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Pop balloon if they suck or keep it if you think they hot

Pop The Balloon very popular/YouTube

Pop the balloon or keep it. 

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LOS ANGELES — Fellas, are you seeking new vulva? Ladies, are you craving “D” from another source? If so, yours truly has great news! The dating show “Pop The Balloon Or Find Love” is becoming very popular. Hosted by Arlette Amuli, the show features sets of single men and women who have the option to pop their balloon if their dating option sucks. Or… if they find the person attractive, they can simply keep the balloon and live happily ever after. Can’t lie. Most of the contestants end up mortified. One time, a bachelor sauntered to the stage where almost a dozen sexy popsies awaited in anticipation. The women must’ve found him unattractive because they popped their balloons before he could even say a word. His appearance alone was obviously a turn-off. Short dudes don’t stand a chance at all. There’s also an instance where a collection of bachelors dissed a sexy bachelorette because she’s a Christian. Instead, the fellas preferred vixens who are lecherous and scantily clad.

Female viewers were pissed at their decision. “I got 15 minutes in. Looks like fun and a worthwhile endeavor. I don’t see it being problematic, just a way to get people to know each other and possibly date,” a woman wrote. “However, it kinda reinforces why I don’t think men in general, and Black men in particular, are worth dating. They are shallow, contrary, and delusional. Good luck to any woman that chooses them because she’s going to have to settle for a lot of bullsh*t if she decides to carry on in the long run.”


Another thing I noticed is women don’t like gettin’ jettisoned.

Men, for the most part, handled rejection with class.

Ladies, on the other hand, handled it much differently.

One chick cussed out an entire group of fellas when they all popped their balloons.

She called ’em “gay,” then talked trash about their mamas.

Funny sh*t.

Ok, I know whatcha thinkin.’

Are the women beddable?

I’ll say it’s 50/50.

Half of the chicks are sexy as hell.

The other half are f*ckable if you got nothin’ better to do on a Tuesday night.

Feel me?

Anyway, watch “Pop The Balloon Or Find Love.”

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  1. These girls are exhausting…..their outfits aren’t all that either. Popping a balloon over something small like an outfit makes no sense.

  2. These women are so delusional smh this why most men are single ready to mingle my outfit doesn’t define what kind of man I am

  3. I found it funny how the girls were popping they balloons when the guys were giving their honest preference and making harmless jokes saying they ain’t like it but turn around and laugh when the girls saying dumb shit lol

  4. I LOVE the way the lawyer talked to each woman and asked questions, it actually shows that he was going beyond appearance and what is on the surface,,, noochie sitting there looking tight and stuffed and has the pettiest stuff to say about someone and her hair isn’t done either… like how are you judging smh.

  5. Women listen: there arent enough 6 footers to go around with all of your specs. Start to begin to look for genuine love. Looks fade. I’d rather have a great guy who is a bit shorter than me, loves me, and treats me great than a tall man who belongs to the streets.

  6. Lawd hammercy, these broads deserve to be single! Graduating law school, having an LLC, a sense of humor and being headed in the RIGHT direction is JUST not enough these days. These women don’t want a man. It’s giving they want a woman, Oop!🤣! And I won’t even begin to speak about how they look and dress…puhhhleaze😬

  7. How about just getting to know someone without judging them off their Zodiac sign?

  8. And they wonder why black men date woman outside our race because modern black woman has to many critiques on the black man and never satisfied, no matter how good you look or how establish you are it’s always some bullshit but they fuck with bum ass guys who don’t got shit going for themselves

  9. This is a joke. These women don’t want to be in a relationship 😒.
    Petty reasons for rejection.

  10. This is how the dating world is. A bunch of women are aimless and date around with no purpose and no real idea of what they want. They reject good men for stupid reasons, then ask “Where’s the good men?”

  11. wtf these women on some other shit and I’m just on the 1st dude. Height, height, height, oh you have on skinny jeans ( mfer are you serious skinny jeans.) clothes get changed every day sometimes two or three times a day and she worried about skinny jeans!

    Other lady said his beard not lined up wtf is that. Dude not here looking shabby. His got damn hair is fresh and she talking about his beard.

  12. I hate when the host adjusts peoples mics, we can still hear them it’s fine lol

  13. it’s guys like these that make me worry about the future when AI sex dolls come around.
    like, they will develop that to cater more and more to these selfish, greedy bastards i cant even….

  14. bruh guys don’t want a kind, self-reliant beautiful girl who takes care of herself. they like toxic shit. they have no right to complain about it, they LIKE IT.
    the only thing they wanna do to is to TEST her and how much she can tolerate and then spit her out. that’s it.
    not saying the other girls were not, but the second girl CLEARLY took a lot of criticism so sweetly and affectionately and held no grudges against them, and see how they just spit her out for it. she put so much effort to get that well-dressed, take good care of her figure, is clearly understanding and open-minded, and see how they just took her for a ride and even lowkey ENJOYED rejecting her and watch her get put on the spot, get rejected, and then have to get herself back up again. the ego kick all those bastards got out of it, i can imagine, and it f*cking disgusts me. not ONE GUY there had the basic honor to acknowledge how well she took it.
    the audacity the short guy had to tell her that “now you know how WE feel” like bro wtf is your problem, she said absolutely nothing about your height, wtf are you projecting on her. she didn’t even reject you, you rejected her, and you basically said that out of some sort of “sweet revenge” place in your mind like ugh
    i took this personally because most of my life, i’ve been like that second girl. never understood why and i know there’s someone out there waiting for me who will value me, but all i can do is keep believing in God and pick up myself from the pain till then.

  15. I am actually very impressed by this show/podcast and by these men and women. I love how some of them were mentioning about believing in God as a top 3, I am myself follower of Christ because He transformed my life few months ago and I actually do not know how I ended up watching this show because I am more into knowing Him and secular things in general are no longer part of my life. I am a child of God and I love everyone, however there is this zealousness in me as I am very fervent for the Lord, as I should be, and many of them were defining themselves with their zodiac signs but mentioning about God, which is not pleasing to Him. God made us in His image and likeness. No disrespect, but seek Him and only Him and I promise everything else He will add up. Matthew 6:33 <3


  17. These dudes was TRIPPIN on the 2nd girl in the brown dress. She was SOLID

  18. That tall dark-skinned man is🔥🔥, a true definition of dark, tall, and handsome!

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