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Pookie killed attorney wife ’cause she wanted divorce

Lauren Charles deserved better/Viral Crimes

Pookie murdered an attorney. 

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SILVER SPRING — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of Attorney Lauren Elizabeth-Barthé Charles, 40, who was beaten to death by her simping husband, 45-year-old Reginald Dunlap Jr., because she sought to end their marriage. The femicide transpired on March 7, 2021 in Silver Spring, Maryland. Lauren, a victim of domestic violence, told Reggie she was tired of his sh*t and asked for a divorce. She gave him until the end of the month to pack his bags and egress. Rather than grant Lauren’s wish, Reggie beat her with a Buddha figurine while she was sleep then stuffed a pillowcase down her throat. The dummy even had the audacity to attend church afterwards in an attempt to concoct an alibi. Reggie was arrested and charged with murder. He was sentenced last month to life in prison.

Lauren met Reggie online. At the time, he was homeless — staying with his mother. Lauren, a homeowner, invited Reggie to cohabitate with her. They got hitched even though he’s a jaundiced, unemployed, penurious recluse. Reggie had a handful of attendees at his bachelor party and most of ’em were Lauren’s male friends. He had no familial support either.

Lauren also found out he had illegitimate children.

Dude was a straight loser.

Lauren, on the other hand, was a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, Pratt Institute and the University of Oregon School of Law.

She was also a historic preservationist.

What the f*ck did she see in Reggie?

Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “Black women love thugs.” Another chimed in with, “I have tried to tell my niece to leave her husband. She’s only been married for a month. He has a criminal record, no job and she is paying for everything with 2 kids. I know she didn’t have love with her parents so she seeks it from men. He belittles her all the time and steals from her. I am praying she won’t be one of these cases. She won’t listen.” A third viewer added, “Online dating is a bitch. Stay off the internet.”

Lauren’s family and friends descried red flags and warned her about Reggie.

But it was too late.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Background checks, ask family , friends and school mates about these people. Notice the red flags. No men living with their mothers , no men without a job, no friends, no men that don’t have hobbies. She saw the signs, leave without a word. Don’t tell them you know anything, pretend to live the life with him. Don’t let them know you are leaving.

  2. Move ladies. Don’t tell anyone. Move and go silent until you become free again. I’m sorry this is the case but these men only know how to be evil.

  3. The court system always says to get a protection order, but it doesn’t work. If they want to kill you, that paper doesn’t stop them. All the red flags were there, but as us women, some of us think with our hearts blocking everything out like the holy spirit when it’s telling us NO.

  4. When you see red flags, end the whole relationship. Don’t even develop a friendship with them. Very sad😢

  5. See, when we date and entertain broken individuals, It is because we to are broken. We attract who we are, and choose to entertain. I see these type of stories, and often ask myself. Why was she with him? She was successful. smart, beautiful, etc. In my eyes. The women are just as broken. Low self esteem. Even the smartest woman will fall for an unsuccessful or even a lazy man that refuse to work. A man with no car or a place to call home. This happens more often than none. Then this is often the outcome. People treat us the way that we treat ourselves. If you do not love yourself. A sorry man will pick up on your energy and pull you in. The reason why we keep seeing these stories over and over again. Undealt with trauma from a woman’s pass. Is usually the culprit. This is why it is so important to heal before you take on a relationship. My condolences

  6. Now as I watch stuff like this I often think about the skits that is played on these online videos, like I was watching one the other day where you had this woman put a man out of her apartment because ( allegedly) he caught her with another man, but this man didn’t harm her or anything, he just left, LADIES that’s fiction,😑 you cannot do that, if someone is abusive and you know that they will kill you, you don’t tell them that they’ll have to leave by the end of the month🙄 you have to understand that a lot of these abusive monsters are watching those skits and a lot of them go to court and plead not guilty and be believing that they were justified in what they did!😑
    my condolences goes out to her family and friends, but if she told him that she was putting him out, then that was a mistake on her part a mistake that cost her,
    R I P and condolences!

  7. 😢😢😢I wish she would of just left his ass I am tired of these ugly men killing fine looking sister also family really need to step tf in as soon they know he is shady. RIP justice

  8. 😢such a savage beating. Hmmmm he hated that woman. I’ve heard it told too many times of men who hate the person they are with just because they are in better positions than them, most times its financials. She was too excited that thus man’s red flags were ignored

  9. Some women are so desperate to be married, and start a family; it’s so sad!!!!

  10. I encourage never go find love online its time to banned dating apps I’m against online dating & nobody knows if that person who is pretending to find love is looking for victims to prey on. Be careful who you trust. Reginald Dunlap jr destroyed his wife who he met online. I lost my respect to men who are aggressive & abusive. For those who are looking for love read the bible about relationships. Rest in power Lauren 💗🙏🏾 my condolences goes with her family & friends so sorry for the lost

  11. All the red flags were there. It’s sad that women feel like we have to get married to be validated by society. Lauren would have done so much better by staying single. Leave him at his Mom’s house. He’s definitely a narcissist. Every sign is there, including not being allowed to meet his Mom. I was with a narcissist for 7 years before I realized that he was a narcissist. I hate that this happened to Lauren. She should have not told her husband (the freeloader) that he had to leave and she stayed there too. I left my ex during COVID when he was away at work. I moved our entire house out and moved in with a trusted family friend who was helping me out. My sister was also instrumental in helping me remember that I am strong, beautiful and need to get away from my ex. I now try to help other victims know when to leave or how to stay safe and protect themselves.

