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Realtor is shot dead by her jealous, simpin’ baby daddy

Jaylan shot dead by her baby daddy/Leah Gordone

Pookie kills realtor, shoots himself.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

COLUMBIA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Kenardo Bates, 31, was thrown in the slammer after he shot and killed his baby mama, 29-year-old Jaylan Hasty, before turning the gun on himself. The femicide transpired on August 24th at Heron Lake Apartments in Columbia, South Carolina. According to police reports, Kenardo and Jaylan had been separated a year. But he determined if he couldn’t have her, no one can. Kenardo showed up at Jaylan’s apartment, imploring her to take him back. When she politely declined, the jealous simp pulled out a pistol and opened fire — striking Jaylan multiple times. Then he shot himself in the head. The Columbia-Richland Fire Department received reports of a water leak. When firefighters arrived, they found Kenardo and Jaylan suffering from gunshot wounds. Jaylan was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kenardo was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Doctors, unfortunately, were able to save his life. As soon as he was released, Kenardo was jailed for murder. He’ll spend the rest of his miserable existence behind bars. “I try so hard not to hate Kenardo, but every time I talk to someone different I hear something I don’t want to hear,” said Jaylan’s mom, Monica Tatum.

“It’s just so hard because my family loved this man. My son had just gotten him a job with the company he worked for. She was ending the relationship.. I kept telling her all she had to do was co-parent.”

Private investigator Chandra Cleveland said Kenardo stalked Jaylan for months prior to the shooting. “Neighbors said he would sit in the parking lot [and] wait for her to come home,” she said. Jaylan was a realtor and popular social media influencer. She amassed a strong TikTok following by turning ordinary items she purchased at Dollar Tree into extraordinary gifts. Babygirl was very creative.

Jaylan leaves behind a young daughter.

Ladies, choose better.

“If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please let us help you,” said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.

“We have a team of compassionate Victims Assistance advocates to help you.”

Hear that ladies?

If a man is beating your ass, call the cops ASAP.

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Why did those around her accept her abusive relationship?! As her mom she should’ve intervene to save her life. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Guys you got to do better out here when it’s over it’s over it’s too many women out here rejection is a powerful stimulant my granny always told me love is a drug.

  3. He didn’t want a girl be sold his misogyny! They don’t respect the opposite sex. Off topic if you’re ever talking or hear a man use the word “female “ it’s a red flag. I’m 99% sure that he’s a misogynist. That’s dissociation. You’re not on they’re level because men are better than women and you should run!

  4. Some of these parents are raising broken, sorry, pathetic men.
    My condolences to the family of the young lady.
    Just when i think these stories will subside. They dont. 😢

  5. This is why I talk to my daughter til I’m my out of breath, We as Black Women should focus on ourselves & children- Many of these Men have no purpose & will waste your time. My condolences to her Family. This why I m divorced & single by choice.

  6. The girls are bossing up because women know how to raise girls.
    Who is raising the boys???? Where are the men??? All around them are broken men who can only teach them how to be angry, bitter, black-women-hating men.
    NO ONE coddles bm more than other bm.

  7. Its not just broken men, its broken women that tear down men too. Lets be 100% trill about it.

  8. RIP for her…Rot in Hell for him…this road to poverty, misery, DV AND RIP starts in the bedroom with these men…Dont Allow Them In….P.S. most men hide the person they really are..a woman has to be very intuitive to notice the Real Him…

  9. God calls the women wicked, and says the wise woman buildeth her house but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.

  10. She was probably carrying the load and trying to build a legacy. He seemed to he riding her coat tail. Majority of these men are bums, and their the ones looking for help. They come in these beautiful, intelligent, and goal driven women’s lives, just to destroy them. They’re just a bunch of dream killers! Most of them have horrible intensions. They can’t hide it for long. They eventually get exposed!! …It’s such a superficial layer.

    Women! Please pray for discernment. 😢 🙏🏼

  11. Spreading light on these stories of our genocide is imperative.

    But I implore us to see that this is not happening to just us. It’s happening to all women! All over the world women are suffering. Dealing with horrific abuse and subsequent genocide at the hands of men. This is bigger than bw vs bm. It’s men vs. women. If you’re seeking answers to what is going on, listen to The High Powered Podcast. There is no more time for games.

    My condolences to this beautiful young woman😔🙏🏾

  12. This is why it’s a struggle for me to smash women on dating apps. They be so paranoid because of men like this forcing me to talk to 6 at one time just to make sure I score. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. NEVER tell your abuser you’re leaving. Save money secretly, slowly and stealthily get your stuff together and when he goes to work, LEAVE! Change your phone number, only give it to FAMILY and most importantly, STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA or lock it down and don’t tell ANYONE where you live, but your immediate family.

