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Dave Chappelle attacked assailant got ass kicked

Chappelle attacked on stage/YouTube

Dave Chappelle attacked. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Dammit Will! Look what you’ve done! Isaiah Lee was thrown in the slammer after he rushed the stage and attacked comedian Dave Chappelle over a bad joke. You can’t make this stuff up. Isaiah also got his ass kicked by Dave’s security detail. The Will Smith impersonation transpired Tuesday night in Hollywood towards the cessation of Dave’s “Netflix Is A Joke” festival. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows the 23-year-old assailant ambushing Dave, 48, while pointing a fake semi-automatic pistol at him. Dave’s retinue chased Isaiah around the venue then beat his ass backstage. “The mob caught up with him and beat the crap out of him, stomping on him,” an eyewitness recounted. Jamie Foxx and Busta Rhymes got some licks in too. Poor Isaiah was carried out on a stretcher.

He suffered a broken arm and other ailments.

To add insult to injury, Isaiah was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Not to be outdone, Dave continued his performance. “I don’t know if that was part of the show,” he told the audience. “I grabbed the back of that n*gga’s head, his hair was spongy, absorbent.” Chris Rock, who got bitch-slapped on live television at the Oscar’s, just happened to be in attendance. Chris, 57, sauntered on stage, gave Dave a warm embrace and said, “Was that Will Smith?”

First Chris. Now Dave.

Are comedians under attack?

Did Will Smith set a bad precedent?

Watch the drama.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Glad it was an epic fail. Security better tighten up! He shouldn’t never been able to get no where near Dave. What was his security doing? If dude wasn’t sloppy like Dave said things could of definitely went way worse. I don’t condole violence but dude got just want was owed to him. I saw a picture of the aftermath dude got **cked all the way up they laid hands and feet on dude

  2. Dave Chappel is a loser now, I mean who the hell gets tackled and comes back with oh he was probably a trans. I get it he makes a lot of trans joke but I’m sure he’s felt marginalized as a black person before. Imagine if a white person got tackled for telling racist black jokes and he got up and says that mad was probably a negro sympathizer. Dave Chappel you used to be funny, what happened to you, you’re just an old man with nothing meaningful to say.

    Don’t get me wrong, I never cared about his trans jokes, honestly it never crossed my mind to care. It’s his rights to speak what he wants, but after getting tackled and still bringing up a trans joke. It goes to show he really is a shit show these days.

  3. People don’t start realizing that demons are having a heyday meaning if someone isn’t calling on the name of the Lord and truly wanting to follow him to get free the closer we get to the end the more crazy things are going to get the more confusion in people the more insanity it’s going to get way way worse call upon the name of the Lord before it’s too late he is coming in the trumpet will sound you can mock me all you want but I wouldn’t do so not towards me it doesn’t matter but what I’m saying is truth I did not grow up in a church I had my own encounter with the Lord and I know he is the way the truth and the life and there is no other besides him get your house in order just as I have to do mine be ready be prepared

  4. People forget some of these actors and comedians come from hard backgrounds 😂 fk around and get ya ass stomped running on stage lmao

  5. this world is not well…..and its been like this forever it seems

  6. This is why something should have been done with Will because others will expect to be able to do the same.

  7. Pay $1500 for front row tickets
    Tackle Dave Chappelle
    Fail to tackle Dave Chappelle
    Run around back looking for exit
    Fail to find exit
    Get Shtömpt by Dave, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Busta Rhymes and maybe 12 other guys
    Leave a broken man

  8. His security SUCKS, especially the losers wearing COWBOY BOOTS which nobody can run in.

  9. NOBODY SHOULD BE ATTACKED!! There are laws in place to protect people from racial bigotry and bullying. A white comedian cannot go on stage and use the “n” word without some major backlash. I don’t know why black comedians get to make fun of other groups and the other groups are just supposed to be the bigger person, accept it and walk out. Where are the laws protecting them?

  10. THEY BEAT SHIT OUT HIS ASS! 😆😆😅🤣😂😂😆😆😅🤣😂😂😂🤣😂

  11. Looked staged af…. But Dave is a comedy genius. I would have added this in my act too 😁

  12. This could have ended very badly. I think the appropriate protocol would have been to separate Dave immediately and bring him to safety off the stage and protect the crowd. It looked as though there was a struggle for control in view on the stage after Dave got loose, which if this guy has control of his gun or other weapons could have easily hurt people.

  13. They could of easily just taken him outside they didn’t need 15 dudes to stomp him out lol that’s how you catch a case


  15. will smith made people believe you can just get up on stage and attack performers and get away with it

  16. Where was his damn security? Unacceptable! I could plan a security strategy better than that. Especially in lieu of recent events involving comedians. Pt is, they (security) have to be watching at ALL times. That creep shouldn’t have gotten no closer to within at least 25 yards of Dave. Further back than that if possible. He creeped in. That’s why they call em creeps. That’s what a creep does. Also. A very large stage. He should have been caught way before he reached Mr. Chappelle.He was very fast and obviously took the security team and Mr. Chappelle by total suprise. A lotta sick folks out there nowadays that don’t mind acting out on their agressions. Don’t let em get close to the performers WHOMEVER that performer may be

  17. I like how a nobody gets rushed by police and charged, but an elite celebrity actor wins an award and gets a standing ovation before going back to his mansion free of any consequences.

  18. you all know this was staged right? the guy runs to the back away from the cameras and they had a second person the victim who takes his place, they kick and hurt the crap out of him knowing that the audience/tv is watching and encouraging this beating. I wonder who was in charge of this whole setup and who is that person they beat up. but when it comes to hollyweird they stop at nothing for entertainment. they might of cloned chappelle who knows.

  19. i like how during the show chappelle said he sees himself in both will smith and chris rock and wasn’t taking sides on that, but was gleeful about this guy getting “stomped.” not so forgiving when it happens to you.

  20. Black comedians who have made a career out of shitting on white people are getting set up by black people

    P O T T E R Y

  21. @DJ Medz: You can’t blame all the crazy people on Will, how do you know that guy wouldn’t have done it anyway.

  22. @DJ Medz: What will Smith did was wrong 100% but you can’t blame him for every time someone attacks a comedian. As people we all have personal responsibility for our actions .

  23. Will Smith must be very proud of himself. He made a revolution where any pansy who can’t take a joke can just go up on stage and attack the entertainer.

  24. Smith put fear on internet troll and cringy gen z. He show what an alpha is, taking action, unlike betas who can only “”joke”” around calling fellow dickhead chad, sigma or whatever their goldfish memory pick up from greek alphabet

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