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Black chick explains how women ‘cheat’ in secret

A TikTok video has gone viral that shows a black chick elucidating how women cheat on men and get away with it. “You can go through a whole relationship with a woman thinking that she never, ever cheated on you and the whole time she was,” she explained. “Because when we do it, we put more effort into hiding it. You’ll never find out unless we want you to.” The loquacious damsel also said women often “Friend Zone” simps they’re not physically attracted to because they can swindle cash from ’em. Social media reaction was wild. A male viewer wrote, “That’s why I treat them like I meet them… a quick meal, a suck and f*ck and I’m out the door never to be seen again.” Another added, “I love the words ‘Friend Zone’. We can be friends as long as my boyfriend likes you.”

Can lovers be trusted?

Are you being played for a fool?

Watch the video above.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. That’s right men when your girl comes back from the girl trips and her breath smells like 💩 that ain’t just from drinking a lot of alcohol so all I can say is I hope you had your fun too when she was gone. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. If I was a woman I’ll make a $!mp eat a bl00dy tamp0n 🩸

  3. Guys need to understand they have all the power. Most these women who cheat and friend zone have a real wake up call around 25-30 once their body starts changing. Meanwhile a male can easily be in his physical prime until his 40s

  4. I’ma be honest yo. I don’t be giving af what a woman does behind my back bc I ain’t shit neither. But if I catch the herpes or HIV or some shit I can’t get rid of from said woman, I’m murkin all parties involved🤯🔫

  5. My girl keeps saying she don’t know who Kevin Samuels is and she be on Facebook
    247……I know she dun seen him by now😒😒 shit weird

  6. Woman are natural manipulators but are also childish and catty (most women dont even truly like their friends and become jealous of each other easily) ..although there are plenty of men who are suckers for love..there are plenty of men milking chicks for all they are worth as the end of the day anyone of high character can get it on their own and doesn’t have to be a user…and most women get fat and fall off by 30 these days and a man with money can pick up a younger prettier replacement pretty easy….but older single women get left with a pet cat and a shiddy attitude.

  7. @Mariah moonshine: You b1tches get lonely and depressed after 30. Nobody want your stank azz pussc

  8. @ahhh: Bruh..married chick at my job was sucking and riding me in her car, in the parking lot on our lunch break. She gave me the green light to nut in her…I pulled out everytime.

  9. @ArchyBeatz: bruh until his 60’s!!! I took a Life Psychology course and you’re right tho. There is a window for women that closes as they get older. But men we get older, and BETTER!!!! lmaoo

  10. I left one b1tch for a badder one. The b1tch I left called me and said let’s talk. I pull up she is all dressed up. She gets in the car and is like call the new b1tch while I suck your pole. They both liked the fact I did what I wanted. That’s when I knew these b1tches ain’t sh1t.

  11. @Recco Johnson: Come on man u was hittin dat raw lol. Hell u already let her suck u up. Be careful bruh

  12. Women aint better at cheating than guys…side niggas just know how to keep quiet

  13. Women always call me a cheap askhole after I Fuck them. #malegoals

  14. I’m a no nonsense niggha, that’s why most females won’t date me because once I find you out tricking I’ll just drop you like a bad habit! Most tricks who play me end up fuked up and single mothers…Only simp niggahs will take your responsibilities Not me

  15. Simps or nice guys, they both finish last, a woman especially a black woman will take a good looking thug, sagging pants, bad credit no job man over short, average looking dude with job, good credit any day

  16. One thing she’s missing out of this…even niggas that’s the nice guy…will even kill women for rejection…cause they can’t handle it…so he couldn’t be the nice guy killing her over this.

  17. Look at all the salty ass females in the comments. Funny how when shit like this gets said about Men. We don’t trip over it. But soon as Women hear shit like this. They get all in their feels and take it personal SMH. As if they can’t handle the truth and accountability and like she talking about ALL women. Y’all don’t listen.🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. She does NOT know what she’s talking about 💀 When a woman friend zone’s you is because she simply DOESNT like you. There’s no other way around it. We will be straight up with it and might even consider being friends since we wouldn’t like to hurt your feelings ESPECIALLY if you’re a good man, you either take it or leave it. We don’t take advantage of it, unless you’re a lil girl wanting to play games. Whatever you do good or bad is going to come back to you in the same way.

  19. Honestly I been with my husband for 6years and been faithful and honest…but before my husband I always had a back up man just in case the one I’m with messed up that was just me I just didn’t wanted to sit around crying and complaining if a guy mess up I was like 20 to 23 at the time because I met my husband at 23 and got married and give birth to my our first son at 25years old I’m now 29 and we had our second son 4 months ago…was I cheater before don’t think so was just protecting myself from headaches and heart breaks 😂

  20. I ain’t never been through a ho faze wtf is that? Ho is a ho. I’ve never done that. Why she just didn’t say that’s what she did/ doing. I don’t any women that went through the ho faze what ever tf that is.

  21. Thats why I rarely take anything too serious these days with these females. my spider sense is always tingling when it comes to dealing with women in general. You always have know who you dealing with. I dont care if you sharing a lobster dinner to a boiled neck bone with spaghetti with a woman. You have to watch the company you keep

  22. The difference is men usually get over that ain’t shit phase… women don’t if they can’t use you for something you ain’t shit to her💯

  23. Yet women are mad at Fresh and Fit and many other red pill creators like Kevin Samuels for pointing out the obvious about the dating scene

  24. Some chick wanted a threesome with her best friend while we was at it and I refused! It took me less than a month to find out her friend was weeks pregnant! Talk about dodging bullets! These tricks don’t know some brothers are way too many steps ahead of their trickery

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