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Black woman takes baby daddy off child support?

Woman explains child support drama/TikTok

Woman rejects child support.

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ATLANTA — A TikTok video has gone viral that shows a prepossessing black chick elucidating the raison dêtre behind taking her baby daddy off child support. As of now, she ain’t receiving a dime. While sedentary as a Lyft passenger, the forbearing damsel clarified the controversial decision. “So I decided to take my son’s father off of child support because it was causing turmoil in our co-parenting relationship,” she explained. “What I decided was… let me change my mindset. Let me help him help us take care of our child… and that’s co-parenting.” The sexy single mom said her modus operandi entails helping homeboy attend classes so he can get a Commercial Driver’s License and start his own trucking company. Once he’s remunerated, she’ll revisit his child support case for reimbursement. Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “This is ridiculous! The father should have figured that out before he got her pregnant. Or, he should figure out how to go to school while supporting his child.”

Another added, “I let Uncle Sam pay for all 16 of my kids.”

Do you concur with mom’s reasoning?

Should men be required to pay child support?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I can agree with this as long as the parents have an understanding, and both do what’s in the child’s best interest. Its nothing wrong with it, just as long as he holds up his end of the responsibility for the child. I realize the child support system is jacked up, by my son being on it. It’s set up to punish the man, and not what’s in the best interest of the child. They get they cut too! Child support should be used as a last resort, for men who really are not trying to help take care of their kids. Mothers need that help. However, if the mother has to go down to the county for any kind of assistance..its game over, she will not have the power to take the man off, unless she is off the system. They go after the men even more then..😉

  2. All the Female in my family have kids by multiple Low Degenerates…….The decent guys in my family rarely have children. Blackwomen are Geddo Gaggerz for Pookies and Rayray and for Wyte Zaddy. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  3. First off if they have joint custody child support shouldn’t be a thing. As a married I’ll help my husband im not helping no baby daddy find a job. Stop be lazy and go look you only have the kid half the time whats ur excuse.

  4. I have mix feeling.. First thought is what is her MOTIVE.. I was raised with Both parent/ He paid child support up until I was 22 and still gave me money…Regardless. Real men handle they responsibilities. Obviously he ran this by her what he was planning to do. Ok.. So you want to help him. Thats fine as long as your genuine f.. I would of lower his child support but I wouldn’t of completely took him off… Its either she trying to get back with him. Or throw whatever she done to help him, up in his face when thing doesn’t go Her way.. You don’t take ur child father off child support unless theres a MOTIVE/ its a slight chance she thinks there going to get BACK TOGETHER once he gets on his feet

  5. Y’all celebrating this like it’s something great. Haggling about supporting a child who had no say in whether or not to be in this world. And once the child is here, folks worried about dollars and cents 🙄. But I guarantee there’s money for weave, weed, sneakers and video games to name a few.

  6. Yeah thats the right thing to do if your ex is a civil and hardworking person but lets be honest, most ex wives or husbands are lazy or crazy and would rather bum it out than do stuff right.

  7. Screw that I will put them on child support. My mom made that mistake and to this day she regrets it. She helped him get his trucking license he promised her he was going to give her all his checks for helping and my mom never saw money from him . Always has excuses etc Hell no ladies but you better put a man on child support, if he was grown enough to nut in u he’s grown enough to face the consequences🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. I agree and disagree, to an extent….

    The father should wanna take care of his child regardless of the relationship between the mom and himself. The child has no hand in the bs you two are going thru.

    The mom should do her part in raising the kid reguadless of what the father is doing. If he’s a deadbeat dad, it shows you don’t know how to make sound decisions on who your lay down with.

    But if it works out well for the child and everyone gets along, then sweet, good job mom!!

  9. she realized giving up a little bit on the front end can pay a ton on the back sounds like her and the baby daddy putting a little plan in place…there’s some mad money in that trucking game!

  10. She’s amazing! For changing and choosing to help. Now that’s a strong woman

  11. WOW!!! So basically this sista figured out that it’s in everyone’s best interest for her to be an ally to her childs father as opposed to her being an adversary. And she also understands that a disgruntled father will not be as motivated to find and maintain gainful employment if he feels that the childs mother is spiteful, scornful and just plain nasty and money grubbing. Most importantly, this can potentially strengthen the bonds between the father and child and allow for a more cohesive co parenting environment.

