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Nutty dad killed twin girls because wife wanted out

Randall killed his own daughters/YouTube

Depressed dad kills twins.

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ST. CHARLES — Another day. Another simp. Anna Uncovered released the disturbing documentary of 48-year-old Randall Coffland who killed his 16-year-old twin daughters because he wanted his estranged wife to suffer. Randy also took his own life. The familicide-suicide transpired March 10, 2017 in St. Charles, Illinois. Randy and his Pakistani wife, Anjum Coffland, were separated and living apart. The twins — Brittany and Tiffany Coffland — were staying with their father in a luxury condominium when he lost his damn mind. Randy, who suffered from depression, pulled out a 9mm handgun and shot both girls in the head. Then he invited Anjum over. As soon as she walked in, Randy shot Anjum in both legs to ensure that she lived. Then he told her he murdered Brittany and Tiffany. A 911 call quickly ensued. During his chinwag with the dispatcher, Randy confessed to killing the girls and shooting his wife. “I’m going to kill myself now, too,” he told the operator.

“My two girls are dead, and I’m killing myself.”

Randy then looked at Anjum and said, “I want you to live and suffer like I did,” before blowing his own brains out. Shortly after her husband’s death, Anjum called police — begging for help. “Oh my God, my husband shot my kids,” she frantically told authorities. “My girls are dead!” When asked if she was injured, Anjum revealed she’d been shot but didn’t know where. “I don’t know … my legs,” she said. Anjum was transported to Delnor Community Hospital where she received treatment.

Social media reaction was unforgiving.

One commenter wrote, “Taking the lives of your children to get back at your spouse is sick. I hope he burns in hell.”

Another chimed in with, “Never ask for a divorce. Pack, move and divorce once safe.”

A third person added, “Absolute COWARD. Disgusting piece of sh*t. Selfish son of a bitch. 🤬 Just ughh! This made me so angry. I can’t imagine being in that mom’s shoes..😭♥️”

I don’t get it.

Single ladies outnumber us 3 to 1 and these simps can’t handle rejection. Smh.

Watch the documentary and listen to explosive 911 audio.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. RIP girls. I’m sorry Anjum had to suffer through this. I hope Randy’s burning in hell!😡

  2. Sad, disgusting excuse of a man n father. Before i hurt anyone else, id hurt myself!!! Attention seeking SOB, calling emergency service before finishing himself!!!!

  3. I can’t imagine her pain ….😢 that poor woman…. he was an awful monster…those beautiful girls did not deserve that ☹️ her screams….😢

  4. Sooo he shot them and no one heard the shots and called 911? Not until the mom got there, was shot and started screaming?

  5. My ex-husband was so, so similar. He didn’t murder anyone, but he is in federal prison as a “registered” inmate. He was a fireman.

  6. I’ve watched A LOT of murder stories… this phone call takes the cake. That was the most heart breaking phone call I ever heard. Rest in peace Tiffany and Brittany 💐

  7. What a megalomaniac narcissistic piece of shit I’m so sad to see this story that’s a horrible thing that he did to his ex and his babies! Sick mental health issues should have been recognized by someone .

  8. I can’t imagine surviving something like this. How do you go on? Wherever this woman is, I hope she’s doing okay.

  9. So she knew he wanted no kids, asking for a divorce n moved out… smh, husband is a monster but this falls on the mother.

  10. He was a COWARD!! Hopefully he prayed for peace when he decided to do such an evil hateful act! Where he’s going he’s gonna wish, plead and beg to be set free, only thing is though that that will be his freedom, the HELL he will dwell in for the remaining of his supernatural life 😊😊😊😊

  11. Just wow!!!! What a sick, twisted asshole that coward of a “man” is……. My heart breaks for the mother of these two precious twin girls and I will pray for her often and her family. May she continue on getting stronger with each passing day I’m taking comfort knowing she will see her daughter’s again one day soon*,,

  12. Breaks my heart to listen to mom on 911…….😢😢
    The motherfucker should have just killed himself…..and spared those beautiful young girls…… They had their whole life to live…😢😢

  13. You helped create this life HOW COULD YOU KILL YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD!!!

  14. he killed the entire family..mama may still living but her soul died when he took their twins lives..then took his own life..whatta coward

  15. I guess the Dad moved from his Condo straight to Hell!
    GOD Bless you girls.

  16. I just don’t like the fact that she had him burried next to the girls 😞

  17. God bless these 911 operators because that’s a job that takes a very thick skin. He was a sick MF…no mother should have to ever experience this.

  18. She should adopt at least one kid. She’s an excellent mother and it would help her on her journey.

  19. If there is a hell, I hope he’s a melty, gross putrid mess. To sever the lives of your own blood for spite is purely beyond evil.

  20. I don’t like the fact the 911 operator was so like nonchalant??? Her kids got shot and he’s like maam calm down???? MANNNNN

  21. F*cking narcissistic coward. Such a waste of love and life all just because 1 (so called) “man” couldn’t deal or admit that he was the bloody problem. And as cowards do, he couldn’t stand to deal with the consequences of his actions so he ended his own life rather than facing questions and punishment.

  22. Omg. Her screams. 🙁 heart wrenching. The fact that the last thing on her mind is that she’s been shot. Fuck that loser for taking himself out. I wish she had gotten the chance to rip his nuts off and shove them down his throat hole.

  23. 1 Corinthians 10:31
    31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.🙏🏽

  24. This is not the whole story,seen this on another blog,the wife wanted all his money and she wanted to sit on her ass and not get a job among other things

  25. He is nothing but a VILE MONSTER!! An evil and selfish piece of sh*t!!! 🤬 DESPICABLE!!

  26. I don’t understand why the mother would let her kids live with their father knowing he was mixing his antidepressant with alcohol. She waited till kids were old enough to understand which meant they were old enough to understand new living situations.Their safety is more important then material comfort and the mother should of have known this too! It doesn’t matter if I only had a 1 bedroom apartment my kids would be much happier with me in a 1 bedroom apartment then living with someone who drank on antidepressants!

  27. I’ve been in a violent relationship and have had a gun to my head soo many times I can’t even count. The scars are from 30 years ago and I will stay single until I die because of it.

  28. He’s a disgusting pig! Coward, who now burns in HELL. Right where he belongs. Prayers to their mom, proud of her for her push. She will see her babies again.

  29. Oh hell no. First off I would have had a gun of my own with me to deal with his crazy a$$I but second I wouldn’t have even went over there alone. You won’t let me see my kids alone, Well hell I can’t see your ass alone mfer.

  30. This man is a LOSER! I hope he felt that bullet blast his head right off! I wish him NO PEACE in the afterlife

  31. @Stephen Passaggio: The daughters were near adults and they chose to stay with him in the larger house…….and it wouldn’t have made any difference where they were, he would have killed them all anyway.

  32. Well he purchased a ticket to Hell so he will be regretting that when judgement day comes

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