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Stripper: High-Value fellas shouldn’t work a 9 to 5 job

Diamond disrespects working men/YouTube

Black chick defines high-value man. 

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ATLANTA — Damn, you know times are precarious when having steady employment ain’t enough. A viral video shows high-maintenance stripper ‘Diamond the Body’ providing a list of métiers high-value men should eschew. “There’s a list of jobs that men should not do, especially grown-ass men,” she ranted. “For one… McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s… as a matter of fact, any fast food restaurant. If you think that [as] a grown-ass man working in a fast food restaurant is ok, something is wrong with you. Leave those jobs to the teenagers. My nephew can’t even get a job right now because there’s some grown-ass men in his goddamn 40s flippin’ my goddamn burger.” Diamond believes retail jobs are equally inappropriate. “I don’t want to see no grown-ass man handing me a dress,” she said. “Why you a grown-ass man working at Ross? That makes absolutely no sense. Target, Marshall’s… like guys, give it up. Leave these jobs to the kids. These are jobs you get in high school.”

Fellas… if you work for the city, don’t even think about approaching Diamond. That’s because it’s her assertion all municipal jobs suck ass. “And for you high-value men that think that it’s high-value to work for the city, let me tell you something. You’re absolutely wrong,” Diamond vented. “No police officers, no firefighters, no construction workers, no mailmen, no post office… if you consider that a high-value man, you’re absolutely wrong. There’s nothing high-value about making $70,000 a year. It’s pathetic. It’s sad.”

Then, as the proverbial 🍒cherry on top, babygirl made it crystal clear being a garbage man is the worst profession of all.

“I don’t want my husband coming home smelling like trash,” she explained.

“Yes, we do need people to take the trash out. But don’t come to me thinking that’s a high-value job. You guys need to go get some real careers. Become an entrepreneur or something. Own a Lamborghini. You’re driving around here in a f*cking Toyota and thinking you’re high-value ’cause you work for the f*cking post office. You’re absolutely wrong. Stop it. You’re low-value. If you want a high-value woman like me, you need to switch your career path.”

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Fake nails. Fake hair. Fake jewelry. Fake eyelashes. Need I say more?”

Another chimed in with, “Um, I make 6 figures at the post office and I only work 5-6 hours a day.”

A third viewer added, “How can those jobs be for teens when most businesses open at 9 or 10 a.m.? Kids can’t even work that early.”

What’s my take?

Diamond, who claims she slept with 2,000 n*ggas, is simply shaming guys who aren’t interested in her.

“Sometimes I feel like being a real ho,” she said.

Diamond is enamored with Pookie & Ray Ray and that’s where she belongs.

Besides, a large segment of high-value men have forfeited conjugal aspirations with Western women.

Divorce laws in America are simply too punitive.

Even prenups have flaws.

That’s why the Passport Bros are traveling overseas for nooky.

Diamond had the audacity to trash police officers.

Yet, she’d be the first to dial 911 when Pookie beats her ass.

That said, do you agree her?

Should men quit good jobs and pursue entrepreneurship?

Watch Diamond go scorched earth.

Share your thoughts.


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  1. them city jobs and post office jobs got great benefits and they can retire after 20.

  2. I’m 26 and working retail and in a leadership position and I help a lot of people get the stuff they need

  3. I love BW but man some make it damn near impossible to put up with them.

  4. This looks like the same chick that said she slept with over 1000 men who is she trying to give advise 🤦🏾‍♂️


  6. I kinda agree with this chick…not 100% but like 75% of what this chick say’s is FACTS

  7. Who is she going to call if her house needs repairs? Yeah us construction workers are very very valuable

  8. I’m glad I come on social media just for entertainment. I take none of this stuff seriously.

  9. So for the ladies that are working, this job , it’s OK for them to do this job 🤔

  10. I don’t understand…a job is a job…maybe that’s all they are qualified for & it’s nothing wrong with someone working as a officer, fireman & etc

  11. ain’t no way she gotta man 😂😂😂 you pretty much gotta be a celebrity to mess with her

  12. I’ve never met a broke police officer, firefighter, a garbage collector or a construction worker. I just wanna throw that out there. My friend who in the army, works in IT now and owns rental properties drives a Toyota Camry, my other friend is a disabled military vet and federal retired employee who also owns rental properties drives a Nissan Maxima. Another friend owns party catering company and a hookah lounge an old Ford Expedition. Another one who owns a transportation and security company drives a Honda Accord. The percentage of wealthy people who drive super high end luxury cars and show off that they have money is very small, and those are usually entertainers and athletes. I’m saying all this to tell her she’s super delusional and out of touch of reality. Unfortunately, there are so many young women who see her a role model. You don’t see non western modern women post idiotic things like on the internet. 🤦🏿‍♂️

  13. I might be able to understand this sistah saying something about a grown man working in fast food, but police officers and firefighters smh?! Either..

  14. Delusional dust bunnies now shaming men for making an honest living but we see them interviewed on the street lusting for scammers snd drug dealers.

