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Zaddy dismembers black woman on their first date

Zaddy killed Sade, Asia & Lauren/YouTube

Sade dismembered by Zaddy. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MILWAUKEE — The adventures of Brad & Chad continue. Maxwell Anderson, 33, was thrown in the slammer after he dismembered 19-year-old Sade Carleena Robinson during their first date. The femicide transpired on April Fool’s Day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to police reports, Maxwell — who’s white — met Sade — who’s black — through a dating app and they decided to dine at a seafood restaurant. The date must’ve gone hella bad because shortly after ingesting fish ‘n’ chips, Maxwell thwacked Sade upside the head then chopped her up into bits ‘n’ pieces. Sade’s right leg was located the ensuing Tuesday around 5:30 p.m. at Warnimont Park. “The leg was severed just below the hip socket and appeared to have been sawn off,” the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said. “The toes on the feet had pink nail polish. The leg did not appear to be decomposing.” Four days later, on April 6th, law enforcement officials found Sade’s left foot adjacent to train tracks.

They figured it was her’s because it had “matching pink nail polish.”

A few days later, Sade’s arm and torso were discovered by a civilian at Lake Michigan. Authorities relied on text messages, phone-tracking services and surveillance footage to build a case. An eyewitness also told investigators they descried a man setting Sade’s car on fire in an alley. Maxwell was arrested and charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse and arson.

Running afoul of the law is nothin’ new to Maxwell.

His criminal history also includes domestic violence and disorderly conduct.

While searching Maxwell’s duplex, authorities found Sade’s blood in the stairwell and on a comforter.

Now you gotta wonder if rape and/or cannibalism were involved.

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Picking a white guy from Milwaukee to date? Does, uh, Jeffrey Dahmer ring a bell?”

Another chimed in with, “This young lady was 19 years old, a teen. So what in the world was she doing going on a date with a freaking 33-year-old man? Did he lie about his age to get her to date him?”

A third person added, “But they said white men treat black women better. Divestors, where are you? CRICKETS.”

W️hat’s my take?

Black women used to lambaste black men for dating low-grade white chicks that white men don’t want.

Now we’re seeing sistahs doing the same damn thang by settling for Bottom-Shelf Brad because they can’t attract the crème de la crème.

My advice to each American, regardless of your ethnicity: If you’re gonna date outside the race, at least shoot for the stars.

I’ve seen white women with Pookie & Ray Ray.

Now we have black chicks with Brad & Chad.

Sade, Asia Maynard and Lauren Smith-Fields were all deep-sixed by substandard white men on the first date.

Ladies, choose better.

Watch explosive coverage, Maxwell’s court appearance and more.

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  1. You’d be surprised at how few dates beautiful, intelligent Black women like Sade get asked out on. Society has denigrated and degraded women who look like her so much, that date offers from people who can actually match her energy are few. My heart goes out to her and all the other young women who have her profile.
    She would have done better continuing to pursue her education and building her gifts/talents then going abroad to find better options in men who will actually appreciate her for who she was– a driven, hardworking, disciplined and beautiful young lady. Too many men ( of all races) in the U.S, are enraged by the freedom women have to choose who they will be with or deny. The independence that women have and the success that they have shown vs. so many lonely, lost males is creating BIG problems in society.
    Many of them feel entitled to Black women, in particular. They know that if they commit a crime against a Black woman, it is LEAST likely to be investigated. This is one reason why the rates of femicide of college attending Black women is the highest among all women.

  2. What about the black women and black men that’s killing each other every day so what some white Jeffrey Dahmer Ted Bundy comes along and kills somebody it’s a whole big problem the black community is full of lies in hypocrisy

  3. Why would you expect different sleeping with the enemy ️. She couldn’t of thought it was gone turn out good no way in the world

  4. He dont look like the kinda white guy who’s into black women. She was just so desperate for white she was blinded.

  5. Everybody recognizes that Pookie is generally worthless, low information, broke, lacking job skills and critical thinking ability. They recognize that he is often a homicidal maniac, with a complete lack of impulse control. But they pretend that his female counterpart, Pookeesha, is a virtuous, brilliant, hardworking, saint. Pookeesha and Pookie are cut from the same cloth and come from the same dysfunctional subculture that defines Da Hood, or what some call Blackistan.

    These black females whose concept of womanhood is twerking their funky asses, while wearing white or Asian women’s hair over their own, while also wearing 3 inches of thick pound makeup, and Freddy Krueger nails, are just as unfit to be wives and mothers, as Pookies are to be fathers and husbands.

    They are both the main products of a Blackistani subculture that perpetuates generational pathology and dysfunction, poverty, misery, and degeneracy. The only difference is that the state gives Pookeesha stipends, subsidies, cash, and free schooling, all at taxpayer expense. Pookeeshas will get worthless degrees in academic fluff from degree mills and be declared brilliant scholars. Or they will get certificates in weave styling from trade schools that amount to participation awards.

    But they are still pookeeshas who gravitate to Pookies or bottom Shelf Brads. And their sad endings are quite predictable. Difference is, Pookei will only shoot her in the head or stab her 100 times. But Bottom Shelf Brad will decapitate her or chop her up and eat her.

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