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White supremacist killed a black father on 4th of July

Jon was stabbed multiple times/YouTube

Racist stabs black man to death.

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KANSAS CITY — Black Lives Matter. But, according to the criminal justice system, they don’t have much value. Sean Walter Tonkin, a 36-year-old white supremacist, got a slap on the wrist after he murdered Jon Rone Jr. because… he’s black. The racially-motivated crime transpired around 2:30 p.m. on the 4th of July outside the Liquor Land convenience store in Kansas City, Missouri. According to multiple reports, Sean approached several patrons in the parking lot and asked ’em, “Do you wanna see a white man f*ck up a n*gger?” On cue, the bloodthirsty bigot pulled out a knife inscribed with an American flag on the handle and proceeded to stab Jon multiple times in the torso. Sean was arrested an hour later. But he wasn’t charged with murder. Instead, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker gave Sean a summons for disturbing the peace.

Ain’t that a bitch?

The probable cause statement says, “Multiple witnesses at the scene of the cutting described that the cutting suspect was repeatedly using the word ‘n*gger’ prior to and during a verbal alteration with the victim in front of the business.”

Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “We, as Black people, are f*cked! On one hand, white men can kill us and walk away free. On the other hand… if we strap on our power tools and put in work, we get put in jail and sent up the river.” Another chimed in with, “Kansas City… I should have known.” A third person added, “I’m ready to ride on his ass tonight!” 

Detectives found traces of blood on Sean’s blade and still no murder charge.

Jon is survived by two sons.

Watch the report.

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  1. It is a new form of lynching that is nearly legal because the police decide it is so!

  2. This should be referred to the DOJ. Failure to prosecute a crime like this is a crime in and of itself, and falls under the DOJ’s authority because of it’s racial components.

  3. This is why people view racism as American as apple pie. Bigot commits a fatal hate crime in broad daylight in public and doesn’t get charged with anything related to it. It’s just “disturbing the peace” to kill a black person there. Likely won’t unless there’s public outcry since police don’t consider the victim a person.

  4. Killing a certain group of mothaf*ckas is being legalized. How much clearer can it be?

  5. Here we go again. No justice until people are again forced to disturb the peace until freaking prosecutors do their jobs

  6. It’s hard for the authorities to follow through when it’s one of their KKKlan mates.

  7. A little like the man that shot a black man on orders from his mother and no charges were brought.

  8. Why are the feds not involved when this clearly should be classified as a hate crime

  9. Oh Jesus Christ, that guy Tonkin looks EXACTLY like the type of guy who would actually be the sort of creep that would attack you in a dark alley.

  10. Y’all better arm yourself and stand your ground against these sick creatures

  11. This piece of trash should rot for what he did. if the black man did this to a white guy he would of got life in prison

  12. Didn’t a black guy do the same thing to a white guy a couple months ago? Why yes.

  13. Clearly a racist Karen prosecutor.
    The Court’s judicial system PD judges public defenders and prosecutors all over Amerkkk are All WS devils. It’s a known fact.
    They look out for each other and only prosecute black people..

  14. Damned if you do …or don’t defend yourself against those folks.
    🔴There’s an off switch in this unspoken reality of “I dont want to throw my life away” defending myself b/c of this crooked justice system.

    BUT one day, that switch will get flipped ON & then it’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 as long as they didn’t get to delete me!

    Our lives have value, defend it!

  15. WHAT THEEEE?????!!!!! Family needs to go hunting and get eye for an eye justice on this racist cavebeast!!!!!

  16. What can you say, except that this took place in Missouri, one of the most successful breeding grounds for ‘Murican homegrown terrorists. The perpetrator certainly has the poster boy look for the white supremacy movement…utterly lost, miserable, and stupid. You’re talking prime material for the Evangelical-MAGA-GOP-NRA consortium’s Nazi storm trooper wannabes. Hopefully justice is served even in a red state where racism and Aryan airs abound. 👍💙🇺🇸❤️💪🏻

  17. The police are ok wit white folks killing black folks. Had the situation been reversed there would have been a murder charge!

  18. Be a damn shame if anyone were to “disturb the peace” in that prosecutor’s office.

  19. The whole white hateful system is white supremist .we keep trying to fight these white hateful mfs through the the courts .but how could we get justice when they created this hateful system.they white system was created for black slaves and it still the same systemic white bullshit these hateful demonic cock sucker do

  20. Well due to the events that’s been happening to black folk, I just can’t understand why so many will not carry weapons at all times. He would be 6ft under coming at me with that bs. You wanna depend on a justice system that’s not meant for you and continue to act like everything is safe and ok👌🏿. That’s on you. I ain’t having

  21. 💥African Americans,👉 descendants of African slaves, we are the unknown stuntmen and women that makes this movie called America great. We don’t get the accolades or rewards nor the privileges or benefits of being the Superstar. Still, we are the reasons they are rich, that this movie is the greatest in the world. Let no one forget that fact! For God blessed us with the gift of resilience and the spirit of Champions, our day will come but we must not grow weary nor stop reaching for his hand extended in front of the morning sun. 🌅

  22. The judge, the prosecutor, and the police department should be fired, fined and replaced asap

  23. WtActual fuck.. listen black people you gotta stop acting like the white man’s property. What race would put up with this $hit but black folks? Kick a police dog get 3years. Kill a black man and get a summons. This happens because we have become weak, always trying to reason with The Devil when we should be sending them back to HELL.

  24. So tried of these evil white devils harming black people because they have so much hate in them.

  25. You know he’ll get his, then the prosecutor who went light on whitey will get hers too! There is a cost for messing with God’s creations!

  26. Time to to get the fuck on damn code black folks. When law enforcement fails black people, as it usually does, is time to take out the nedanderthl trash.

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