  12. When your family, friends and relatives advise you that he is not the one for you, take what they say into consideration. Do a credit check ( that reveals previous addresses, too), look through his bank statements and old check stubs, also check his ssa profile for salary history, do an internet background check to know who is in bed with you. I don’t think she did until it was too late. She seemed desperate for a man- any man. Her friends and family should have stayed closer to her and watched for the signs too.

  13. The tragedy in this and she over rode every glaring RED FLAG. My dad was my first love and my mom very discernful and if you didn’t get past them, definitely a deal breaker. Same with those I’m close to and love me. I hope women learn to not settle out of desperation. I pray her family is healing okay. Also clear that being highly educated does mean you’re smart in all things.

  14. Sometimes when being single for so long, the 1st drink of poison may look like water. Oh women of the faith, be discerning, be patient and be bold to walk away. He showed himself before all this, she just excused it


  16. Lauren Lowered Her Standards Big Time! There Were Obvious Red Flags 🚩🚩🚩 Where Was His Family And Friends? This Is How You Learn Who A Person Is Through Their Family! She Didn’t Give Herself A Chance! She Deserved So Much Better!!!

  17. I think that people have to take more responsibility for their lives. She didn’t know this man, yet she married him. There were several red flags, yet she never did her due diligence to see if there was anything awry. She clearly didn’t meet any of his family or friends, he had no stability, and she didn’t do any type of pre-marital counseling with a pastor etc, to go over things life finances, etc. She set herself up and didn’t listen to anyone whom she trusted and cared for around her. Its sad this happened, but she has responsibility in bringing this into her life.

  18. Be careful of starting relationships with strangers with no history friends or family especially social media platforms.

  19. Pay attention to the red flags and don’t ignore them. I was in a similar situation but got out after 5 years. Never ever will i love any man more than I love myself. There are so many undiagnosed and untreated mentally ill women and men out there. Pay close attention TO THE RED FLAGS AND BREAD CRUMBS.

  20. And this is supposed to be a smart woman…. My god… the signs were all there! He looks like a damn fool….what is wrong with women. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  21. Look at her smile. This woman, Lauren, was filled with joy. This was a monster who hated the joy inside her and did everything he could to steal it, and then kill it. We cannot keep sacrificing ourselves just to be a Mrs.___. It’s not worth it.

  22. How dare he take her beautiful life. I hope he burns in Hell. Enjoy prison

  23. Dear Humans, Please stop making women feel like they need a partner to be happy. This man was beneath her, and it cost her her life. RIP Lovely Lady.

  24. I am extra disturbed 😳 after hearing he did this after Church ⛪️ 😳

  25. Stop looking for men online. Women outnumber men so if a man ESPECIALLY a black man gotta resort to looking for women online aka make believe land it’s because something is wrong with him IN REAL LIFE. terrible are everywhere but majority of em are on a dating apps & social media. Y’all are nuts with that online dating stuff

  26. Background Checks
    How They Interact
    How They React to Situations
    How They Deal With Stress
    Who Their Family Is
    Credit Check
    Getting Tested Together
    If They Believe in God
    and the list goes on.

    Ladies, and men alike you really have to do your RESEARCH on someone before you let them in your life. This is just key. A matter of life and death sometimes,
    And continue to Pray in Jesus mighty name.

  27. She did everything wrong by dating someone you meet on the internet. People lie about who they are in person let alone on the internet. People on the internet are predators and are usually looking for their next victims. A red flag he lives with his mother. Always do background checks, We have the internet, you can look up people easy nowadays. May Lauren rest in peace condolences to her family and friends.

  28. What is it going to take for women to WAKE THE HELL UP and leave these men alone? What is it going to TAKE?!!!!!!! I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a lot of women who are ADDICTED TO DRAMA, and being ABUSED. Women know what kind of men are out there, but they STILL won’t leave these MEN ALONE….What’s wrong with women of today? Focus on building a SISTERHOOD since it’s normal to want to have someone to share you life with. STOP BELIEVING IN FAIRYTALES……WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the TRENNY’S have these men.

  29. Such a successful woman couldn’t find somebody better black community is in crisis and black women in danger

  30. How was this not a death penalty case. Oh yeah, the victim is black. I keep forgetting. Why give that man death when you can get 55 years of free labor. And they say slavery is a thing of the past. Nope. RIP young queen 👸🏾

  31. Men Especially, Black Men, hate successful black women, and project insecurities and etc onto them, it’s deep rooted jealousy.

  32. These women…u disrespect men around u/colleagues etc…and marry a dude u met online….help me understand

  33. @Azz Backwards: Dating can be dangerous no matter where you meet a person at … a lie ain’t nothing for a person too tell … gotta use discernment and stay prayed up !! It’s wicked out here .

  34. She was a lawyer. If I had it going on like that I wouldn’t want no man

  35. I left my husband 2 weeks ago. Mentally abusive , trying to disrespect me with his baby mothers and working 1 day a week. I had enough…

  36. May she Rest In Peace. Wish she had done a little background check on this fool.

  37. This just made me cry. I had an narcissist that did most of the things he did to her. I’m so happy I called my family & I hurry up & left that past behind me. Until this day he still try to talk to me on FB .. but I don’t say anything to him & blocked him!!

  38. He was gonna kill her from the moment he first saw her why these women don’t understand this is beyond me

  39. So sad😪🥹🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Prayers to her family and friends

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