  12. Why they always trying to make everybody sound like a fucking entrepreneur. Get the fuck out of here society needs people to work That’s why it’s always called the working class and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with making $60,000 to $40,000 a year.

  13. Theres a lot of women that understand the power in “helping a man” instead of putting him in the system that breaks up any possibility of family. The problem is that many women use it as a way to get back at the man for breaking up with her, it’s punishment. Or, they are using child support for their own personal income which in reality is not helping the kid anyways. All this woman did was see the system doesn’t work for the kid and she actually wants her kids father to be successful for their family. For that choice she was “wise “ can’t teach that to a “smart” chick.

  14. Her mistake was having a child with a guy who isn’t ready financially… at least she didn’t double down on the mistake by keeping him on child support for eternity 👍🏽

  15. What??? i respect the taking him off c.s.
    However if we planned out our families we wouldn’t have to go thru these changes. You dont have the damn family then try to start the kinda career normal people start when they are single.

  16. notice how she sounds like a plantation slave master who pitied one of his slaves and gave him freedom papers.

  17. It might’ve looked a lot better if she hadn’t made it a public announcement. It’s being interpreted in different ways but the cynic in me can’t help but see it as him looking rather ineffective in his parental duties.

  18. Smart woman. You can’t do that with everybody though. Some n*ggas don’t act right…

  19. I really commend this young woman for being forward thinking 🤔 and having a “US” mindset and ditching that ME thing that has crippled the black community since the beginning of time.

  20. What we have here is a female who put her emotions aside and is thinking long-term outcome. Most women cannot do what she is doing putting her feelings aside and thinking clearly.

  21. Either she is a rare logical woman or the baby daddy still hitting that. Because if she is this logical, why aren’t she and her baby daddy married? She already acting like she and him are together. I respect what she is doing but she and baby daddy might as well get married if they are already working together to raise their kid. What is the hold up?

  22. My son’s mother left me because I wouldn’t marry her because she was very masculine in her nature an untrustworthy. A year later I found my wife and I was married. As soon as my son’s mother found out, she immediately put me on child support and made it difficult for me to see my son. When I say difficult, I mean she has gotten very venomous and nasty with her false accusations. My son’s mother was completely jealous of my wife, so now she’s putting me and our family through hell, but God is good and will always win. 🙏🏽

  23. I PAY MINE; PERIOD!!!!!!! And apparently, at the register, the income tax, property tax, price hikes, long drawn out retirement age, others too. Government trying to support this invisible Sugar Daddy Uncle Sam Tax is the Greatest Burden on this great nation. And why? For What !!!!!!! To support the continued existence of these no good, Six foot Pukies, Ray Rays and Dontavious! She seems smart but very very foolish on this issue!!! And because of this decision, an all around drain on my pockets!!!!!!!

  24. Child Support isn’t the problem. Black Women not understanding how it works & it’s history of removing black economic power out their household & communities (physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially) is. They’ve gotta to make it work rather than serve Caucasian Cultural Supremacy.

  25. She shouldn’t be having unprotected sex without serious commitment and especially with a guy that’s struggling Putting a guy on child support that can’t afford it is pointless unless you just want to ruin his life

  26. This is good on her but wack on him. How is child support causing “turmoil“ in the relationship? There shouldn’t be anything to argue about.

    You have a set amount and you pay it every week or every month, however it was dictated by the court. There’s nothing to discuss.

    She’s being a grownup and he’s being a child.

  27. I have a feeling this guy is a bum. Why does he need help getting a driver’s license? Why does she have to help him to be able to help her? Why would taking him off child support improve their relationship? Was he taking it out on the child because he chooses to not have money and choose to be mad about being on child support. This girl will eventually learn. When I was younger I tried to help a man and it didn’t work. If the man doesn’t want to help himself no one can.

  28. She gone be looking stupid in 6 months when she can’t afford food, shelter, or the basic necessities of life. “Momma, why we homeless?” “Cuz I didn’t want to oppress your father.”

  29. The fact that you need the courts and public shaming to get a black man to financially support their own child just says it all. Its like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, its an exercise in futility.

    Like the old joke goes, once you go black, you’re a single mom. Ain’t that right, black moms?

