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White racist at Popeyes threatens black cashier

Colton Norsworthy hates blacks/YouTube

Racist rant at Popeyes. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

OKEECHOBEE — A viral TikTok video shows a White supremacist cussin’ out a Black cashier inside a Popeyes chicken restaurant in Okeechobee, Florida. The profanity-laced tirade had something to do with greasy ass poultry, a refund, or an amalgamation of both. Raw footage shows Colton Norsworthy spewing the N-word like Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip. He also threatened to lynch the female worker — à la Emmett Till. “You n*ggers think this is f*cking acceptable, huh?” Colton yelled. “I’ma hang you from a f*cking tree, b*tch!” Not to be outdone, the employee called him a “cracker” multiple times then mocked his porky physique. “You can suck a d*ck, cracker,” she cracked as Colton made an egress. “Ya chicken’s gettin’ cold, fat boy!”

Social media reaction was ho-hum. One viewer wrote, “Just another day in the so called greatest country on earth.” Another chimed in with, “I would have been busy behind the scenes preparing him a special chicken sandwich with ‘special additions’ added in. Something he’d remember.” A third viewer added, “Apparently she called him a cracker. I didn’t know that was so upsetting to white people.”

Colton has a rap sheet comparable to Charles Manson’s.

He was jailed for battery, domestic violence and obstruction of justice.

Watch the racist video.

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  1. He’s lucky there were no goons around that popeyes while he was going on that racist rant.

  2. This is a hate crime.
    Where is the Okeechobee police department on this one? 🤔

  3. He realized that a biscuit was accidentally left out of his drive thru order, and apparently thought screaming profanities and racial slurs at the staff was the best way to rectify the situation.


  4. During slavery and years since, the only resistance to the oppressor was the passive aggressive act of house servants grinding glass into their food. Yes massa them all the way to ulcers and bloody colons. Maybe not right but I understand.

  5. Because we remember all those years of oppression where people of color enslaved white people and would whip them and say “get back to work you lazy cracker”; right? 🙄

  6. If an employee in a restaurant called me a name I would leave. Problem solved.

  7. Somebody once told me that the term cracker is because we’re so salty. 🤷‍♀️ Maybe. At least some of us.

  8. I have noticed, especially from watching videos like this, that you get much more if you are nice to people. It is so easy, just be nice and they will respond nice to you and you will get the help you want.

  9. Wtf,man…this is why I don’t do fast food anymore…it’s a shitty, toxic environment…

  10. It’s all good when a black person calls a white person something racist.. the second a white person gets upset it’s the end of the world.
    Black life matters only to the black.. nothing is going to change because black people are far more racist than most.
    I’ll even be called racist just for questioning this video.. sad but true.

  11. Respect goes both ways, if she called him a cracker, then he has a right to dish it right back. Again, she was wrong, he was wrong.

  12. Cracker is a term that white slave masters called the white men who whipped the slaves. I.E….”Cracking the whip”.
    So no, it’s not a racists term, but a word that put fear into the slaves.

  13. That racist nutjob acting up at a Popeye’s restaurant is a textbook example of a “special snowflake!” How fragile does your ego have to be to LET that “cracker” insult get to you? If you REALLY think someone called you that & are offended, then you ALWAYS have the more sensible option to cancel your order & leave! There’s no excuse for ANY grown man to act like that in public, ESPECIALLY if he’s being racist on top of acting like an ENTITLED MORON!

  14. he has been dreaming of this day when he could say the N-WORD to a black person’s face

  15. I’m pretty sure this racist fuck has given out a shit ton more racism and hatred than he has received.

  16. America is coming to a boiling point.. media and politicians getting on t.v pushing that race narrative. Keep pushing and its gonna turn into a race war.

  17. The customer was just acting how any black person would act were the roles reversed, except if the roles were reversed you would all be cheering the customer and trying the get the employee fired.

  18. White Supremacists are psychopaths Racists Losers stupid killers Nazi’s lunatics and yes it’s all true

  19. She shouldn’t have called him a cracker but that doesn’t excuse his threats and behavior at all.

  20. The Popeyes employees should be fired

    Yes the customer lost his cool but so did the two black employees

  21. Remember folks:

    Cops would have shot/beat/tased any black person who did any of this during a traffic stop while we expect fast food workers to take this kind of treatment from white folks with no reaction.

    Bootlickers will say how hard it is to be a cop but look at what the average person deals with and manages to not be violent.

  22. Black people STOP calling White Racists “Crackers” because that is a compliment to them! Call them anything but!

  23. this is deadass the funniest video i’ve ever seen in my life. so many golden moments.
    “call the cops!”
    “you think i won’t?”

  24. As a white person I speak with authority when I say being called “cracker” is not racist. Any white person who thinks it is a moron and a pathetically weak wuss.

  25. Damn Blog King, how you just label him a white supremacist tho 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. They always attack the black females…………… man I would of shot him

  27. I bet that “Your chicken gettin’ cold fat boy!” line sticks with him to the grave. I wish the entire crew would have jumped the counter and stomped his pasty ass. But they remained calm, and instead mentally brutalized him with some truth LOL!

  28. God Forgive This Horrible World We Live in This White Guy had No Reason Shout Racist Insults at Them Where is the Love in the World That Jesus Christ Taught Us We are All God Children No Matter the Color of Our Skin or Language We Speak or County We Come From Because God Does Not Want Us to Hate

  29. A black supremacist called a white guy à çracker and set it off. He should have just called the cops instead of responding to the racist remark

  30. I hope the employee will be fired once Popeye’s Corporate hears the part where she says “suck a dick” over and over again to the customer. Also I didn’t hear the manager try to stop her so he will probably face discipline also.

  31. If one study WS males, one of the things you will notice about them. They ONLY talk sht… to Black women and kids secondly, they ONLY talk sht to black men when, they are armed or it’s a pack of them like wolves against one brother. But when the situation is different, like odds are even, they quietly take their sorry asses somewhere, cause they really can’t handle the SMOKE that comes with getting their ass whipping…

  32. He called her n*gger and said he’s calling the cops…..but suppose some black cops show up???

  33. To All Food Workers out there: if anyone screws with you, do what I did. Be kind and tell them you’ll get their food correct right away. Go in the back and pretend to refix the food. Meanwhile, take your two fingers and dig deep into your ass and get as much hershey chocolate as you can. Slather on customer’s food. Then, spit on it. If my crotch was sweaty and smelly, or if I had some snot in my nose, I would do the same on other parts of their food. Tell everyone you know what you are doing and watch them eat it. You all will laugh forever!

  34. I don’t know why this is so funny to me. He was really upset. She was so funny. This is not any of them should be acting but…. He is clearly a racist and she seems young so I will chalk up to immaturity.

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