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Bride humiliates her groom, saying she won’t ‘obey’ him

Western women & simps shouldn’t marry/YouTube

Bride humiliates her groom. 

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ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows a bride humiliating her groom during their wedding ceremony because she refused to say she would “obey” him as part of their conjugal vows. Yep, babygirl cherry-picked excerpts from the bible that benefit her most. When the pastor asked her if she will love, cherish and obey the simp, the contumacious damsel wouldn’t commit to the latter. “We didn’t talk about that one in counseling,” she told the minister as the audience erupted in laughter. “We did talk about that in counseling,” he replied. Then the bishop asked her if he should repeat the question or keep going. “I think we can keep going,” she retorted. Babygirl also hesitated when asked if she’d stay with homeboy through “poorer” times. Lord have mercy. Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “She needs to stay by herself. She will not obey and respect him. He needs to flee from her and get the woman he deserves.”

Another chimed in with, “Dude is a simp and he’s getting what he deserves. Holy matrimony? A man of God would never take a woman like that to the altar. She made a mockery of the bible.” A third viewer added, “Modern women need a new set of vows that go like this: I will stay if you’re healthy but leave when you’re sick. You must forgive my past 304 ways and overlook my cheating when things get rocky. I’ll stay if you’re rich but leave when you’re poor. I won’t sign a prenuptial agreement and DNA tests ain’t allowed.”

What’s my take?

I would’ve told her to get her ass in the kitchen and cook, plus I require sex two or three times a day or no marriage.

Should the groom purchase a passport and find his wife overseas?

Are Western women good for dating only?

Watch the embarrassing ceremony.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I would have left her right there, and told her parents “I’m good, no thank you”



    [Kevin Samuels From The Grave] – You cannot make this up

  3. Damn she even had a hard time saying she’ll stay with him “for poorer” shes worthless bro leave her

  4. We already know the modern woman is self centered and rebellious…….if it was me and my bride to be said that, I would have left her standing up there with the minister, not before thanking her for showing me who she really is.

  5. Sorry but she don’t look good enough to be even smiling while speaking like this. Her husband should be ashamed of himself laughing at this stupidity

  6. Don’t blame the woman here. She’s got her self the ultimate simp. Women know there’s always a captain save a hœ lurking around the corner and a finger snap away. Baggage, body count, babies, trauma since 1998 and age all up there.

  7. I think it’s disgusting that that’s part of their vows in the first place. And they call it tradition. And yet in the Bible it says for husband to also submit himself to his wife. That they should submit to each other. But that is conveniently ignored to go one way.

  8. The thing that’s crazy to me is that women want all the provision and security from the man. They don’t want to obey though. In order for me to be able to provide those things efficiently I am going to need my wife to be able to trust me to a certain degree when it comes to making decisions. I’m not asking for a slave or a zombie. It’s not that a man can’t obey a woman but if a woman can’t provide the provision and security for him why is he going to trust her judgment on things at every single moment? That’s not saying that I’m not going to listen to her advice, But women need to understand It’s always going to be men who are going to put in a greater effort to maintain the safety and provision of the household.

  9. his last chance to walk away from a very possibly toxic woman,when
    the signs show you have to walk away from that shit and not say i do.

  10. And we’re wondering why black bros are marrying other races. Thats why!

  11. Enjoy the alimony payments, dude. You’re gonna feel stupid laughing when you’re alone and half you stuff isn’t yours anymore.

  12. What’s the groom and the floor in his house have in common…
    This biitch is gonna walk all over them

  13. The Groom is an idiot.
    It’s funny now until your black AZZ get to divorce court.
    She has told him many times that this relationship is not going to work & he doesn’t care.

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