  14. i wish they would have had her go to a relative who was out of town and start new or get the RO and BLOW HIS HEAD OFF if he showed up after that cause she would have the right to BLOW HIS HEAD OFF and live her life! what she get the gun for since it was not used and he was at her home???? co-parent or not i wish she would have had that gun ready to BLOW HIS HEAD OFF OFF OFF! must be one hard head cause he tried and didnt even get it done himself…????

  15. There’s no point in relationships anymore, majority of women don’t mind being in abusive relationships cause of the exciting toxicity of the relationships. Women allergic to good men and go after the bad men, and don’t feel sorry she lost her life, she choosed him and see how shit ended. Too bad so sad bye bye, that’s how relationships are now, oh well.

  16. She was in these streets cheeks clap till its red and sore, ninja couldn’t handle it

  17. These aren’t men. These are DEMONS and they walk amongst us! It’s going to get worse

  18. So sad just taking our beautiful smart black women from their babies because of jealousy and envy. I pray that every dog has his day and they all get the justice they deserve. The saddest thing about it is once you meet him its too late because they already have it in their mind that no one else will have you. Its crazy because they are manipulators and they are wolf in sheeps clothing when you first meet them.

  19. Ladies if you’re in a domestic violence situation, DO NOT hide it from your friends or family. The violence will not get better. You cannot change that person from a violent one to a loving one.

  20. How can you say you love someone then envy them to the point of killing. He was so envious

  21. Ladies the first time any aggression towards you grabbing you, yelling at you, getting in your personal space LEAVE!!! It only escalates and gets worse from there. No matter how many times and ways he apologizes and despite what gifts he buys you it’s NOT worth you!, and you’re prolonging the inevitable! I pray 🙏🏼 for her family and healing… LISTEN to her mother! Love you enough ❤ my daughter isn’t speaking to me now cause I called her out in not listening to my advice and her ex husband attacked her in front of my grandkids in a public parking lot! Had she listened it wouldn’t had happened! I’m kool with it, because as she said I am her mother ❤

  22. That man has no emotion in his eyes. He looks soul less. A definite psycho path/sociopath. Absolutely no remorse. He deserves nothing less than the death pena!ty He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He tricked that poor girl into falling in love with him and when she did he used it against her to try and destroy her and when that didn’t work. He murdered her . She realized he was a fraud and wanted out of that toxic relationship and he wasn’t having it. He viewed her as his property and he was too weak to give her up. She wanted and deserved better for herself and her baby girl.

  23. I see alot of ya blaming men…..but they chose these men….and another thing i see this woman have in common……the fake hair nails lashes make up and social media influenced…..this look at meeeeeeeeeeee complex…so they tend to go for men with money and when a man invest money into you he’ll kill you no cap… in peace to her…..but prove me wrong…..go through the list of these stories and look at the woman

  24. A lot of the time when older women (like myself) try to give young women advice about these men, the first thing they scream is that they are jealous. It’s not that. We have been there and done that and don’t want to see other women going through what we did. My happiest years have been living as a single woman who loves herself first.

  25. Ladies if you are going somewhere in life and making big moves , please seek men who are already successful. I use to say “seek men who are going in the same direction as you” but these days when you both are on the same path and maybe you’re path grows greater and faster, they get jealous as well and still the same outcome. Just seek men who are already successful atp because this is just too sad and very scary and discouraging. This is why women prefer to stay single … we don’t even want to date anymore or let a man know where we live because of these reoccurrences. Whenever you see these guys , they are always in the background of their successful women riding their waves instead of making the boss moves they should be. Ladies you will always outgrow a man like that once you see he adds no value to your life and when you do, he will not know how to take it because you are all they have and they have nothing else going on in life. Be smart, look past the looks, a charming bum is not going to be effective in your life.

  26. She had an unusual knack for turning ordinary items into extraordinary gifts. That waste of space was extremely jealous and controlling.

  27. Young women are so quick to wanting babies especially by dumb immature and crazy males. Instead, they should concentrate on bettering themselves. But most of the time, you can’t tell them nothing until it is too late. It is sad that our young beautiful ladies feel they are not complete unless they are unmarried but have babies and a man. Thank God my mom taught me otherwise. Thank you God and thank you Mommy.

  28. Very sad. Might as well stay single. There is contentment and peace in remaining single. There is happiness and freedom as well. More women should try it.

  29. Tragic, ladies watch out for bytch made unstable Ninjas. Chk his upbringing, no man at home or help in the raising a [quality man] , slide! His hyper emotional AZZ reps the single mother paradigm he indigested bc of the lack of pertinent masculinity energy in those formidable years.

    Hints: Argumentative, unless he’s a lawyer, a man ain’t with all that back an forth, peep game early. Save that shyt for your girlfriends. Controlling, insecure, needy, all RED FLAGS! There are men and there are males, a severe difference in distinction, failure to recognize will have these disasterious results. Condolences to the family of the victim in this senseless matter!

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