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Fourth grade teacher gets pregnant by a 12-year-old

Alissa got knocked up by a kid/YouTube

Teacher pregnant by 12-year-old.

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COVINGTON — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to Alissa McCommon — a married 4th grade teacher at Charger Academy in Covington, Tennessee — who was fired and jailed after getting pregnant by a 12-year-old student. In addition to statutory rape, Alissa is charged with grooming 21 kids. Now she’s facing 23 counts. Damn. Alissa used her Xbox to lure kids to her home. “Multiple juvenile victims have come forth stating that they were befriended by their former teacher, McCommon, who began playing video games with them, and then further engaged with them through mobile phone social media apps, which led her allegedly sending inappropriate photographs and requesting sexual relations with the victims,” the police department said in a statement. Alissa, 38, showed up in court with a baby bump and her husband blew a gasket.

Man, y’all better be careful with these Western women. Most of ’em ain’t marrying. Hell, back in the day, I f*cked at least three married women who didn’t tell me they were hitched. One of ’em guffawed in my countenance after breaking the news. She descried the sick look on my face and thought it was funny. Ain’t that a bitch? Telling you dawg, today’s popsies are different, especially in the West. That said, there’s still good women out here. But it’s imperative to perform due diligence first.

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  1. Im just trying to understand why teachers continue to have inappropriate relationships with students knowing full well it will get out. Literally went to school to become a teacher just to prey on children! Sick!!!!

  2. I feel really bad for her victims, but I also feel really bad for her husband and their children.

  3. She had major issues! She deserves a life sentence! CHILD MOLESTER!!!!!!!

  4. As a teacher this is beyond contemptuous. You never have any communication with a student outside of school and without parental knowledge. This is basic teacher training! She absolutely knew better.

  5. This is absolutely heinous. There are no words strong enough for this situation.

  6. Taylor Swift does the same thing. A 30 something woman writing songs and performances to preteens. The only difference is actual physical contact. Both very sick.

  7. I fell in love with my school teacher when I was 14. I couldn’t help it. She was 22 and so, so beautiful, that I was moved to tears every time I saw her‼🥲Lucky kids indeed‼😋

  8. what is wrong with female teachers now a days this is an everyday thing. Women abuse more kids then men and cause more mental and physical damage to them. They need to make bigger examples of these women with way longer and equal prison sentences to men who do the same thing.

  9. Sickening 🤮 what does a grown woman see in a 12 year old child❓️

  10. That’s teachers these days they wanna sexualize and groom your kids there are a lot more just like her !

  11. Can’t believe I’ve seen men wishing it was them. Like, how depraved to be JEALOUS of young boys being being raped. Ew.

  12. When he turns 18 he will be on the hook for child support…. Make it make sense…

  13. Oh my god, this is vile. The victims family need to get custody of that baby. Don’t let this psycho use that baby to stalk, harass and torture that little 12 year old boy. Get custody, raise the baby, let your 12 year old child grow up and live his own life worry free.

  14. Back in my day, when we said a teacher was “easy,” it meant she didn’t give much homework.

  15. Parents need to be more involved in what their children are doing! If you are going to allow your children online you need to have regular chats with them about safety as well as keeping an eye on what they are playing, watching and listening to.

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