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Fidel murder documentary reveals sanguinary details

Fidel Lopez lost his mind/YouTube

Fidel Lopez straight snapped.

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SUNRISE — The Law & Crime Network released the Fidel Lopez documentary and it’s disturbing as hell. Fidel murdered his girlfriend — Maria Nemeth — on September 20, 2015 after she called out her ex-husband’s name twice during copulation. The femicide transpired inside their Colonnade apartment in Sunrise, Florida. After taking Maria’s life, an inebriated Fidel called 911. When police arrived, they found him crying next to Maria’s disemboweled corpse. Investigators later discovered body tissue in the closet and the walls and floor were splotched with blood. The walls were also bashed in and the sliding door was shattered — indicating clear signs of a struggle. After guzzling half a bottle of Tequila, Fidel did the unfathomable. The sadistic Cuban used a broken beer bottle to lacerate Maria’s abdomen, then stuck his arm up her vulva and ripped her intestines out. It was arguably the most sanguinary crime scene ever.

During interrogation, Fidel told detectives: “She called me the name of the other f*cking guy. And she said it twice, and she was wrong and she was confusing me with him. At that point, I get mad. I get really, really mad. If I was sober, maybe I would have just left the apartment. But I was drunk.” Fidel pleaded guilty to murder to elude the death penalty. He was sentenced to life without parole.

“Mr. Lopez was very remorseful and as evidenced by what he did today,” defense attorney Gabe Ermine told reporters. “He took full responsibility, accepts full responsibility, and decided to accept the plea, which is life.”

Fidel also spoke.

He thanked the judge and apologized to Maria’s family.

“I am happy to fulfill this conviction,” he said.

“I know that what I did has to be paid and I agree. I will pay for the life I took. To Maria’s family, I ask forgiveness.”

Moral of the story: Don’t scream anybody’s name during sex.

Just shut up and enjoy the orgasm.

Watch the documentary, police interrogation and conviction.

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  1. This guys actually done a Mortal Kombat “Finish Her” move wtf

  2. This couldn’t happen to my sister, mother, or cousins. I would be serving life in prison after I got my hands on this dude. My father tells me to be smart and all that…but for this guy I’D BE DOING HARD TIME.

  3. They about to have a great time putting objects up his hole in prison 😩😩😩😭😭😭

  4. I was eating a bowl of ramen when he started describing the crime scene, and I almost threw up. I feel sick to my stomach. This is so disturbing and sad.

  5. ‘Fidel you ripped her insides off through her vagina’
    ‘I didn’t mean to do it man’

    What the actual fuck???????

  6. A god damn Mortal Kombat fatality. This so gruesome that’s all I can compare it to jesus christ

  7. So he ripped out her organs, quite actually inserted multiple objects inside her, and then said he didn’t remember?

  8. I’m not in any way trying to give this sick mf leverage, but is it possible that he was under the influence of something? That sounds like some pcp behavior, idk

  9. This guy is the most disgusting, debased creature I’ve ever heard of. Among all the horror, they ask if he tried to clean up the blood, and he says, “no, why would I clean it up? She’s going to have to clean it up the next day!” So he rapes her to death and disembowels her, but he’s still shocked at the thought that he would have to be responsible for cleaning anything. I bet if he hadn’t quite murdered her and she lived, he’d have made her crawl around, half-dead, cleaning up her own blood and vomit from his attack. I’d call him an animal, but that’s an insult to animals.

  10. I hate saying it, but he’s so likable! Then I remind myself what he did to her. Drinking can affect certain people terribly, making men rage and lose clear memory. This was pure RAGE, jealousy. Yes. But I truly believe he’s a nice guy that didn’t intend to kill her. But a life sentence is appropriate. That poor girl. I hope she passed out faster than he says here. What unbelievable pain she was in. Ugh.

  11. he’s got the devil in him, no remorse, to rip out this poor girls insides with your bare hands, I can’t even wrap my mind around how anyone can do this to another human being. Makes you not want to trust anyone.

  12. I accidentally called out an ex’s name once. We got through it. It was just a slip of the tongue.

  13. This makes me sick. I cannot share this with anyone. Because they would judge me for watching it. It just sounds like an Impotent man has been laughed at by his girl and and he just destroyed her genitalia and continued onwards. I’m not even sure I want to know the truth of what and why he did It. As his version of which he has minimised to make him look better. Being drunk is not a mitigating circumstance to anything. Luckily she would have passed out I’m hoping pretty quickly . The poor girls parents and family. Imagine his own family learning of this depravity. Who could accept him as a son or brother or wife.

  14. I can handle alot and ive think ive heard it all but this case wow. It was ill and disturbed.

  15. “You disemboweled her”
    “She asked for it and I didn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want”
    “Okay, I don’t think you’re a monster”

  16. Do you think she made fun of his penis size or something? So he flew into a rage broke the house up and sexually assaulted her with large objects to teach her a lesson? Because if she was bleeding from the bottle insertion there’s no way she’d ask him to put his whole arm inside her! And why in the closet, sounds more like she’d been cornered 😔

  17. OMG, he pulled her organs out through her vagina! is that even possible?

  18. He is in a class of heinous, evil monsters. A plea deal is an insult to the memory of Maria and the absolute horror she endured when her life was cut short. He didn’t just take a life tortured, and acted out the evil that is in his heart. Every breath he takes is an offense against humanity.

  19. Damn! How could u just give him life, while all along , he RIPPED HIS GIRLFRIEND’S GUTS OUT!!!!’ DEATH SHOULD OF BEEN FOR HIM!!!!

  20. What in the…Disemboweled mess did I click on?He put his hand in where? Then you were in the closet! Bottle where? This is insane!

  21. How did he pull her intestines out through her vag? Wouldn’t that be anal thing?

  22. I think if I was f**king someone and they screamed their ex’s name I’d be some kind of flattered, and continue working to be better than that

  23. I wonder what SHE thought the cost of saying an ex’s name at a time like that would be. Me, personally: I would give it right back…but by accidentally saying the name of her best friend or sister.

  24. This guy has a Hyde inside of him, Jekyl and hyde is real! the brutality and manipulation. The savagery its too much.

  25. What is it with Mexicans and disembowling and skinning people?
    The cartels, every Mexican murderer, the Azteca and mexica…. it’s like.. something deep.

  26. I was assaulted by my ex partner who is now in prison for what he did but it always sticks in my mind the night he assaulted me I must of been screaming my head off but no one phoned the police and i have neighbours on both sides of my flat.. he whipped me with his belt and punched kicked and headbutted me until I passed out I can’t remember much after that apart from him washing my face and putting me to bed then I woke up the next morning to my eyes being that swollen I could hardly open them that’s when I phoned the police myself but I was lucky really, I know that. This poor girl was not lucky at all and I bet she never expected for one minute he would of done that I know I didn’t 🥺 what she must of went through omg 😢 I hope she is at peace now 🙏

  27. if you guys think this case is bad, check The exorcism of Almansa, those women were REAL monsters…

  28. What a fucked up way to die. Getting your insides pulled out. I can’t even fathom the agony, the pain, horror she must have felt. That poor woman. 😢 One more reason why I don’t participate in this hook up dating culture. Single, celibate & safe.

  29. Women are so addicted to drama that they will choose an abusive partner over a stable caring one because the normal guy is boring

  30. Complete Evil. Holy FAWK!!!! This thing is beyond EVIL!!!! I am in complete disbelief😐😢

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