  30. The truth is men are usless to women these days all they want from us is love affection and babies beyond that nothing that’s why she just help his useless assss get a job and if thats if he wants to be in his childs life the choice is his to make

  31. Bottom line, he is nutting in her again, duh! She looked up places for him to get his CDL. He is basically a child himself.

    So she had him stop financially supporting his child and now she is taking care of him instead (once again most likely). Yup, he smashing. But as soon as he stop smashing……….. back on that support.

  32. What really happened was she put him on child support just to be a bitter bich and the judge ordered $362 a month.

  33. I have heard a lot of black men talk around me. I’m not african-american but here is what i have noticed. A lot of them aren’t consistent. They think it’s ok to ‘help out’ when they can. A child’s needs shouldn’t be met when you can. When you aren’t responsible enough and just do what you can, you put all the load on the custodial parent who has to do the raising, nurturing and also bear all the finacial responsibilities of the child. I also realized a lot of black men don’t want custody of their kids. They wont even ask for it in courts even moreso when the kids are young because they know it’s a lot of work to take care of kids. I think black men also are really irresponsible with their seeds. I think they beleive, the women should get abortions on their demands or bear the responsibilities of the children. That’s wierd to me. All the children you are created with all the women you slept with will just make you poorer because once again, you have to take care of them not just ‘helping out when you can’.

  34. Let’s see how much a truck driver on the road will physically be there to help her raise the child…..these men will tell you anything! But hey that’s on her plus there is no such thing as taking someone off child support. The order will always exist and he will pay one day one way or the other. The judges clearly say that as a mother you do not have the right to deny support for the child. When he turns 65 and is looking for social security they will snatch it all at one time….all she can do is stop the enforcement process where they take his license. The fact that he probably already owes means he still will have to pay the back pay before he can get the cdl anyway

  35. I am a father on CS and for those who can’t grasp the understanding of CS if you co-parent and is the working parent you support your child twice when the child is with you and not with you….that’s basic common sense and sometimes it will get rough cuz you also have to maintain stability for yourself in the process as well but with that being said the main point is being in that child’s life creating a bond and wanting the best for them before they reach adulthood…don’t get me wrong some women abuse the fact they can put a man on CS for selfish reasons too using the child as a pawn!

  36. This what I love about my black mom, she didn’t take people advice and put my father on no child support, my dad is super great, we hang all the time, have great convo, play ball, and all he is very athletic, I’m not I’m more of a book worm nerd. He is good with woman and people too, he, his siblings and mother always compare me to their decreased father, a nerd, bad with socializing, bad at dressing and super easy going simple dude.

  37. My mother Didn’t put my father on child
    support until I was 16 years old. For 16 years SHE was the one fighting and actually begging for a relationship for us. He couldn’t even do that. The only time I got to spend time with my father is when my mother gave him an all expenses paid trip and even then he only came to see us at night after hanging with his family. My story is my story so it shouldn’t justify or refute anyone else’s experience but all I can speak for is me. Some men need to be put on it, because it’s literally the least they’ll be forced to do.

  38. Everyone’s situation is different this is a difficult topic to discuss personally I took my kids dad off child support after one year because I got tired of hearing I pay child support what these men have a hard time understanding is you can’t raise a child you can’t take care of a child with just just love that child has wants needs demands that come with being a child a child is constantly growing the older they get the more expensive they get idk who put that in these men heads that as long as your in that kids life the mother should take what she could get and be happy. A man can put a woman on child support as well if he feels like she not keeping up with her end of the responsibility it’s not as common because women 9 times out of 10 the mother is the sole custodial parent who takes care of the child at least 80% of the time but we supposed to just be happy that the father is around 20% of the time what these men need to do is grow up period because if you would have never laid down with that type of woman you wouldn’t be in this type of situation. Put your big boy draws on and deal with your shit

  39. These niggas complaining about paying child support I was paying 2100 a month and had my kids. BM told me that ain’t enough for the lifestyle they accustomed too. I told her keep the change as long as I got my kids you can have it. Both kids in college on full ride scholarships ,now support done my state stops it at 18 period. Now her triffling ass living in income based housing driving a Ford Fusion. The lord works in mysterious ways.

  40. I would like my child’s father to be in their life but he refused after being in a 4 year relationship so I have no choice but to put him on child support I don’t believe in it I don’t believe in involving the system in your relationship but I have no other choice so no not all women don’t want the fathers to be there most women I know would like the father to be there but he just chooses to be a dead beat

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