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Black woman claims she prefers Pookie & Ray Ray

AlexThatMediaGurl loves Pookie/TikTok

Black chick hates nice guys. 

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ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows an exasperated black chick saying she prefers dating Pookie & Ray Ray because nice guys are “boring as hell.” The loquacious damsel disseminated the clip after going out on a bad date with a lame, corny dude she met online. “He really seemed like a good catch, like a genuinely good guy,” said the 32-year-old. “He was like 6’3″, no kids, a lawyer, decent looking. He scheduled a date. Sent me an Uber. We get to the date… He was so boring. He was boring as hell. Literally, I would ask him questions and he would keep saying, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know.’ How you a grown ass man and don’t know? And sometimes I would not say anything just to see if he would talk and he wouldn’t. It would be dead, awkward silence.” Babygirl captioned the video with: “I now understand why sometimes the good guy doesn’t get picked! A lot of y’all are boring Af! You got to give me some conversation chile!”

Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “She has the vocabulary and thought process of a 4th grader. It’s no wonder he was quiet and she found him boring. He probably inadvertently went into dad-mode like he was talking to a child.” Another chimed in with, “Nothing excites a girl like the thrill of gang activity, spreading STDs, and fist fights with her man. If she likes it, who are we to judge.” A third viewer added, “That ratchet ho is a Pookie & Ray-Ray magnet. So of course she’s gonna be bored by a good dude.”

Last time I checked, men are supposed to be providers and protectors.

If women want a comedian, visit the Improv.

That said, should men be required to entertain these chicks?

Would nice guys be better off purchasing a passport and traveling overseas for vulva?

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

@alexthatmediagurl I now understand why sometimes the good guy doesnt get picked! A lot of y’all are boring Af! You got to give me some conversation chile! #32anddating #32andsingle #datingstorytime #datingstory #tiktokdating ♬ original sound – Alexthatmediagurl

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  1. It’s funny how these women will talk about a mans looks but majority of them are below average looking at best. Most I wouldnt even take a second look at if we were in public…smh

  2. This is the problem black women will base what you are doing on your Facebook or Instagram to determine if they wanna fuck with you some of them off top think you boring if you are not into social media… Baby you might as well date your phone… but it’s to late a lot of you females your phone is your husband or boyfriend because you spend more time on your phone then you do with a man.. Facts💯 but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be some females comment and say well my phone is more interesting then being with a man Am I lying????

  3. Black men just leave this hood trash alone….most of them cant be committed, loyal, or honest….they also have very stank attitudes until they need your help….i give up…let the degenerates have them

  4. If you’re dating today, you’re wasting your time ESPECIALLY when it comes to the average black woman. The way she talks alone is annoying asf. Tell her to say something sexy, you’d be praying she shuts up soon. It’s over for dating fellas. If you’ve found a great woman(especially if she’s black which is a diamond in the rough), KEEP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that, you’d have a better time building something great for yourselves.

  5. Most women (ABW’s in particular) who have this mentality believe that they don’t have to compete for men. However, some of the men that they considered “boring” and/or “lame” are becoming men of means & aren’t settling for somebody else’s sloppy seconds here in the USA anymore. Interracial dating is going to be more prevalent & it’s PBM’s (Productive Black Men), not Pookies, not Ray Rays, not Tyrones, not Chads, not thugs,& not scammers,who are gonna be more sought after by other races of women.

    To most of those ABW’s: “We PBM’s don’t care anymore, in fact because the way they have treated us many years ago” We are done with them. Just keep on passing them by just like The Pharcyde.”

  6. These modern women have a type and it is not the clean-cut, straight-laced, men of value. The majority want Pookie, Ray Ray, and now Cell Block 12.

  7. Most women who are into pookies are mostly likely due to the fact that there was no father. When their is no fatherly presence then their is a great chance that structure will be missing her life. Where there is no structure, then you have chaos and dysfunction. A wayward woman will choose a pookie to help compensate for that a fathers leadership. Pookie will verbally and physically abuse her, and she will conflate that with leadership. No father around to check disrespect and disorder…. So that what she gives a good dude. This is the modern woman to a T.

    If you are serious with a girl. Look forward to meeting her father. You will be glad you did because it will reveal a lot.

  8. It’s okay, Good men pass up PooKiesha and use their passports instead.

  9. Question for modern women: Why do women emancipate themselves from men and seek relationships with men? Do you not see your contradictions? It is like Slaves who free themselves from their Masters and want to be in relationships with their Masters or children who emancipate themselves from their parents still expect their parents to provide and protect them. Why do you expect men to be traditional gentlemen, but you refuse to be submissive and respectful classic ladies? Independent means alone, not together! If you want to be the Master and men are your Slaves that mean you are settling? Besides, a Master will NEVER be another Master’s Slave. Alpha/Sigma are cursed to settle with Beta and Beta are destined for hypergamy with Alpha/Sigma. Funny how logic works? What idiocy?

  10. If you are a non-criminal, working black man who is still looking for a black woman to be in a serious relationship, you have already lost the game.

  11. Women care about if you are over 6 feet tall and make $100,000 plus a year.

  12. I got my passport already. I am visiting Mexico 🇲🇽 and Columbia too.

  13. @Hotters9060: Congratulations brother, welcome to freedom 🛬🛫✈️🙏

  14. Girls like her need “successful hood dudes” aka rappers, NBA, NFL hood dudes who made it big but still have hood dude “mentality”. Problem is… these guys are literally a “lottery pick”. It’s extremely rare to meet that type.

  15. I can’t even recall how many times I’ve come across bee dubs like this…. that said, we know all women are capable of this kind of behavior. But…. from what I’ve seen and come across firsthand, nonblack women will snatch up a black man quick if they find him attractive and they see if he has potential. And like Dr Umar of all people had to admit that WW will get with a guy when he’s at rock bottom but she sees he has potential and will ride it out till he becomes succesful(example: Mike Colter, played Luke Cage…Omari Hardwick, played Ghost and was in Army of the Dead….Jay Ellis,”Lawrence” and was recently in Top Gun: Maverick). I’ve had more interest from Becky, who got with me because they were feeling me and not after my wallet far more than BW by a mile…

  16. Just say you can’t date a man with common sense and good vocabulary one that makes you think..and if you think you still can’t comprehend

  17. Honestly, I wouldn’t want any woman who is into thugs and street dudes. If I learn up front that those guys are her type, it’s a wrap for me. Idc how fine she is or whatever. I don’t need her or her bullsh!t in my life.

  18. You’re in your 30s and you still make dating decisions based off of Instagram? She’s too emotionally immature for a relationship. She better get use to hitting on the mailman in her 50s. Cause it won’t last with pookie either

  19. Probably asking him dumass questions. Hes a lawyer i doubt he doesnt know how to talk. I think he just couldnt hold a conversation with her …i think she was boring. And he didnt wanna continue things with her most likely 😂

  20. She sounds so ghetto. Imagine bringing her to meet your family and she talks like that.

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