  15. Well if these guys work at places of such low value does it change the dynamics of it if they are supervisors or in the management field I think that the moving of the goalposts has ruined generations to come.

  16. I actually agree with her. The way men shame women for their looks. IT MAKES SENSE THAT WOMEN WILL SHAME THEM FOR BEING BROKE. Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

  17. This sis may not have done her research thoroughly. City,State, etc jobs are more about job security, pension, benefits etc. two examples. When covd hit when a portion of the world was experiencing layoffs, my state position informed my branch that if there is more than 3 individuals in a vehicle we have to split. We worked 4 hours and the state paid for the other 4. Not ONE INDIVIDUAL GOT laid off. Still got 80 checks. The women got computers and worked from home. Secondly if you’re hurt on the job/or is fired prematurely you get to sue that particular city and get your job back and receive back pay including any overtime missed if you were already active on a list. Third if theres a high value man/woman that just happened to be attracted to her facial features (but couldn’t hear her voice) wanted to take her around his family (which quite naturally consist of multiple low value men) how would she react around his family members once they disclose their source of income???? Would he wanna stay once she attempt to shred them legal, hard working,sons, fathers to pieces?????

  18. Majority of us that work those jobs have multiple streams of income.

  19. Kevin Samuels laid out what High Value Man is. So she is correct on certain points

  20. A high value woman or man, doesn’t come from their purse or wallet. This woman claimed she’s a high value woman, all of us can see that’s a low value woman talking.

    Most of the men she mentioned are high value men, a high value man knows a high value woman and a low value woman. She definitely can’t get one of them, so shame them is the cheap shot she can take. There’s nothing she can do to devalue a high value man.

  21. I’m gonna say what needs to be said and what ya’ll afraid to say. Today’s BW is paathetic and u§eless. I speak for 98% of BM, we h⁸te u. Woodn’t p⁸ss on u if u was on 🔥. Let that sink in. I’m saying this and i was in the Nation for 30 yrs. Digest this reality and when you’re alone ask yourself is this how you really want it to be? “The Hate that Hate Made”

  22. Listening to her spout off about the kind of work that is good verses bad. I think of episodes of Martin where Tommie tells Cole..”You stupid!!!”😅

  23. She smells like “ONLY FANS” I bet money she has an account. But want to criticize grown hard working ppl

  24. Most of these women today are in serious debt…too much spending and not enough investing for the present/future period.

  25. This is part of the reason many black men are traveling overseas more. All this nonsense and judging you by your job title and how much money you make is ridiculous. Black men, keep your passport ready. Majority of these modern women are not it. RUN!

  26. My grandmother, her sister, and my aunts warned me about these types of females and I don’t give em any breathing room.

  27. I’m a network engineer, and it is still hard to find good women in the States.

  28. My question is where is her husband at if she’s such a high value woman why is she not married? I’ve been married to the same woman for 28 years and when I did make mistakes my wife never look down on me nor talked about me she loved me through my mistakes nowadays you can’t find a woman like that.

  29. Imagine someone who sells her body for a living telling you what your value is. This shit is hilarious.

  30. That’s the cold reality of this situation. Women like her just want everything from a man without doing a damn thing. If they work they spend all their money on themselves. Then we gotta turn around and spend all our money on them and bills. Shit is sad.

  31. She works being a half naked 304 looking like the type that goes up to creeping men in cars.
    This is giving career advice.
    Only black women.

  32. I Disagree, A Man Having Any Job Is Never Wrong Regardless Of Where He Works. As Long As He’s Making An Honest Living And Feeding His Kids Thats All That Matters.

  33. A stripper is NOT a HIGH VALUE WOMAN! Being a stripper is not a profession a grown woman should be aspiring to have.

  34. Let this man be a drug dealer having people family members addicted and paying a weekly bill or a dude scamming the elderly out of their whole savings, she would respect those men more. SMH some of these women out here are disgusting

  35. Ugh! She gross as hell! I definitely would not get with her! Disgusting!

  36. Alot of these “modern women” don’t know the difference between high value men and men of high value 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  37. This is what this world has come to Rachet women like her are trying to set standards for society. If you women follow her you will be hitting the wall soon.

  38. There’s a reason why Kings and other Nations take the skilled craftsmen, creators, and builders (aka Labor Works) above everyone else. It’s because we build cities. We don’t need disrespectful 304s but they need us to survive. History teaches us who the High Value Men are (Jeremiah 24vs1). When nations are conquered, the only women that are valued are women that possess skills that help the men and they are meek and humble in their roles towards men and understand the helper roles they were created by God to play for men. All the 304s get passed around and then discarded. 304s don’t build societies. They help to destroy them 💥🔥😏✊🏾

  39. Why do these sex workers keep getting platforms to say nonsense. This women has been with over 2k men and has no skills. What makes her qualified to make this video.

  40. She ain’t nothing but a scamming-ass stripper. Giving people like her attention is beyond ridiculous…

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