like it makes him better and he can grow hes envious and jealous because he belongs to satan And he don’t have God in him to do what she did for herself

  25. This punk pussy bitch muthafucka. As much as me & my baby momma have arguments I would NEVER that’s the Mother of child this is so wrong. This is disturbing to my soul… My ❤️ goes to her Family. I pray they get thru this

  26. Even black professional women loves thugs so sad! Just having babies for thugs

  27. He’s 35 years old and looks 58 years old. Women, PLEASE, let’s get it in our heads that we MUST NOT marry beneath our station. We were created to be the help meet to a man, not his provider. Ask God for the wisdom to know the difference.

  28. This is why I give Blackistan a wide berth. Black women at all educational and income levels continue to have Pookies’ spawn. I have seen this time and time again. I have also seen these same black women reject good Black men because they were too square, calling them educated lames.

    I really think that ‘da black communitah’ has become a cesspool. The only sensible thing for black individulas of achievement, both male and female, is to give Blackistan as wide a berth as possible. If your livlihood takes you there because your market is Blackistan, well that’s another story.

    I’m Ivy League educated, but I was actually born and raised in the projects. So I know one can rise above one’s birth circumstances. But seriously, black people need to give up this trash, hip hop, rap, street degeneracy, subculture, and get serious about the fundamentals of life. Times are about to get real hard scrapple for black folks.

    Get serious black people! Stop glorifying and romanticizing trash street culture! No more affirmative action for you!

  29. This is so sad and just disgusting. Some people are just pathetic and a waste of space. This man is and will always be a coward. Men like this don’t need a trial or jury, just lead him straight to the electric 🪑

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