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Black chick explains how women ‘cheat’ in secret

A TikTok video has gone viral that shows a black chick elucidating how women cheat on men and get away with it. “You can go through a whole relationship with a woman thinking that she never, ever cheated on you and the whole time she was,” she explained. “Because when we do it, we put more effort into hiding it. You’ll never find out unless we want you to.” The loquacious damsel also said women often “Friend Zone” simps they’re not physically attracted to because they can swindle cash from ’em. Social media reaction was wild. A male viewer wrote, “That’s why I treat them like I meet them… a quick meal, a suck and f*ck and I’m out the door never to be seen again.” Another added, “I love the words ‘Friend Zone’. We can be friends as long as my boyfriend likes you.”

Can lovers be trusted?

Are you being played for a fool?

Watch the video above.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. LoL, let’s thank her for all her efforts in exposing all those who take her advice. 👏🏾👏🏾

  2. I’d be eatin’ HER Pusi and A-hole while she’s filming these videos 😛👍

  3. The women who were chasing the bad boys when they were young are single and looking for a man while they are older

  4. I stopped after part 2.
    And that’s falls.
    I can be put in a friend zone relationship and still smash.
    And my benefit is that she has no control over me because we not dating .

  5. Misery loves company. And miserable women love to keep other women single .

  6. When I was young I thought women were angels, now that I’m older I treat them like kids

  7. Says a woman who has never been married or doesn’t currently have a boyfriend.

  8. Who is she telling this s××× to??If a man can’t pick up on how these chicks move then he deserves to fall victim to their bulls×××!!!!🤣🤣🤣it’s very simple fellas,women will drop their panties for a man that they really LIKE,if she’s not trying to have sex with you,then she’s trying to toy with you,nothing more,nothing less…Keep this in mind!!we all know that a simp is going to contest this message

  9. As a woman i can say she’s 💯 percent right except for the girls trip….I’ve taken trips with my friends and we definitely wasn’t on any heaux shxt!!

  10. I just love that her hair is real, she’s articulate and she’s not wearing those Venus Flytrap hooker eyelashes.

  11. You will NEVER “catch” a woman cheating. If you do, it’s because she left the bread crumbs for you to follow. It means she’s ready to leave you.

  12. Dats why I keep tellin you mofos… stop putn your full out trust in deez hoes… they use us like we use them…..she’s right and dem hoes will fucc u ova for years.. a biatch will start many arguments so she could leave or she gets you to leave.. that’s hoe tendencies….

  13. Another reason to stay single and childless for as long as possible so you wouldn’t be stuck dealing with her for 18 years and the court/legal system that has her back 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  14. Women are like cats they don’t leave they s*** behind men are dogs they will. Period. And nice guys do finish last but if you treat women like s*** they will love you. Period.

  15. @Big Wes: It depends on the age of the woman.The younger woman tend to like it when men treat them like peasants.The older women aren’t really going to tolerate it due to life experience and past traumas.

  16. Bottom line simps, don’t make the priority about the hœ, make it about YOU ☝🏾

  17. @MUGEN: I agree! You go to McDonald’s and expect burgers and fries. So a hoe is definitely bound to be a thot lol! There are women, and there are thots! A lot of people know what they are getting into, but act surprised when it happens. People date by their wants and not their needs. People act so blind to red flags, instead of calling it quits as soon as a flag is raised.

  18. this why females rejoicing kevin samuels is dead. he put these type of chicks she talkin bout on blast and told em bout theyself

  19. We went through an entire generation of maury and paternity court showing women cheat and heard countless “you are not the father” only to have women turn that negativity onto men and say we’re the ones that ain’t shìt

  20. We know what’s going on lol only time a lot of women won’t cheat and date a nice dude is when she found the lord and coochie done got dried up and can’t produce no water no more, and that clit looking like a dried up raisin. Even then she still might bang the pastor lol. Gotta love these hoes however, pu**y make the world go around. Some times you gotta bang a ugly fat hoe with low self esteem lmao shid even they may not workout but never give up fam. GOD BLESS

  21. If you’re a man that needs a b*tch to tell you that b*tches cheat and lie..Then you should just stay at home with your mother..So she can be the only one that does it to you.

  22. Facts. I only smash black girls like they aint worth shit but eventually ill marry a girl from another race

  23. Kevin Samuels pushes his anti-elite message and then just dies overnight with no other linked medical issues or hospital visits. Every time a black man rises up to push productive messages to the community he winds up dying you notice that? I don’t trust the bullsht Disney media so I can care less what those bs reports say. But RIP to someone genuinely trying to improve the state of things. Should be a clue of things to come in the future.

  24. Of course most women cheat. That’s why they always say “all men cheat” because when you’re the one doing something you’re usually the one pointing the finger saying someone else is doing it

  25. My advice to the fellas.. just be yourself and you will attract what you are looking for, Because the minute you try to flip the script by now being the Badboy in hopes to see if that works, then you will end up with matching energy when it comes to toxicity.

    Trust me on this if you find a girl who is attracted to so call NICE GUY she is nite and day to the ones who are attracted to the so call bad guys. Also the one thing about women their attraction to a particular kind of guy is pretty consistent especially when they are Young.

    However a funny thing ends up happening to these chics who are attracted to the Badboys, their taste for the NICE GUY kicks in when they hit their mid to late 40’s. Just like how we see OLDER women suddenly find RELIGION the same apply to finding a NICE GUY.🗣️

  26. 1. If ya Dad Raised you then you know this
    2. You should know this regardless
    3. You know this is true, you just in denial
    4. She said the absolute truth
    5. Guarantee it’s black girls hating on her and disrespecting her
    6. And this is why the black community is in shambles. Unruly women. They will die being toxic and they prefer chaos and confusion. All women of all backgrounds do but none more than Black American women. And it’s not even close.

  27. She ain’t lying. I know chics right now that does all that on the low. Called me on the girls trips, delete my contact when she’s home. I’ve had a chic leave her phone at work so her man wouldn’t notice her GPS location change. Told him she was in an all day meeting. Man, I’ve had chics have me meet to snash at her best friends house. And her best friend set it up. Had it all romantic and all that. Women are savages with the cheat game.

  28. Listen women can only do this to you when you are BROKE. Being broke is really the only thing a man can control but it just so happens thats the key to being free from the evil clutch of women. Get money and you don’t have to worry about being cheated on cause you cheating too. Get money and you don’t have to worry about being friend zoned because you RICH and you’ll never be friends with a b*tch anyways. Get money and you don’t have to worry about being a nice guy or bad guy, you can just be YOU.

    And by rich I mean relative to most females. That means you need to be making in the high six figures. Low six figures puts you too much in the muck.

  29. we need more women like this, i learned alot of game from women in my early stages, i’ve had females and males from all walks of life guide me prostitutes, pimps, female game players, etc.. it has def made me know who not to waste time on and to never simp no matter how pretty a female is.

  30. You can’t turn a ho into a housewife. All the classy ladies don’t do ho sh*t, and you do not speak for the group, bish

  31. i fked 2 married chicks.. thats when i knew hoes not shit and im never getting married

  32. Woman are so smart and men are dumb as shyt! We don’t love you men we just want the money foh!

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