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Pookie killed wife after she chastised his drunken ass

Shawntai died trying to protect husband/Viral Crimes

Drunken Pookie kills wife. 

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DAYTONA BEACH — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Viral Crimes released the murder documentary of Shawntai Adkins, 34, who was shot dead by her simpin’ husband, 35-year-old Shantell Adkins, because she tried to stop him from driving drunk. Yep, he killed her for caring about his well-being. Gotta say, not surpised. With a feminine moniker like Shantell, he was destined for incarceration. The femicide transpired outside their residence, in front of neighbors, around 6:30 p.m. on October 19th in Daytona Beach, Florida. According to police reports, Shawntai found out Shantell was riding his motorcyle while inebriated — sparking a bout of contretemps. As the quarrel intensified, Shantell pulled out a rifle and opened fire — striking Shawntai in the head. Then he tried to blow his own brains out, but shot himself in the shoulder instead.

Shawntai was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shantell was transported to Halifax Health Medical Center where he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Dewayne Evans, Shantell’s uncle, called ’em a “loving couple” because they always appeared to be happy.

Turns out, they were being pretentious.

Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “Them motorcycle men are always a red flag.” Another chimed in with, “Wait, so he killed her because she gave a damn? This is why I will never again be in a relationship with a person with substance abuse issues.” A third viewer added, “There was abuse and violence in that relationship way before that deadly shot. You can pretend to be whatever you want to be on social media and deceive a lot of people. This is one of many examples of women losing their lives while pretending to be in a loving relationship or marriage.”

Shawntai was a registered nurse.

She leaves behind three children.

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’ve become numb to these situations, these women get involved with broken and disturbed males then we hear about just how toxic and troubled their relationships are behind the social media lenses once their dusty partner makes them a femicide statistic.

  2. Now let me see the stupid comments blaming the victim saying she should have picked better not a thug rite 🙄 like i said its deeper than that these men are snapping so called thugs or not

  3. Rip to her. Anytime I see people post up everything about their relationship up on social media it’s a red flag 🚩 to me. It’s often trying to camouflage issues. Body language says a lot too. Faint smiles. The faint touches and etc

  4. People might think what I’m about to share is crazy, but after watching 100’s of these relationship crimes and stories, I truly see the supernatural powers behind many. Yes, there are a lot of mental and ego causes behind many, but that saying, “The idol mind is a playground for the devil,” is real as hell.

    When folks are in heated moments, be it in a romantic relationship or any argumentative situation, that “Devil rage” is hard as hell to fight. This may also be labeled as “acting out on emotion.”

    Sadly, no one is exempt. I don’t care how much we screen a person or think we know a person, “Devil rage” can make the most angelic person snap. I’ve seen stories where those who would’ve never been thought of to do such dark crimes commit them.

    All I can say is, “Amour yourself” out here. I’m not a biblical or church person, but baby, the devil is busy. Family members are out here just slaying each other like crazy.

    Sometimes I hate that we have the internet to keep showing these stories, but these stories do help to raise the awareness, especially for those of us who see the bigger picture behind these stories.

    Keep the stories coming. Prayers of strength and comfort to the families affected by any crimes. Peace

  5. That Bible is telling the truth. There is something wrong with humans. We have a sin problem. Naturally, we are of our Father the Devil. Capable of murdering anyone who gets in our way. The heart is desperately wicked. Just like Jesus said, “Humans need to be born again.” Naturally corrupt. Repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus is soon to appear. 😊Jesus Christ is Lord.

  6. This is why the single life is looking more & more appealing these days.

  7. These men don’t really want to be with half the women they date or marry they are just a convenience free sex, a place to stay, money thats why its a walk in the park to unalive them.. ladies its ok to be alone

  8. He probably was on more than alcohol. You can’t talk to somone while they are high. You see beautiful pictures of this couple. For this man to shoot her in the head. It was some deep rooted hate in his heart against her. This was a woman pretending to have the perfect relationship and dealing with a abuser. Trying to change someone who is a demon! Loving a demon crazy and sad.

  9. This is why I’m not quick to trust people anymore cuz I’ve seen the dark side of what happens when I open up and trys to have other people best interest at heart , it backfires and they show they true colors , they begin to show me they want nothing do wit me besides what I can do for them , so I just disappear

  10. I’ve made the choice to remain single in my early 40s, primarily for the sake of my mental health and my safety. There’s a lot happening with people, and many of them are dealing with unhealed trauma.

  11. WE as ladies and women NEED TO WAIT ON THE LORD AS THE BIBLE SAYS TO DO because we can see red flags and still ignore them because they are so in love TRULY SAD 😔 😟 😥 !!!

  12. 🤔Did I hear right, Their names are similar to one another 🤷🏽‍♀️ Shawntel him & her Shawntay 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔
    Wow, I don’t understand why we have so many men mostly but women do it to have to resort to killing their partner & or wife or husband instead of go their separate ways 🤷🏽‍♀️💔🤦🏽‍♀️ this is being done more in this day and age because back in the 60’s,70’s, & early 80’s it wasn’t like this back then, if so it wasn’t often like we see it now, If I was younger in this generation as it is now I actually don’t think I would be in a relationship with anyone seeing how it is now with being in a toxic relationship and not wanting to be in it no longer & I have to be stalked and harassed and even murdered because of it to be honest. This is just so sad and awful to have to go through this type of thing 🤷🏽‍♀️💔🤦🏽‍♀️
    May she RIP & as he didn’t succeed in killing his self, God had the last word & he will definitely stay on earth to pay for his crime that didn’t have to be 🤷🏽‍♀️😡 God is definitely in charge Amen 🙏🏽
    May her family get the justice they deserve and May she RIP 🙏🏽

  13. It sounds like he was tryna sneak to his sidepiece house and she wouldn’t let him go. Now they wanna say she was trying to keep him from driving drunk. I don’t buy that.

  14. What do these women see in these kangs? The way he acts, you could tell he has a child mentality.

  15. Who shoots themselves in the shoulder if they are really trying to harm themselves 🙄I am very leary of people with anger management issues or substance abuse issues handling a gun. I personally don’t own one because I believe in law of attraction. You buy it, you are drawing in the energy to have to use it. So may people get it for their protection and end up dying from the very thing that was supposed to protect them or their family. Some people are just trigger happy. Combine alcohol with that and it’s a recipe for disaster. I don’t own one because I know thy self. I can be a hot head. If I owned one I might have been in prison years ago. No thank you. Best to be able to walk away and calm down.

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